CG RISING is a deluxe action program empowering caring newbies to support and implement high impact solutions pioneered by brilliant young and adult changemakers around the planet – changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture – creating peace, joy and abundance.

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YOUTH pick their actions from 100+ heroInes, 400+ proposed activities, with favorite causes, exciting challenges, rewarding experiences for everybody. These are High Impact Actions – with quick results, generating media presence, building vibrant community at school and beyond – making it a highly rewarding experience, backed by excellent support.

We offer

  • a wide range of quality resources – tutorials and toolpacks for presentations, exhibits, workshops, media work
  • support through speakers, social media, global community, badges etc 

We collaborate in real-time with the finest HeroInes on the planet, meet face2face on video, at events and summer camps, where we meet fellow warriors, heroInes and mages in majestic natural settings for learning, bonding, training, planning. Yay!

ADULTS have supportive roles, which are “less action”, but equally simple, diverse, exciting, rewarding, uplifting and transformative for personal lives, the workplace and even the profession. Yep.

“Youth-Leader is a blessing for children and parents.”
– Robin Grille, author Parenting for a Peaceful World, Heart to Heart Parenting, Peace Code in the Human Brain


Just like our HeroInes, our players change lives, laws, industries and learning culture in record time. They

  • raise thousands of dollars / euros
  • boost campaigns for people and planet
  • nurture positive news media culture
  • create positive youth image
  • inspire the citizenry
  • mentor kids

They develop villages, get poor kids into school, provide 3-D printed protheses, protect bees, change laws, re-animate cultural heritage and animate public space. They make life in town fun and awesome!

They also advance edible landscapes, urban agriculture, large-scale ecosystem restoration, Ecocide as a crime against peace, climate change resilient regions …

We are literally surfing the tidal wave of human civilization and evolution, shaping history, the future. 


Players quickly rise to local heroIne status, as role models and mentors to their younger peers in lower grades and at other schools, well present in public space and media.

Players develop

  • outstanding knowledge, skills and experience. They meet at eye-level with society’s stakeholders – conscious journalists, civil society, mayors, entrepreneurs, local and global changemakers – and make wonderful friends and lifelong memories!
  • a rich social life and network across grades and schools, states, countries and continents. They meet live online and optionally face2face at meetings, workshops, conferences, summer camps and holiday exchanges.
  • rich media presence in the local community and inter/nationally (print, radio, television), as well as in YL media, magazine, books, teaching tools.

Warrior Profiles on social media chronicle their activities, media coverage, impact, awards etc. serve to inspire their crew, community, supporters, journalists, partners, and evolve into a CV of Awesome. 

Credit, Badges and Levels have real-life value, stored on the Mozilla Foundation’s Open Badges platform, documented in media, and recognized by their future professional environments (organizations, business, institutions) who know CG RISING and Warriors from media.

“Uh, Warrior Level 60?! We’re honored that you choose to share your skills in our enterprise. What would you like to do?”

See, the Youth Leaders you see in our stories really need not worry about “finding a job”. Instead, they decide and shape their own paths, aligning “making a living” with their interest, passion and vision, opening up a life of integrity, with meaning, purpose, and aligned with their values. We aspire to enable the same for our Players.



This is a real-life adventure, the grand quest of our era. It won’t get bigger than this in this lifetime.

This is why CG RISING is designed as

  • a changemaking community
  • a self-paced youth leadership training program
  • as a modular informal education program
  • as a [rad-hl] reality adventure game [/rad-hl] – living Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Avatar, The Matrix set in this world’s scenario

You may be surprised at some benefits gained from looking at life from this angle. Our Warriors literally act like the virtuous noble knights of our era, living by the sacred warrior code. 

Our populations not long ago upgraded from minions of monarchy to voters in a democracy. Yeeah, I know, their performance is quite infantile. That’s why it’s time to urgently upgrade from illiterate voters to able, active, caring citizens (The Purpose of Schooling). Our Players evolve the pertaining mind-, feel- and skillset, and implement solutions already as kids and teens. Isn’t that neat? Quite spectacular even. We should get tons of support and awards for that!

You never change things by criticizing the existing reality. To change something create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

R. Buckminster Fuller

This “new human model” is embodied by their famous peers – the world’s most respected teenage heroInes, showered with our societies’ highest awards, recognized as ultimate role models and in high demand as speakers and mentors at schools. By doing like them, learning from them, running with them, living with them, online and face2face, our players naturally level up and unfold the same virtuous characteristics. 

80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously. Role models also function via media, and are our strongest asset in periods of transformational learning, like starting an enterprise, motherhood, or – upgrading to HERO.

Eric remix

This makes CG RISING a self-paced planetary Transformational Learning program, in collab with humanity’s greatest visionary minds and hearts on Earth. It’s crazy.

Imagine youth growing up taking daily action in real-time collab with the world’s finest for their ten plus formative years at school. What kind of beings will they be by age 18, by the time that they graduate from high school? Wow.

In 10 years, Players can ascend to Warriors Level 100, which equals 300 actions implemented, literacy in dozens of causes across disciplines and project development uniting societal sectors. Note that today’s famous changemakers focus on only one single cause. We are speaking of a new character class on Earth, a new “species”.

Hi5, kiddos. That’s precisely what I want. You have your future to save – know, you will be reborn. It usually takes 10 to 100 years. That’s an intense realization. It makes your decisions for this life EASY. Save all species, restore harmony in the Queendom. Join the Speed Run to a Bright New World. 

Goddess Mama of Earth & the Entire Universe