your daily hangout for 10+ years

that grand space where ALL YOUTH meet every day of their lives for a looong time, and it could be way more exciting. Also, school’s purpose actually IS to enable youth to become able, active, caring citizens of a libertarian-democratic, sustainable, thriving society. So let’s do this!

You now have stories, actions, tools and community to #MakeSchoolAwesome and to call teachers and students to join the

Global SDG School Challenge

and take 1 impactful action on each of the 17 SDGs based on 400 activities pioneered and proposed by 100 hero*ines, equipped with

  • stories
  • presentations
  • crash course
  • workshops
  • exhibits
  • changemaker student clubs
  • headquarters
  • ambience
  • project partners
  • speakers
  • a global tribe

found on the YOUTH-LEADER website

Follow Nidhi’s and inspired Indian students’ example and live your answer to the special question asked at some schools: “Why have you come to this planet at this special time?”