Adults play important supportive roles.

First, check out two ways of being part of our team, then super cool ways to get involved as caring adult, professional, and partner.

Note : Adults are not part as Players, but as volunteers or users of the resources and service provided by YOUTH-LEADER. These resources are hosted on the CG RISING website, so that adults get a feeling of and greater vision on what cool stuff young people are doing, and find inspiration to get involved more.

Local Volunteers "Messengers"

spread the spirit of youth leadership

online and locally, by distributing flyers, spreading the word, organizing poster exhibits, giving presentations, workshops and supporting inspired youth teams, professionals and partners.

Volunteers follow the same path as our youth teams: the Crash Course for training, the same resources, and staying connected via social media and live meetings.

It’s a very diverse, inspirational, fulfilling and rewarding role for people who love people.

Certificates available

Online Volunteers

create and spread our contents

by co-creating YOUTH-LEADER Magazine and our tools. Contribute through research, writing, editing, translation, layout, graphic and video design, transcription, social media management, manage and lead teams, even launch regional editions.

We’ve had thousands of OVs, scored awards, and will now go pro to the next level.

It’s super exciting for people who love hero spirit, connecting in person with changemakers, designing the new level of media and learning materials, and casually connect with like-hearted folks around the globe. 

Certificates available

Caring Citizens

Parents, citizens from all walks of life

join us as fans and supporters. They follow us on social media and get casually involved as they like. They make precious contributions through donations and spreading the message through shares, by word of mouth, gifting our books to kids and more

Professional Users

Teachers, Journalists, Social Business, Organizations, Public Servants …

use our media, methods and services to upgrade their profession with meaning, purpose, activities that inspire, involve and empower their “audience, co-workers, customers and communities”. At the same time they uplift their daily lives. Bingo. We all need that. 

Boost! Club

Caring Adults

take simple, robust steps for boosting global heroInes and local youth leadership by donating, supporting in-kind, and inspiring local citizenry – at home, the workplace, in public using a wide range of simple exciting steps.

Enjoy seeing impact unfold on social media, meet heroInes “live” on video, Q&A, bring in own ideas, even go visit as volunteer, team up for projects. 

(a) One can simply connect and donate on occasion to fav heroInes, projects and causes.

(b) Those loving it, as part of daily life, wishing to see youth leadership thrive, can form a team 

Local Unit : gather friends, scale up your reach, funds, impact at workplace, schools, in public and media using our tools and tricks.

Base : give presence to our flyers, donation boxes, posters, maybe even raise funds, organize meet-ups, in cafes, on markets …

Sales Point : sell our books, calendars and merch online, in stores, on markets …


Organizations, Media, Sponsors

use our media, methods and services to add value to their work, empower their members, spark local youth leadership, and cultivate an active citizenry. They also spread our stories.

Donors and Sponsors support our work with an incredible scope of 

  • financial support
  • in-kind support 

aligned with their focus causes and regions, and with win-win benefits

  • for their workplace community
  • for staff and trainees
  • for the citizenry they serve

It’s so exciting, we love it!