“We need YOUTH-LEADER at all our schools.”

Emma Mogus

Books With No Bounds, World's Children's Prize Ambassador

“Thank you for helping me realize my dream.”

Babar Ali

World's Youngest Headmaster, Rotary World Teacher Award

Teachers and students love Youth Leadership. Across age groups, cultures and professions, people agree “this should be at all schools.”

School is not like when today’s adults were at school. Today, global and service-learning, education for sustainable development, open, student-focused, project-oriented learning culture are common.

Contributions by organizations and parents are welcome. Youth leaders are booked as speakers.

Our program offers the world’s finest hero role models, ace resources (videos, music, activities, speakers, field partners, student club support etc.), UNESCO status, broad experience, vibrant community and more.

This makes it easy. 


of Teachers more fulfilled


of Students more confident

Our Flyer

explains youth leadership, its value for education, the role of role models, teachers and student clubs.


can introduce it by using stories, videos, music etc. as add-ons, a presentation, form a student club, team up for activities, book speakers, and establish project partnerships.


can introduce it by contacting their favorite teachers, offer media, organize presentations, exhibits and activities at school fests, found high impact student clubs – at their and other schools

Volunteer Citizens, Parents

can introduce it by distributing flyers to friends, youth, schools – and offer activities : presentation, exhibit, skype meets, follow-up action, supporting and teaming up with teen and twen heroInes.

Organizations, Young Activists

can introduce it to young, adult members, and reach into schools to empower youth, with a presentation, exhibit, workshop, actions, and include own campaigns – not to recruit, but with a sense of service.

Using single stories, videos and activities to bring global issues to life is precious but does not spark action clubs and a movement. We can make 100-x higher impact with broader scope and vision, by organizing a


on the splendid Youth Leadership phenomenon

Plenty of heroInes, causes, interactivity, actions
  • 24 hero story posters
    homework, each student prepares a brief presentation
  • students take turns giving their flash presentations
  • top 10 videos, music, our tools, tricks, services
  • giving space for dialogue, expressing feelings, experiencing shared passion for people and planet
  • form groups on favorite causes
    study action guides, present missions statement 

Ordinary youth and citizens can give this presentation.

The perfect training for it is the YL Crash Course.

It’s FREE!

perfectly ready to turn their new passion into action

  • instant action for favorite heroInes
  • harvest feedback
  • form a student club
  • plan next steps : present to other classes, organize an exhibit, set up stands, focus actions for UN Days etc.

The Experience of

1. shared passion for youth leadership (no more calling activists “ecoslut”)

2. shared agreement on its vital importance for their generation, as part of life at school

3. shared vision for a life of positive action at school

+ founding a high impact student club equipped with 400+ actions, live support and global partners

+ ready to run year-round activities, serving the entire school community. That’s what the world needs.

I had nil teaching experience. I was fired up with passion to the brim from binge-watching the Crash Course videos, and trusted Eric’s advice. I contacted 3 teachers I know and gave presentations to 3 classes at 3 schools, ages 13 to 15, with different experience. Teachers said “this is what school should always be like.” Each group was highly inspired, asked me to return, and learn what they can do. I am so excited.

Matthias, Germany

The most energized lesson ever. Even the quiet students had something to say.


The posters were a smash hit with the students. You should have been there.

Nupur, India

The poster exhibit was the best activity at the school project day. All students and teachers agree.

The principal decided to run three youth leadership courses next semester for classes 7-9

Holger, Germany

This has been the most lively session in my career as teacher of English for Adult Learners. As you predicted people responded to favorites depending on where they came from, environment, business – everybody loved it.

Grzegor, Poland

I used the cardgame’s stories and formulating mission statements at a youth leadership workshop. It was great!

Cassandra, USA

Students were amazed. 80 students signed up with Earth Guardians Bhutan

Tashi, Bhutan

Instant Actions & Follow-up

“Outsiders” – volunteers & parents – can follow up 

on special occasions

  • organizing activities
  • with their new student, teacher and parent allies

55 UN Days

in collaboration with activists, organizations, media, teachers, other student clubs

School Fests

with exhibit, activities, Philanthro-Parties

Project Days & Weeks

on global issues, with exciting concrete action, tangible results and media presence

as partners of 

  • student club
  • parents council
  • teachers
  • school board

on-demand and regularly

Media Work

supporting filming, editing, communications

Project Partnerships

with local and global changemakers


fundraisers, markets, fests, conferences

Teachers can follow up

using our resources

  • in class
  • extra-curricular

to bring global issues to life, nurture motivation, self-organized action, and a climate of youth leadership


bringing global issues to life with videos, music, teaching tools


involving a wide range of exciting real-life research , actions, field trips

Project Partners

long-term international cooperation with heros, actions on both sides

And Youth – are the boss.


Student Club

If just one student per class joins in, it makes 50 per school. An army! Super on fire, super bonded, super equipped. By our experience it is rather two to five per class, some already friends. Get rolling!

A Changemaker Club uniting all students is HUGE

This is a tremendous innovation. A must-do.

TO-DATE, caring youth

  • 1. are dysconnected in teams of charity, animal rights, vegan living, human rights, Amnesty International, environment, Greenpeace
  • 2. are limited in high impact resources, tools and support
  • 3. are not visible in classrooms, do not reach the 99%

1.) A YL Changemaker Student Club unites all caring students across classes, grades and topics.

It’s a huge tribe with an enormous range of skills and resources, including their family’s professional relations.

Interaction, crew size and impact are greatly enhanced!

  • Everybody cares for all issues, once informed
  • Each commits to the cause one is on fire fore, BUT
  • Each boosts other crews’ actions because one understands, appreciates them, and they are well prepared, so one only needs to commit little time while making great impact by showing up together – from buying cupcakes to thunderclapping tweets, crowdfunding, joining the Saturday Noon Farmer’s Market flash mob and field trips to restore rivers. Because it’s the best thing happening in town. Party + Adventure!

2.) As ONE, student clubs can GO PRO

  • hobby spirit upgrades to ATHLETE
  • a common HQ space facilitates upgraded collaboration
  • high impact solutions, tools, tricks and support on top of one’s own ideas, and beyond NGO flyers

3.) Their rich number, resources, skills and experience enables quality contributions to subjects

  • in form of spontaneous stories, facts, ideas
  • contributing videos, websites upgrading the lesson
  • managing a micro hero exhibit in class
  • presentations on UN Days
  • proposal of activities on the subject matter
  • inviting teachers to contact the HQ for help on anything
  • collaborating with all teachers for the YL Curriculum (integrating youth leadership once or more per semester in their subject in each class, in whatever form)

This is how we live up to our benchmarks, our dreams, and profoundly heal, help and upgrade our entire generation.

Nothing less can achieve a world of awesome for all.

Oh and IS IT FUN!!

We call them Our New Highly Gifted

If we complain about so few young people having empathy, being politicially conscious, caring about global issues … we cannot tell the few that are conscious and active

  • “we have no time for this at school”
  • “go care about your C in chemistry”

Instead, we have to recognize caring, conscious youth

  • like the highly gifted ball dribblers, violin players, coders and chess players

and grant them the same:

  • time and space
  • for self-paced, self-organized learning
  • using humanity’s finest resources and role models
  • as we do in sports and music (Mozart etc.)
  • with expert outer school partners
  • with on-demand support by teachers
  • performing in school and public
  • making headlines
  • making parents and teachers proud
  • being ultimate role models to their peers
  • raising school’s status as center of innovation

We call them Our New Highly Gifted.

The role of Teachers

Teachers might say

“I cannot guide a Changemaker Student Club.”
“I have no such experience.”

But : one need not be a basketball or chess champ to mentor a chess club. One only unlocks the door, lets them self-organize themselves informally, using

  • youtube videos (like “rules of play, famous songs”)
  • balls, gear to play, perform (our Action Guides)
  • interaction with experts, local and global
  • support on-demand (materials, media, references…)
  • give them space and time to perform at school
  • give them time off to perform in public

and actively collaborate

  • to upgrade class and school activities
  • to evolve the HQ serving as ISLE for the whole school community
  • to mentor their peers as ultimate role models
  • to enjoy a teacher’s dream come true:

a Griffindor student club

  • changing lives, laws, industries
  • upgrading learning culture
  • influencing their generation
  • evolving as able, active, caring citizens

and being part of making that possible. Wow.

400+ High Impact ACTIONS

with ripple effects across society; Action Guides based on the model solutions of 100+ grand changemakers

Year-round real-time collab with today's Einsteins

taking their solutions for peace, bliss and abundance for all global. That’s historic.

Achieving School's Purpose

The purpose of schooling is “to nurture able, active, caring citizens of a democratic, libertarian society, that is also sustainable, in a harmoniously collaborating global family of nations”

Adult generations are grossly failing, despite having gone to school. English, math, coding do not make anyone an able citizen.

What’s needed is youth leadership. The model is proven, successful at thousands of schools, the “target result of schooling” – able, responsible, skilled, mentally healthy changemakers – is embodied in teenage heroInes that are showered with our societies’ highest awards, recognized as heroInes, ultimate role models and in high demand as speakers and trainers at schools.

All young people have a RIGHT to learn to “be like them”, to evolve a pertaining mind-, feel- and skill-set, so they can lead rich lives and protect our societies and their future.

All adult citizens have a RIGHT that the young today learn this, since only then will they be able to evolve our societies to peaceful, sustainable models and thereby grant 30 livable senior years to today’s adult generations.

The UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014 has passed, and close to zero upgrade has been made to learning culture and nurturing youth that qualify as co-creators and inhabitants of a global, peaceful, sustainable civilization.

Until schools solidly convey those skills in “formal” teaching in the classroom, WE have the RIGHT for solid, extensive “informal” learning in Informal Sustainability Learning Environments ISLES* managed by High Impact Student Clubs, in close collaboration with today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Mozarts.

* view Student Club HQ

YOUTH-LEADER has scouted, harvested and collaborated with best practices since day one of the Decade, gained 4x status with UNESCO, co-shaped national policies and and formed many active collaborations.

We provide the required resources and support for evolving full spectrum youth leadership in any setting imaginable.

The solutions EXIST. WITH able, active, caring citizens can a new societal model come alive and function. 

Don’t waste another day. Get started.

This is Hogwarts School of Magic for REAL in the shape of this world.

Our Resources enable rich

Year-round Activities 

They can be used alone. With the Presentation as foundation, and a badass Club, they fully unfold

Highlights to soon include

The best-fun popular things can be organized right at the beginning.

Unlock the Tool Packs and start with flying banners.

  • High Impact Starter Actions
  • FUNDraising Magic Pack
  • Pop-up Poster Exhibit
  • Workshop Pack
  • Media Monster

Poster Exhibit

Youth Leadership Essentials & HeroInes

  • for long-term presence
  • as backdrop, space, ambience

Add a stand with your epic self

  • conversations
  • fundraiser
  • videos, music
  • interaction
  • campaigns etc.


The Hero’s Path

  • Going ‘Pro’

Follow the footsteps of badass changemakers from start to wild success, replicate their campaigns, design your own, using

  • Roadmaps
  • 108 Action Cards

ready to turn vision into action using simple, practical steps


We have a fantastic line-up of heros and action opportunities. Let’s make the most of it.

Why do we meet?
  • For the good of people and planet.

Inspiration is a means to achieve what the world needs : impact.

HeroInes are busy …

so let’s make our meeting relevant, support the cause, and even give back to them. Doing good for people and planet, boosting their cause is a gift to them. Can your group think of (little) dreams that you can realize for them?

How evoke impact?

  1. Donation to the HeroIne
  2. Quick Action for their initiative
  3. Long-term Project Partnership

You can arrange 1 and 2 before the meeting, and make the meeting a pinnacle highlight. This gives the experience of CONTRIBUTING.

You can organize 2 and 3 after the meeting. This gives the experience of BEING PART.

Select an occasion

Any time is fine, of course.

An occasion can

  • get media coverage
  • the school involved
  • with lead-up activities
  • connect with organizations

Perfect occasions are UN Days, Peace Week, project days, fests, conferences with a LIVE-MEET

  • as highlight
  • boosting motivation
  • for a culminating project
  • celebrating achievements
  • as milestone, planning for more
  • involving the whole school
  • gaining media attention
  • attracting local changemakers

You’ll have own ideas, too.

Prepare for an Optimal Encounter

Prepare with hero/ines’ profiles, stories, latest news, action guides

so we meet at eye level, for Q&A, anecdotes, planning actions; will you even take action, will we celebrate common achievements?

Expect Follow-up Actions inspired by the encounter

Shaping history together

Our HeroInes have concrete initiatives that one can join in several ways, simple to advanced.

Some are our Field Partners, leading initiatives with solid goals and milestones – like

  • building a library
  • equipping an orphanage
  • bringing kids into schools
  • financing rangers
  • producing films
  • producing 3-d printed limbs
  • etc.

SUCH projects are perfectly suited

  • for planning
  • bringing in own ideas
  • seeing progress unfold on both sides
  • even go visit
  • volunteer, document
  • generate media presence
  • shaping local history
  • making national impact
Follow-up action

You meet with real HeroInes … Gandhis and Griffindores.

The encounter will spark a feeling of wanting to “be like them”, of “wanting to make a considerable difference in the world”, to “fully live one’s love and convictions”.

We want this virtuous passion to be honored and supported, so it can be lived!

Study their stories, causes, Action Guides to be well prepared, giving space for surprise

Skype Meet

45 min’s w YL Staff & HeroInes

Q&A, anecdotes, planning

Will we even celebrate achievements?

With rich materials to prepare, contribute, be part and follow up.


YL Staff or HeroInes

at school, fests, conferences

for presentations, workshops, conversations, trainings

fit for articles, interviews, tv

The #1 Strategy

Year-Round Presence

in class. in school. in public. in media. in homes

This is how we shape and sustain

  • the new, positive worldview and priorities
  • uplifting spirit, positivity, passion
  • momentum and activities
  • growing community
  • learning solutions
  • evolving ventures
  • ever greater impact
  • magic

It takes a lot of resources. Now you got em. 

Presence In Class

We suggest

  • contributions to global issues
  • managing a “Heros of the Month” Micro Exhibit aligned with UN Days
  • that each teacher incl. youth leadership 1+ times per semester (we call this “Informal YL Curriculum”) using videos, stories, music; it works for any subject

IN SCHOOL. Can you do this one? Let’s see …

The Student Club HeadQuarter

A student-powered …

  • HUB, like a co-working space of social entrepreneurs
  • ISLE, Informal Sustainability Learning Environment
with all that Changemakers need
  • time together
  • public presence
  • meeting across classes & grades
  • interaction with 100s of students
  • collaboration with teachers and subjects
  • value for the entire school community
  • acting as mentors for younger peers
in a perfect, pleasant, protected, public space
  • simple, flexible, lightweight, can be divided by curtains
  • exhibit & library; heros and solutions
  • conscious cafeteria; bake-lemonaid-vegan delights
  • Action Guides Almanach, 400+ actions
  • stands with current campaigns, challenges, petitions

Your Spaces of Action


Hall, Corridors

Mensa, Cafeteria

Yard, Recess

Timing your Actions

You can act any time, but this is your BEST FRIEND

UN Action Days Calendar

We structure the abundance of causes by aligning them with UN Theme Days. It helps

  • get your head clear
  • plan ahead
  • connect with Adult Allies
  • for greater reach and impact

with 1-20 HeroInes for each day = 4-80 actions + own ideas

55 UN Days - each week

Water, peace, girls, forests, wetlands, rural women, friendship, family, teachers, charity, innocent children, oceans, food, cities, habitat, environment, biodiversity, mental health, non-violence, united nations, etc etc … orang utan day, shark week, breastfeeding week, stop street harassment week … and of course the legendary Day of Talking Like a Pirate

HUGE win-wins with Adult Allies on UN Days

Aligning actions with UN Days is genius

Teachers permit, invite, love, need contributions for UN Days of peace, girls, water … you can add more – and you have the finest role models, stories, media, action options

Journalists report on UN Days, wishing to raise awareness – but they only provide grave data, lack solutions to empower their audience … you have solutions stories of young heroInes – even upgraded with local heros, issues, actions, and options for the audience to get involved

Organizations working on Water convene on World Water Day, it’s like their B’Day party … but it’s usually spoiled by bad news – you add *surprise* solutions, young heroInes, concrete actions to upgrade their own mission. At any water related event that brings together local folks, you’ll be at the centre of attention, and your message will ripple through their social media and newsletters. Plus, you bring in youth and education, equipping their members to connect you to their kids and schools.

Imagine crews at all schools in town take action at 55 UN Days

You’ll be omni-present with awesome actions in the educational, public and media landscape.

Everybody will know you. You will determine the pace of daily affairs.

#TakeBackThePlanet #BeMoreAwesome

Activities Galore

Full-spectrum scope


for HeroInes and others, using Philanthro-Party tricks and tactics


Book drives, and loads creative stuff with quick visible impact, yippieh!

Lifestyle Challenges

upgrading out Inner HeroIne; epic fun!


Grand, global stuff with teen and twen+ heroInes

Plus 100+ Hero’s Projects – Action Guides Level 1-4 (easy to advanced) = 400+ Actions

We’re NOT listing them all; here’s examples

Robyn Level 1

Research your region’s water situation, create a micro exhibit

Robyn Level 2

Blue School – ban plastic bottles, install fountains, monthly UN Day exhibit

Robyn Level 3

Blue Community – meet city council, present at schools, markets, media

Robyn Level 4

Spread your success to news media and other cities

Emma 1

Book Drive for aboriginal kids, aim at 1,000 books

Emma 2

Games Drive for aboriginal kids, aim at 50 games

Emma 3

Set up a chapter in your state or province, serve all native communities

Emma 4

Lauch and spread the program in your country

Xiuhtezcatl 1

Immerse yourself in his music, share your experience and feelings

Xiuhtezcatl 2

Learn your fav songs, perform, record, upload

Xiuhtezcatl 3

Run a workshop with the music, record the group experience

Xiuhtezcatl 4

Compose a song, perform, upload, share

Abbie 1

Research regional natural, cultural heritage, pick hot spots

Abbie 2

Go on an excursion (pref. multiple teams), record, edit, upload

Abbie 3

Go on a micro-adventure, overnight, document, upload

Abbie 4

Present in public using exhibit, film, map, conversations

More Spaces that you will soon call Home

School Paper

School Radio

Public Space

News Media

as well as


Your stories in YL Magazine

Warrior Clan profile on social media

Youtube channel

Great for passionate writers, video artists, social media campaigners …

Your actions inspire the local and global world

YL HEROFLIX - multi-lingual

youtube show, vlogs, magazine, micromag, wall display, social media streams, liveshows …

More Tools


Online LearnScapes

authentic NGO websites

Organizations' Campaigns


Lots of it

Mega Quests

local, long-term, interdisciplinary, intersectorial, intergenerational programs


Making sure that technical innovations don’t lead us into hell, but benefit us people and planet

using Ethical OS

by Jane McGonigal and the Institute For The Future

Creating Climate-Change Resilient Regions

Empowering everybody to at last do something, with a trillion effects.


Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration, healing the woulds of the Earth, and documenting it

with John D. Liu

Ecocide Law

casting a protective web of law around Earth, making the destruction of ecosystems a crime against peace,
AND recognizing protestors as “conscientious protectors”

with Polly Higgins
Earth Lawyer

Creating Edible Landscapes

with Green Bronx Machine, Eco-Tipping Points, Grow Healthy, Incredible Edible & many others

Restoring Peaceful Communities

ending gun, gang, domestic violence

with Cure Violence, Freedom Writers, Green Bronx Machine and Eco-Tipping Points

Yea, true Dumbledore stuff !



with your own ideas and projects

backed by our global tribe.

and of course

Summer Camps

by YOUTH-LEADER and others

uniting like-hearted youth and heroInes in epic settings for discovering and protecting the planet, bonding, healing, making lifelong friends, planning campaigns – and collaborating across cities, countries and continents.

and since this is all part of Change Generation Rising, it can be pepped up with


boosting, scaling, localizing solutions


for completed missions


for impact and headlines made


for 3 completed missions 1 fundraiser + 1 project + 1 challenge


School is not meant to be boring

You’re not “going to school” to learn to read and write. You are helping teachers achieve school’s purpose – “empowering able, active, caring inhabitants of a libertarian democratic society, that is sustainable, in a peacefully collaborating global family of nations” – that means : upgrade and unfold your Hero Self.

You are eternal galactic beings that have come to Earth NOW to protect Life on Earth

and create the next level civilization of peace, bliss and abundance for all

with School as your daily hangout & training-ground


It begins with INSPIRATION.

Take the Crash Course & organize a PRESENTATION.





Discover more on-the-go