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“It is time that adults learn from kids: bold ideas, wild creativity, and optimism.”


“Once upon a time” a little girl sat crying, unhappy with herself, as her older sister seemed to excel in everything, from looks to music, until she discovered her own gift – the love of words! Little later, at age 7, she published her first book: “Flying Fingers”, and became a media sensation overnight. But Adora had only started. Her blog with reflections on personal and international issues, and amazing TED Talks like “What Adults Can Learn From Kids” – bold ideas, wild creativity, and optimism – inspire millions, and teach us using our natural and digital skills in education. Whether Adora speaks at the UN, keynotes conferences, reminding audiences that in the light of failing adult generations and a collap-sing world ‘the idea of education is not to turn us into your kind of adults, but into better adults than you have been’,unites teen leaders at TEDx Redmond, or destroys the toxic silence on sens(x)uality, she elegantly deconstructs ‘old’ society’s negative assumptions about young people, and helps each of us re-define ourselves as individuals and as a generation; diverse yet united by a common, rightful fairy tale aim: a great future and ‘to live happily every after’.


AGE : 6

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This one is about personal upgrade and changing in-tangible aspects of the world, how people think and act towards youth. However, this can have tangible impact on real life – onto our relations and ways of behavior, in fact liberties and opportunities for being and unfolding ourselves. For example, how we learn at school – with smartphones, in collaborative ways. Also, how we are being treated as young people, not in condescending ways, but at eye-level with adults. Not filling youth up with the information and stuff from unsustainable adult generations whose views and skills are shockingly insufficient to achieve any of our relevant basic needs and goals in terms of mental agility, psycho-emotional health, human relations, cross-cultural and cross-scientific learning skills, living as co-creator, inhabitant and steward of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization. And if we don’t learn that we are doomed to sliding down the toilet drain of the collapsing unsustainable, ecocidal, criminal and violent civilization. So, it’s a big deal.

We’ll add more here soon.

“The idea is not to turn us into your kind of adults. But into better adults than you have been.”


Okay, this is an unusual one. This is about intangible changes in ourselves, at mental, psychological and emotional level, but very much connected to our hardcore real-life human liberties, relations and learning culture at school, as well as our expression as young people at home, at school, in public space and media. It’s huge. View Master Magic.
You can learn from this one! It’s less than putting on a “mask” by a pre-defined script like Halloween. No, just be yourself, do not observe the rules and codes, none of which make important sense anyway, but bug us daily.

So, yes, anything from two different socks, to guys in skirts, no make up time at all, no shaving, simply not making efforts to please other people’s matrix, and orkish ways. Get it?

You may think it’s small things, but they pile up, consume time and feelings. In the end, they eat you up to checking back every 2 seconds whether you fit the image determined by industrial fashion and boring, fascist, unhappy people. Deatheaters.

So, this is a break free exercise. This is not your whooooole true personality, but sure helps dissolve some chains, habits and nonsense, as a step to liberate a whole lot of other authentic forms of feeling and expression.

Being in a bad mood is FINE, too, you know, since our inner weathers go through all seasons and there’s good reason to feel annoyed, hurt, sad in today’s broken world, right? Not feeling that would be insane and lying to ourselves. And it’s good reason to work on getting rid of those energies and pumping up the good vibes (check yoga, dynamic meditation and stuff… yup! Magic!)

UN Action Days

  • Youth
  • Girls
  • Children
  • Teacher
  • Youth Skills
  • Friendship
  • Family

Level 1

View Adora’s Videos. Spend a whole day, evening, week-end. Ponder, observe your mind and aha moments. Take notes. Decide what to integrate in your life.

Level 2

View, share, have conversations with family and friends, in class on these matters.

Level 3

Social Experiment “Be Weird” AND make a decision on changes. In the family, in class, in learning culture. Express, document and share your experience, findings, decisions with us, social and local media. Yea!

Level 4

Organize a public event, a conference, open space, theater, exhibit, film festival … on matters of shifting, true youth image, human nature in context of new civilizational evolution; document and share with us, social, local media