„We need info on our planet, wildlife and conservation with a youthful perspective.“


During a childhood crammed full of mountain treks, den building, canoeing and animals of all shapes and sizes, Abbie developed a deep appreciation for the natural world. At age 13, when learning about the threats our planet faces, she vowed to do everything in her power to protect it. Next Christmas, she found herself with a magic wand: a film camera! Abbie began filming local wildlife, and at 15, had produced her first award-winning short film on protecting our ocean wildlife from plastic trash! Films on nature, sustainability and historic hiking trails followed. School completed, she took off to climb Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, film a scientific expedition documenting the grave impacts of climate change on land ice, wildlife and farmers, produce a radio series and do an educational speaking tour. Wow!


AGE : 15

  • DO IT 50%
  • REACH 45%
  • EFFECTS 40%
  • RISK 20%
MASTER MAGIC : Film Making

of course.

We’ll see how we deal with this.


This one will be about creating films on sustainability, environmental and social issues, as well as rediscovering natural and cultural heritage, as well as protecting, restoring and reanimating it. It’s also about reporting on outdoor experiences, personal growth, bushcraft and wilderness trainings, as well as organizing youth film festivals, with neat activities, co-creative interactions, as well as : fundraisers for eco-social causes. And even expeditions. Wow, big one, tons of things related with Abbie’s presence on Earth. Some special young woman.

UN Action Days

  • Day of Youth
  • Environment
  • Press Freedom
  • Earth Day
  • Mental Health

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