“We have so much local energy, and we are wasting it. School kids can change this, help the environment and make money for good causes.”


What do you do when you hear about climate change, clean energy solutions, and residents suffering from cold, harsh winters, while local resources are being wasted and clogging drainage systems? ‘No time to wait!’ said fifth-grader Cassandra Lin, as she combined a few threads for a perfect solution: Turn-Grease-Into-Fuel collects used cooking oils for recycling by biofuel companies. This system existed in San Francisco, but it was new to Westerly. So Cassandra and friends distributed thousands of flyers and calendars to restaurants, made TV announcements, presentations, and now … a law! Businesses first doubted these 10 year-olds, but soon 10, 20, 100, 150 restaurants started participating! TGIF has already donated their profit marge = $150,000 worth of heat to the needy. This model can be replicated in thousands of cities across the USA and the world, and they’ll train YOU to do it!


AGE : 10

  • DO IT 55%
  • REACH 55%
  • EFFECTS 65%
  • RISK 40%


UN Action Days

  • Youth Skills
  • Environment
  • Science for Peace and Development

Level 1

Research how local restaurants treat used cooking oils. Design infrastructure, network and tools for copy-pasting T-G-I-F to your town.

Level 2

If cooking oils are not treated – make a feasibility study. Plan all aspects, costs, time per week. Contact restaurant owners, and the city council, for support, regulations and a dropping station. Contact T-G-I-F for a Live on Skype consultation. Create a solid team and network of allies, incl teachers, printer, journalists. Create media presence and support by public actions – be creative, have fun! Share it all with us, of course!

Level 3

Fully launch T-G-I-F, run by student clubs, with charitable impact. Use all media channels, speak at schools, organize stands, marches in public. It’ll be epic fun!

Level 4

Spread T-G-I-F to other towns, using school presentations and media. Focus on student-run chapters!