A people-powered approach to healing our climate, planet & societies





This is a


Different from many others, this one is right at home, and the world is warming up to it, so get going, take the lead!

This approach helps solve problems of dirty industry, dirty politics, apathic citizens and stupid schools. Also, it dissolves opposition. It doesn’t even matter what causes climate change. As a side effect, it reduces emissions, and makes life in the region exciting! How can one not do it?

“Global leaders have failed us in the past and they will fail us again.” Greta

“The same is true at national level. It is at local level that change happens.” Eric, YL

“Failure to act now will haunt us till the end of time.” Professor Ross Garnaut, Economist


= checking if public investments make negative or positive impact on climate, shifting to zero-emission energies, waste and transport. But that is only 1% of what’s needed. 

Already, the environment, water and animals are disappearing. They are the true wealth of our economies. Without them, we wither away. And they are still being destroyed. This needs to end. 

Whereas youth and 95% of citizens are not involved in redesigning energy, transport and waste management grids, there is plenty of opportunity for them to restore resilience and LEVEL UP society. In fact, only they can do this.

View the rising number of communes passing CEDs + what to do as citizen

This text is a YL remix of CEDAMIA’s June 2019 newsletter. Go visit their website and sign up for their newsletter.

In May 2019, 558 jurisdictions across 13 countries had declared a Climate Emergency, representing 65 million people.

In June 2019, 717 jurisdictions in 16 countries have passed CEDs representing over 135 million people.

This includes Hobart, Sydney, Brimbank, New York City, the first local council CEDs in Austria and Poland, and 7 new CEDs in New Zealand .. and the scorching country of Portugal.

The chart below and others on cedamia’s global page update automatically whenever CEDAMIA update the global map and ICEF spreadsheet.

In some cases campaigns by local activists have been instrumental in achieving local council CEDs, but there have also been cases where Councillors themselves have taken the initiative in response to seeing CEDs passed by other councils. Please refer Councillors to the global statistics at https://www.cedamia.org/global to help keep the momentum going.

Councils Action Item: If you want to encourage your local Councillors to declare a Climate Emergency, useful info for you and for Councillors is at: 
> Why declare?: https://www.cedamia.org/why-declare/
> Australian CED motions: https://www.cedamia.org/ced-regions-in-australia/
> Sample resources: https://www.cedamia.org/sample-ced-resources/
> Tips and resources from CACE – Council Action in the Climate Emergency : http://www.caceonline.org/


What next after your council declares a Climate Emergency?

The question on everyone’s lips is what comes next after a council or another level of government passes a CED motion? Was the declaration largely symbolic, or will it be followed by effective action?

If your local council has already declared a Climate Emergency, please pay attention to what they do next and keep up community pressure to put words into action. Tangible actions are indeed vital, but so is the ‘declaration as public signal’ aspect. Ideally a council will manage to ‘infect’ the entire community with ’emergency mode’ so that everyone, not just council, is doing what they can to reverse the climate emergency.

How can a council best transmit the sense of emergency to their community? There is still much to learn! If you know of good examples or have ideas, please get in touch with CEDAMIA or us at YL! Hint : we think that starting a conversation on  resilience to loss (because this gets personal) at schools, among organizations, with citizens at farmers markets, in local media does engage people. 

In terms of tangible actions by council itself, we are starting to see actions by some of the earlier CED councils. Some are looking at every decision made by council through a climate-beneficial vs climate-damaging lens and changing what they do accordingly. For example, some are finding less carbon-intensive ways of surfacing roads and dealing with waste, and some have revisited earlier budget decisions. 

Go view Darebin, Australia’s CED policy guide (PDF) It is well done and comprehensive on everything “emissions”.

Attention : Note that there is no word at all about protecting and restoring local ecosystems for water, soils, seeds, food, peace etc sovereignity … thus the most important asset – the land – is still subject to destruction, pollution, poisoning by outdated industries. This example shows that holistic resilience is still a blank spot even among the best councils. It is up to you to complement their approach by using the resources on this page. 

Another possibility is to identify climate-beneficial things the community can do and simply ask everyone to do them. For example, all-electric households have lower carbon emissions than those still using gas appliances.

View how to take over and upgrade local town council governance

Let’s begin with a short article on a town council in devon, as a memorable flashlight story how citizens start shaping their commune as they love it.

Then, go with the flow, find inspiration from Flatpack Democracy*, get together and get going. It’s a process.

* We think the DIY guide should be available as digital PDF download. Try your luck or go ahead. We haven’t read it yet, but we believe there is gold for newbies to overcome insecurities, avoid confusion, and get started.

“We need no more research. We have all the knowledge. This is the time for action.” Greta, UN COP23

Climate emergency requires making the region resilient, self-sustainable, largely autonomous – as all regions used to be – by restoring

  • water sovereignity
  • soil sovereignity
  • seed sovereignity
  • food sovereignity*
  • energy sovereignity
  • health sovereignity
  • ecosystem harmony
  • and peace

* Since long distance trade will break down due to the breakdown of ecosystems, states and companies, relying on food production on the other size of the continent or planet, run by ruthless corporations and investors in far away countries, is no option.

Current Unsustainable Regions

decrease their own resilience through poisoning water aquifers, toxic, soil mining monocultures, eroding ecosystems to a point that people dislike their impoverished home culture and compensate by escaping to far away destinations, and by over-feeding on by unfair trade (eroding faraway regions).

Resilient Regions

ban destruction of their vital life sources, water, ecosystems, rivers and soil, run on decentralized microgrid energies, produce healthy food abundance through a mix of people-powered small, innovative intense rural, urban, vertical and edible landscape farming, with little dependence on fair trade, and cultivate rich eco-cultural community life, thereby reducing the need for hurtful forms of compensation.

Have a close look again ...

the “distributed” measures creating resilience and sovereignity dissolve the “centralized” dirty industries that have created the problem : dirty energy, toxic agriculture, unfair trade, addictive compensation (excessive food and tourism) nurtured by dirty (manipulative) advertizing. All these influences are brought upon a community from “outside” invaders. This is why the solution for resilience lies in reclaiming local citizens’ sovereignity. 

"To change something ...

create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. You never change something by criticizing existing reality.” Buckminster Fuller 1980

“Global leaders have failed us in the past, and they will fail us again.” Greta Thunberg. The same is true for national ones. So why do you waste your time asking them to act?

At local level, “Climate Emergency Declarations” are issued, because here people are in charge, not lobbies. So, act at local level, by implementing solutions yourself. 1000s of regions change the nations.

"Be the new human model.

upgrade to the Able, Active, Caring Citizen that makes minions of monarchy, morons of fascism, the powerless voter and dumb consumer obsolete.” Eric, YL

“Everything and everybody has to change. So why wait for anyone else to start first?” Greta Thunberg.

Listen : If you only take the clean tech CO2 approach, no one changes, stays glued to the screen playing games, watching celebrity gloss, football, porn and ads. The solution is to “live hero*ism for real”, take back the planet from Deatheaters and liberate Paradise. WE shape the Anthropocene. 

"No more human as usual"

Chloe has set records as student clubber, with Divest Harvard, scored record voter turnout, 80% of the votes, is the first Democrat to be elected in this place in history, and has just co-signed into law the first Green New Deal – not at national, but at state level of Maine, adapted for rural working people. This is no coincidence. Chloe is super bright. Now, learn from her.

Attack at the Local Level

is what I say as general. I don’t ask you to go into politics. I say make the town council declare “Climate Emergency” and (also if they don’t) spread the vision of making your region “climate crisis resilient” among your young generation at school, and adult allies, by using our “cardset exercise”, and then, as your context and passion allows to pursue implementation of required steps and solutions. You can take it one by one, doing like YL Hero*ines working on water, bees, food, species, …

Water sovereignity

Without water there is nothing. Pass the “Blue Community” Resolution and end everything that diminishes local* clean water supply (*forget faraway desalination, it’s too expensive and how are you going to water your fields and forests??); no mining no fracking, no poisonous agriculture (in France 70% of waters are near unusable, and german fields drowing in pig shit raise water nitrate levels, causing heart disease, so badly that a new sewage level needs to be added); also : waters are heavily polluted with medication, make-up, microplastics, the pill and cocaine. Up to you to decide for that crap or solid, pure and powerful life support systems.

Soil sovereignity

Everything humanity does, up to space exploration, in the end depends on a few inches of fertile soil. Industrial agriculture has tilled away most of it and blown it away into the seas. The FAO predicts at current rates soils will be gone in 40 years, leaving us 80 harvests. This trend can easily be stopped, and soil regenerated, which also captures enormous amounts of carbon. Regional organic agriculture als creates many jobs, and urban farming is fun.

Seed sovereignity

As regions will burn off, plants get lost at record speed, states and corporations crumble, it is utterly insecure to rely on seeds produced by a far away company aiming for nothing but profits for its merciless anonymous investors and traders on cocain. This centralized model is extremely vulnerable to weather, manipulation and attacks. The distributed model of rich, people and commune-powered seed banking is impossible to conquer.

Food sovereignity

Much of Europe has been made dependant on foods produced in Southern Spain and Italy, by 450,000 illegal migrants living in quasi slavery at 30% of minimum wage, while Spain has 25-50% youth / unemployment. Those regions already suffer from water shortage, and trend towards soon collapse ecologically and politically, just like Europe’s new food production “colonies” in Northern Africa, India and South America. Restoring regional food abundance through high yield organic farms, vertical and urban ag is vital and valuable.

Electricity sovereignity

The time of centralized faraway energy generation is over. They are too expensive, too dominant and too vulnerable to grid turbulence and attacks.  Distributed regionalized grids based on a mix of solar, wind, methane, biothermal carbonization etc are feasible, strong, resilient and guarantee prosperity and peace.

Health sovereignity

You may not think of it, but mental health, inner peace etc are vital to a peaceful, socially cohesive (people liking each other), collaborative and resilient community. This means that you have a right to healthy water, soil, air, and public ambience. Too many people are stressed out about allergies, childhood cancer, birth defects, as well as insecure about water quality, secretive business, politics and their region’s future. Restoring resilience based on citizen collaboration reinsures everybody that the now and the future will be okay.

Peace sovereignity

You may not think of it, but without peace there is nothing. Already, mad people smear and attack eco-socially conscious politicians and kids, so you can imagine how people prey on one another in times of escalating crisis, gravely sabotaging positive change. Communities must take a collaborative conscious effort to restore common peace and safety and become sovereign to protect themselves against  criminal gangs, street harassers, group rapists, terrorists like nazis, islamists, the Mafia, gangs preying on girls to sell them into sex slavery, or criminal industry.

Climate change and the erosion of water, soil, food etc DESTROY PEACE, and any action of ecocide etc shall be handled as a Crime Against Peace, with personal liability, life sentence and all assets seized, as genocide is handled.

Eco-cultural Bliss sovereignity

Rich rewilded, biodiverse ecosystems with also BIG animals enrich resilience but also the educational and recreational landscape to a point that people feel less need to escape to get inspired and have a life. Hence, rich, wild, biodiverse nature boosts economy, health, peace, food, seeds and water. But don’t take restoring paradise from a technical point of view, from a place of fear and need. Restoring the Paradise Garden means coming from a place of trust, confidence, love, beauty, with vision and making a Dream come true. Let that dream be to restore your local Serengeti, Yellowstone, Amazon, because this will solve everything. It makes youth and adults love their place and care for it. Without that, all is lost. Naturally diverse forests by the way capture 17x more carbon than tree plantations. They also attract rainwall, store water… That’s what you want, right?

Warming has begun, and will continue (since the past twenty years’ emissions are yet to unfold their impact in the atmosphere). Hence, no one at local or national level can forbid a region’s inhabitants to make their region resilient. It would doom them to a future of despair and destruction. Who would dare that? So – wield it!

The solutions existimplemented by communes around the globe. But they cannot be implemented by a few stakeholders while citizens stay ignorant and idle. Now is the time for regional citizens to overcome lack of heart, will and wit, and create the world they wish for, to live the bright side of the Anthropocene – people shape the Earth (no longer ego idiot industries). 

Activate youth and schools. As in every field, youth leadership is a game changer. Hence, start making it part of life at schools so youth start taking action aligned with their passion. It’s a quick exciting step to start with!

Resilience also gets conservatives on-board, those who want to keep what they have, and public service and state institutions whose purpose is to sustain the status quo of peace and prosperity, from public libraries and foresters to schools – for whom the entire region becomes a LearnScape, for youth life becomes adventure, and media get the most exciting unfolding story.

“Is democracy too slow to achieve, and how can it get better?” “Yes, it is. A main issue is that the population is extremely uninformed. A better democracy requires enormous knowledge transfer and high participation.” Luisa Neubauer, #FridaysForFuture Germany, June 2019 ZDF Monitor interview

No need to wait for permission by national government or big industry and its dishonorable, merciless investors. Access to solutions is in your hands. You have the power now. This means there is no more shifting blame and responsibility on others. With this power, you are now resonsible.

Begin with a bundle of 70+ proven common sense measures already implemented by communes around the globe, with positive effects.





Without land – forests, rivers, animals, insects, soils – you are nothing. You will get sad and perish.

Restore diverse, thick Forests

resilient against heat, and temperature and humidity dependent pests; providing food, forage, shelter, bliss

Restore natural, winding Rivers

with green benches, protective, slowing, breeding and feeding grounds

Rich in animals, bees, insects, birds

keeping wetlands, boosting with proper plants along forests, fields, home gardens, no poison

Protect and restore Wetlands

as water sponge, storage, cleanser, feeding and breeding ground for local and migrating species


is a guiding principle for strengthening the land. Let the land be, re-wild, add a few renewable energy units. Studies show quick, big regeneration. The breakdown of parts of 20th Century ag, giving up family farms etc also re-wilds. Be at peace with that. Make it arks and LearnScapes for students, families, citizens.

Major solutions for restoring climate harmony are being ignored by mainstream media and industrial politics, but citizens can implement them. Planet Earth herself is the greatest force for restoring climate harmony. Populations and politicians at communal level benefit in every respect. Activate them!

Please view how Britain’s national media reacted to the report. You will be surprised, and learn a key lesson.

Side effect on CO2 emissions : It captures enormous volumes of carbon. important : it has to be real, dense forests, not commercial plantations of fast-growing trees  to be cut and sold which are only 6% as efficient as real forests!


Dependance on far-away lands, unstable governments, shaky corporations is super dumb. Super dumb.

Apache vision : “As food supply breaks down, humans will prey on others, and eat humans. Feel the cities into the mountains”
This zombie film scenario is realistic, and can happen within months.
Act now to AVOID it through regional food sovereignity and a super vivid, healthy, caring citizenry; view 4-8

Regional diverse Agriculture

for feeding the local population, year-round; agroforestry, agro-ecology, no poisons, vertical, urban, permaculture …

Healthy Soil Region

restoring and protecting soils from outdated industrial agricultural “mining” which depletes soil minerals, and causes soil loss through water and wind

Seed Sovereignity

with collaborative citizen-powered seed banks, open source, shared across regions, home gardeners, schools, senior citizens

Variety Diversity

Diversity means bio-security. Monocultures perish by a single fungus. Re-animate, replicate and evolve the 100s of tomato, potato, maize, apple etc varieties, powered by farmers and organizations

SRI Technology

is a people-powered approach to farming that gently generates 2- to 10-times higher yields for various vital foods


meshes food production with the living environment, trees, water, birds in simple genius ways, enhancing biodiversity, beauty, reducing poisons etc


creates high, multiple yields also on small plots, pro-pollinators, no-poison. It is perfectly suited for people-powered regional, fresh food economies

Vertical Farming

like Growingpower.org generates enormous yields per acre, while reducing use of water, poison, energy to 10% and less, year-round

Experimental Spaces for Best Practices

like Zero Water Farming, No Tilling, Gigantic Veggies … managed by schools, citizen gardens, seniors … for local farmers to learn without taking effort or risk

Edible Landscapes

in and around town, parks, roofs, alleys, country roads, hiking trails, for citizens, families, schools, seniors, as stewards and LearnScapes

Incredible Edible

Urban, collective public and private foodlots

Great Place to BEE

bee-friendly legislation, Pollinator Awareness Week, investment in bee supportive vegetation etc

Vibrant Community Gardens

like NY City lots, bringing presence, peace, learning, intergenerational, food, mental health; reference : Eco Tipping Points

Bees in the city

natural bee-keeping, their own honey, keeping their immune system strong; rotten tree trunks with bee-antibiotic fungi

Side effect on CO2 emissions : The healthy soil and rich vegetation capture carbon. It reduces emissions, because it reduces travel around the world, storage, cooling.


Fit of the 22nd Century Sustainable Civilization. Many already exist.

"Climate Emergency Declaration"

like Oakland and others have passed, as a framework and benchmark for all city policies to meet

Blue Community

and Blue Schools, making water public, a human right, banning bottled water

Regional Energy Mix

solar, water, thermal, wind, wood chip, hydrothermal carbonization using green waste, vertical lentil basins

Cement Tower Batteries

Energy Vaults store renewable energies using simple, mechanical principles. Norway uses dams, now use these cheap, genius, safe battery towers

No Fracking Zone

as towns and regions

No Pipeline Zone

as coastal towns in the U.S.

GMO-free Zone

because better alternatives in every respect exist

Divest from Fossil Fuels


Ad-free Public

uplifting feeling, sense of belonging, architecture, history, beauty; cases prove ad-income is irrelevant for city; digital banners inform citizens on local inter/action, co-creative participation, good news, youth action

Attractive, safe Public Transports

bike to bus etc, with wifi and nice music, uplifting videos, co-created with changemakers

Plastic Free Town

yep, the first ones exist

Zero Waste

in terms of production, packaging, recycling, cradle-to-cradle

Local Currency

bonds local stakeholders, resists currency devaluation caused by speculation and manipulation by organized crime networks, funds and banks.

Renewable Energy Spacing

High speed train lines are on flat land, distant from settlement. Such spaces fit wind-mills, it’s undisturbing. Can suffice to power a state.

Side effect on CO2 emissions : regional energy sovereignity requires a shift to an innovative mix of energy sources that naturally reduce emissions. Less food and general waste, paper production, advertizing etc mean less emissions.


Our current economic awareness thinks stuff has value. But it is temporary crap that’s soon in the waste bin, be it cell phones, gucci shirts or cars.

The real economic is the land, the forests and waters, seeds and trees, stones and sand*. They are the so far cheap source of our wealth. Nothing but them.

Upgrading to intelligence is a great feeling. Those who’ve done it radiate in relief of no longer living as morons remote-controlled by ads.

The Commons

are rising as a new focus in governance, yet to unfold


is an emerging model of co-creative collaborative decision-making, tuned to various settings.

Nature Rights

from mining industry etc. Let no one crush the “far away” indigenous territories. They are our last sacred sanctuaries with precious things to not abuse and shred. The humble “savages” are the perfect low lifestyle guardians to manage them.

Persecute and harshly criminalize state, corporate, criminal invasion like terrorism, state treason and Crime Against Peace (it is!).

Regenerative Principle

No longer “sustainable” which is misunderstood, hacked, abused. Regenerative restores measurable impact on growing abundance of lifeforms, diversity, bliss etc

Red Tape

Loads of it. No touching on our regional resources by outside invaders, and greedy special interest groups. Modelled on India’s Red Tape Initiative.

Protect "Savage" Lands

from mining industry etc. Harshly criminalize state, corporate, criminal invasion. Let no one crush the “far away” indigenous territories. they are our last sacred sanctuaries with precious things to not abuse and shred. The humble “savages” are the perfect low lifestyle guardians to manage them

Universal Declaration of Human Duties

complementing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Ecocide a Crime

(harming ecosystems, and their inhabitants) protecting the Global and Local Commons

Local Commons Accountability

Mayors, councils, criminals, business are measured, held accountable for loss of local peace, well-being etc


We are society. We are the sovereign. We are the state. It is our city. We have a Dream for Living. Together, we create it.


so that when “crisis” happens, people don’t turn into orks, prey and feed on another (that has begun!)

The backbone of resilience is social cohesionThe DNA of resilience is that people like their natural region, their city, themselves and one another. This can be nurtured.

“No matter what infrastructure, if you don’t have cohesiveness within the population that is part of that, it’s hard for them to respond to an extreme event while it’s happening, and they can’t rebuild afterward if they are not cohesive.Ensia

“This is an emergency. The timescales are different to those that we regularly respond to, but if we don’t act, the consequences are horrendous.” Paul Netherton, Deputy Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police.Devon Live

Note the sign.

Public Process Facilitation

constantly collecting citizen’s views, ideas, contributions on weekly farmers markets – in Art of Hosting style, like in Saillans, France

Participatory Citizen Budgeting

citizens allocate a good %age of the city budget to priority causes

Public Space Co-monitoring

by citizens, like NYC App on broken street lamps, paths etc

Volunteer Fairs

modeled on Volunteen Nation and adult volunteer banks

Year-round UN Day Action

55 UN Days with weekly focus on high end solutions for each, involving schools, local media, citizenry

Philanthro-Party Culture

Doing social good as part of daily life, raising funds for favorite caues and charities, and putting the FUN into fundraising

Public Citizen Hubs

connecting the local citizenry with one another and humanity’s finest solutions Hubs : co-working spaces for people with good ideas

Youth Leadership in Orphanages

in collaboration with local High Impact Student Clubs

Child-friendly City

as principle for urban development, Reference: YES Magazine article

Re-Animate Public Spaces

like Project for Public Spaces but with more bottom-up strategies like Art of Hosting

Senior Super Skills

harnessing senior citizen skills, know-how, facilitating volunteer involvement … like encore.org

Side effect on CO2 emissions : Changemaker biographies and social media show that people active in shaping their community and society choose real life adventure, friends, sensuality and love over materialistic and digital compensations that generate emissions, like buying stuff, building an enormous home, and using high traffic internet services for high volume of films, porn, gaming, mining.

5. VIBRANT COMMUNITY – Rich, fun City-life!

We’re not here to have a bad time. It’s our HOME. We want to love, enjoy, co-create, shape, evolve it, in liberty. It’s all our home! That’s why we have to experience our common presence as pleasant, uplifting, peaceful. For this we need a frame, from home to school to public life and media.

Vibrant Community

so that people get to know, like, appreciate each other

Intergenerational Playgrounds

flowing, with nature elements, tree trunks, sand, rocks; as informal learning environments, fit for generations at different times also babies, kids, teens, twens, adults, seniors, from play to hanging out and reading

Rich Festival Calendar

boosting vibrant citizenry, co-creation by youth, schools, organizations, citizens, nurturing peace in public space Note: combined with zero tolerance for crime, it shows great results in cities

Celebrating Local Public Services

and servants … medics, firepeople, bus drivers, construction …We are all in this together, we keep the boat running

Positive News Media Culture

weaving the new story of the people-powered next level civilization, to inform, inspire, feature the active citizenry taking transformative action

Street Arts & Music

like Barcelona’s Ramblas, Edinborough, french festivals … animating our public space for everybody Attention: manage magically, not mechanistic or lousy

Protect and Re-animate Cultural Heritage

Historic awareness of all sorts, from a youthful perspective, as educational projects in collaboration with museums, media, city, festivals

Re-animate Natural Heritage

hiking regional trails and sights from a youthful perspective, as educational projects in collaboration with museums, media, city, festivals

Self-responsible Holistic Healthy Lifestyle

self-responsible, sovereign lifestyle in diet, sensuality, health, expression, yoga, self-defense etc

Peaceful Diet

peaceful to ourselves (what we love, not inferior food copies), to animals and planet

Animal Alliance

with citizen rights, learning to respect, appreciate, collaborate for the common purpose of sustaining and evolving life and abundance on Earth and the Universe
All this boosts resilience against epidemics, and currently spreading moronic diseases linked to weakened immune systems and weakened microbiomes (gut bacteria)

Side effect on CO2 emissions : A super attractive, pleasant and uplifting region and city, with many friendly relations reduces the need for compensation through buying stuff, building enormous homes, sucking electricity by streaming porn, films, gaming, photo laden social media, and escaping to far-away places to experience nature, animals, beauty, peace, hiking, excitement and celebration.


Do you want to be hurt? Hurt others? Orkish behavior is not acceptable. Time for containment, psychotherapy, healing.

The “world’s best mayor” Bart Somers turned Mechelen from Belgium’s worst failing town into a peaceful place. Not a single person left to join the genocidal satanists in Iraq and Syria. His approach? No bullshit zero tolerance policing, pleasant hoods, and 100 city fests. 

Stop Street Harassment

making our streets and public spaces safe and welcoming for girls and women once again

Community Police

tested, affirmed, monitored by the regional citizenry to ensure proper character; impeachment options; their role is to enfore OUR laws for OUR well-beingr

Cure Violence

use a public health approach to curb gun, gang, domestic etc. violence

Zero Crime Tolerance

from bullying to fights, corruption, organized crime

Prisons as a Space of Healing

public, well paid wardens, holistic, no bullshit; yoga, gardening, open


against sexual assault, street crime, violence by organized criminal and political groups; focus on survival, hit & run; cf. Dr. Ruthless, Red Brigade Lucknow

Side effect on CO2 emissions : a safe home region lowers emissions for the same regions as a vibrant community, and also by enabling people to enjoy public spaces, and by limiting the need of barricading oneself behind fortified walls.


We know what makes happy, healthy, creative, intelligent human beings. No more compromise with hurtful habits and trauma inherited from earlier hurtful societies coined by totalitarian religion, monarchy and fascism.

Parenting for a Peaceful World

from pregancy to schooling

Start Empathy

traning for babies, children and youth

Positive Youth Image in Public

through youth ledership in public, media and schools

3- & 4-Generation Playmaps

for playful public spaces. Interview adult generations on where, how they played, map how spaces vanished, why, re-create together

Natural Birth

granting harmony from pregnancy. Birth as a blissful moment. Note : The mother copy-pastes her immune system on the new born during their birthing process as s/he passes the birth canal !!!

Paid Parental Leave

for the first two years, benefitting all of us with healthy new citizens


as the most blissfull, connective and immune boosting thing in the Universe

Initiations into Teen- and Wo/Manhood

modeled on best practices in Australia, adapting indigenous into the modern education context

Side effect : It reduces emissions by reducing the need for nonsensical compensations listed above.


with student-powered Youth Leadership in real-time collaboration with the Gandhis and Einsteins of our time

High Impact Student Clubs

and the YL Curriculum in every class and year

Green Bronx Machine

for food, diet, health, citizen education

Democratic Schools

students co-create rules, sanctions, learning and school culture

WE School Project Partnerships

for holistic sustainable development at home and abroad

Finnish Policies for Teacher Studies

  • entry test, only 10% pass
  • 80% pedagogy, 20% subject, only what’s used at school
  • teachers and students are friends
  • student council veto right on education laws
  • students can propose subject upgrades, gain support to implement it at their school

Side effect on CO2 emissions : It empowers an entire generation to live with unified positive vision, trusting one another, leading rich, multi-faceted lives co-creating vivid, vibrant communities and sovereign, sustainable regions – lowering emissions, consumption, compensations, escapism, and in the big picture also dissolving unfair trade, landgrabs, mining, dam construction, ecosystem destruction abroad, migration and war.

This comprehensive win-win people powered multi-year approach 

  • practices everything needed to activate the next level collaborative society / distributed democracy,
  • also lowers emissions, considerably. If we’re lucky, the planetary animal will consider our learning process complete, cool down in time, and her animal children may decide to stay with us.

“Everything and everybody needs to change.”
“This requires a wartime mobilization effort.” 

Greta Thunberg

“Kick off youth leadership at every school, take action on everything around you, and really change society.”

Eric Schneider, YL

This comprehensive win-win people powered multi-year approach 

  • practices everything needed to activate the next level collaborative society / distributed democracy,
  • also lowers emissions, considerably. If we’re lucky, the planetary animal will consider our learning process complete, cool down in time, and her animal children may decide to stay with us.

You don’t hear this yet when it’s about “climate”.

You only hear bullshit about abstract far away CO2 bubble politics.

To overcome an obstacle, some-times you have to walk around it.


IT CHANGES EVERYTHING for involving people. Do you understand why?

“Despite the fact that we are such an empathetic, altruistic species, we allow psychopaths to govern us. We have to govern ourselves and do it from the bottom up.”  last night in Bristol, on how a groundswell of grassroots action can transform the political gloom.

So far, you as a person, can only sit, wait for people in far away places in government and companies to make a change. 

This hands on approach empowers all caring citizens to get involved. It empowers all sorts of caring, creative groups to do cool stuff they’d love doing, but so far had no access to. This includes

  • elderly : community gardening
  • schools : edible landscapes
  • teens : badass adventurous projects
  • farmers, foresters, fisherwo/men : see the commons thrive
  • good media : cover positive stories
  • city council : see peace and prosperity restored
  • public institutions and libraries : support civic involvement

and many others. You’ll be surprised.

50+% of your neighbours will back and be willing to join all sorts of activities related to creating a #ParadiseCountry region. And 80+% will enjoy and appreciate what’s going on.


There exist mental, optical, emotional, kinetic (movement) learners

Take this affirmation of different “species” among us, all of them perfect and awesome, to understand how now Visionaries and Materialists will unite.


That’s only a few. In the past 

visions for wonderful new possible opportunities and changes

warnings of catastrophes ahead

have been understood by few people only. The majority lack senses for processing this at mental, emotional and heart level – to have the heart to act (hands). Today, one has understood that people have grown up with myths and tales, which help imagination to connect with dreaming and feelings. That’s why innovators speak of delivering a story, a narrative.

  • Authors use this to take you on a journey, of learning, pleasure or bullshit
  • Advertizers ab-use this to mislead people 
  • Changemakers use it to help people see, feel and comprehend the options, benefits, path and to-do’s

What we want you to take away from this is : not everybody is a “vision species”.


are very down to earth. Materialistic. That’s not evil. Dwarves and Hobbits are not evil. If we were all visionaries, … dude, we couldn’t co-manage such a society, also not as hunters and gatherers. Diversity is divine.

Now pay attention.

Materialists – content with what they have – long called HIPs (mislabelled as hippies)  and visionaries looneys. Materialists could not relate to Visionaries’ convictions and calls for better food, better nature, better fun, better way of life for kids, women, better schools. They could not relate to genius scientists’ … sights and insights into the planetary organism.

Well, now, today, with climate crisis burning budgets, scorching yards, yields and incomes  … Materialists begin to understand : THEY CAN LOSE EVERYTHING … their house, the peace, the safety in the streets, their farms … and this makes them feel insecure, stirs up their inborn energies, and willing to do something to secure it. Good thing, right? This is the infrastructure that gives us solid ground to build on as a community. It gives us food and machines, and law and, love this word : order.

So, stop vilifying materialists, but SEARCH FOR COMMON GROUND (linktipp) what is really, really important to you.


  • Visionaries with their skills, knowledge, resources and relations
  • Materialists with their skills, knowledge, resources and relations

are to unite.

We are all in this together, and it will be awesome.

… and will see grumpy farmer and bead-haired fairies toil and laugh alongside one another, sharing wisdom pearls on restoring Paradise.

You’ll have a lot of fun discovering all sorts of mixes of species, also in administration, in business and among youth. 

ALL THIS NEED/ED TO BE DONE ANYWAY. Now at last the momentum exists

All these measures, keeping rivers and forests intact, biodiversity, non-poisoned foods, peaceful festivals and beautiful townscapes, awesome schools, no crime, childhoods free from violence … is what environmental and social protectors have been calling to KEEP for a century … but cunning greedy stupid people have overridden their wise voices with claims of technical development bringing riches to everyone, and of lack of money for safeguarding nature, peace and beauty. Yea, well, we see how devastated and degenerated our lands, communities and psyches have become. 

But NOW – the climate crisis, at last gives new force, argument and political muscle to maintaining a rich, thriving natural and socio-cultural environment for all. Wield it wisely, and never again let people on a false, egocentric, cunning operating system fool, trick, dis- and empower you.

MAJOR CRISIS ISSUES. It's also about all trade relations, crime, peace etc etc
MAJOR ISSUES when crisis hits: Don’t worry about the ocean engulfing your city. That’s later, and, once again, it’s not something you and your neighbors can address. I don’t see you building a 250 mile wall, right now. We might be able to avoid the mega collapse and sea level rise, but there are some things we can no longer avoid. Here are things that climate change brings:

  • EXTREME WEATHER patterns, droughts, floods, pests

  • EPIDEMICS affecting plants, animals, humans – aggravated by loss of antibiotics caused by factory farming, and people’s weakened immune systems

  • BREAKDOWN OF SUPPLY CHAINS – of food, energy, resources – produced on the other side of the planet, due to droughts, extreme weather, water shortage, civil wars, terrorism, hacking, “bursting of financial bubbles”, collapse of companies …

We’re already experiencing it, and global experts say it is not about “if” but “when” it will happen, and it will be “soon”. These things are closely related with multiple crisis results ON OUR LOCAL CITZENRY:

  • erosion of quality media (producers are uneducated about solutions, driven by fears, greed, stuck in outdated ideologies, and dependent on dirty industry ads, or directly belong to them)
  • erosion of prosperity (crooks in government, banking, stock market manipulation, economic crisis)
  • less mobility (less fun and generation by far-away holidays; hence : create rich uplifting environments at home!)
  • breakdown of education and public services; for lack of tax money, people in distress staying at home
  • mad civil unrest, stimulated by criminal interest groups (incl. corporations, foreign governments, secret services, terror groups, plain dumb trolls …)
  • random violence and abuse (by individuals traumatized by emotionally dysfunctional families, brutish tradition, religion etc; resulting in bullying, harassment, rape, violence, mobbing)
  • crime (petty, robbery, violent, clans, mafia, organized, industries – these already exist today, tend to grow, fight to survive), incl slavery, sex slavery, organ trade (view Libya)
  • totalitarian dictators (the remaining hurtful “spirit” from earlier societies is rising with brute force. To “cure violence”, gang, religious or fascist, it is necessary to heal people’s mind-, feel and do-set (traumatized during childhood), and replace it with the good, positive alternative that creates the world and lives they truly wish for)

This means that our holistic approach of making our region – plants, animals, people – resilient, must address more than electric windmills.

We must nurture a healthy, vibrant, co-creative citizenry … not mad individuals, but people know, trust, appreciate one another, and are able to fluidly collaborate in group processes, and make agreements on local regulations, investments, actions (governance) 

The solutions exist. When we put them all together, we see a beautiful mosaique, a tapestry of well-known, proven, documented, people-powered solutions that we are very well able to implemented as a down-to-earth practical, sane-minded citizenry. And in the bigger picture of climate change, they start making super sense, and it feels very liberating, appeasing and empowering to HAVE this resource of knowledge, skills and human power to make it happen.

And – as everything we promote with YOUTH-LEADER it generates welcome win-win benefits for everybody involved, and many members of our society that so far have felt a void in their lives and professions. Check this out.

FROM EPIC FAIL TO EPIC WIN. Learn to see the blessing

The climate and mental climate have changed. Changemakers simply need to understand how to explain the imminent need and priority and unquestioned protection of these resources from the angle of

  • protecting peace and prosperity for all
  • for long-term
  • generating instant win-win benefits for all sectors of society

Can you seriously imagine dishonorable, uneducated fools in politics, business and institutions say

“You have no right to protect your region from crisis.”

meaning “All you 100,000 / 3 million people in your region will fall into fear, poverty, violence, pain – because I say that we keep doing as usual, with me in charge, you behaving, and dirty industries and finance doing as usual.” 

That’s a no-no. 

The crisis is evolving, and the measures to provent it are clear, simple, people-powered.

What you need to understand that

  • there is not enough money to finance this (that’s perfect)
  • it requires every caring kid, citizen, professional to be part in fun, active ways
  • which forms the next level collaborative society

So, learn to understand the full picture

  • wield the proper explanation and argument
  • know your solutions
  • prepare the fertile ground
  • starting with youth leadership at schools
  • and activate Adult Allies
  • AS YOUR CRITICAL MASS OF ACTIVATED PEOPLE running on the new Operating System 

Then, roll it out. #Irresistible

“You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller


YOUR LOCAL PARTNERS. Many are ready, longing to get activated
Local partners exist … “public servants, teachers etc” … those seeing “breakdown”, as crisis begins to hit. As societies begin to feel extreme weathers, erosion of food, supply chains, resources, wars abroad, local civil unrest etc., those already experiencing “breakdown” of peace, economy, future etc …

  • cities
  • public servants
  • professionals
  • farmers
  • teachers
  • parents
  • senior citizens
  • caring citizens
  • youth

find new win-win benefit solutions and partnerships by making their region climate change resilient. This encompassing vision and framework provides everybody with shared agreement and understanding of one grand unifying goal. A beautiful goal and priority in life, shared by each of us, the community, as a society. Fed up with mismanagement, now we do it. It’s all ready.

It’s not even the focus we aim at, but it does it, actually, and in ways current approaches fail to achieve

– forests as carbon sinks

– low carbon agriculture

– renewable energy mix

– regional hands-on foods, identification with high quality food culture, vertical aquaponics, vegan bliss lifestyle challenges at schools, empathy, animal communication etc nurture peaceful, vegan living = reducing destructive impacts on species, biodiversity, climate by 50%

– dynamic, beautiful, vibrant region = less longing for far-away places for holidays and regeneration = less travel emissions

– rich lifestyles = less consumption of plastic bullshit distractions and compensations = less production and trashing

– collaborative citizenry leads to distributive democracy = dissolves dirty power groups in governance

= less emissions, less wars

Ok, then, transforming y/our entire region …

First of all, it’s nothing new. These whole region approaches unleash grand involvement and impact. Because petty crap like turning off the tap or shifting flower pots around the school entrance, a couple new toys on the playground, who cares?

If you and your local organizations, politicians etc have never heard of such, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s just because you live in a region with … small, provincial mindset. #Upgrade Our friends

  • at Bioneers have launched similar as re-Dreaming New Mexico.
  • at Project For Public Spaces have transformed hundreds of inner towns, squares and waterfronts for 40 years.
  • at Eco-Tipping Points have documented large scale transfromations in every part of the planet.
  • at What If We Change have documented large-scale ecosystem restoration efforts all over Earth.
  • at 4-Generation Playmaps have involved 4 generations of citizens for making public spaces playable and enjoyable again.
  • at Incredible Edible have turned the town of Toddmorden into a haven of public and private food lots open to all.
  • at We Are The Ark return private and public lands to the Earth to make them havens for wildlife
  • at Natural Climate Solutions show how re-wilding can rapidly restore climate harmony and biodiversity

All these programs are part of YL campaigns, so our crews are used to this thinking from our media and activities.

Creating climate crisis resilient #ParadiseCountry simply means combining these and others in the popular, understood and backed holistic framework of climate change / crisis / harmony, so that at last the climate jazz becomes reasonable and gets shifted from counting CO2 bubbles to empowering everybody to do what needs doing.

So, re-Dreaming your region…

begins with a different approach to the story and feeling from just accounting. It includes the Heart. This is how Youth Leadership succeeds. This is how this succeeds. True Lothlorien and Gryffindore stuff, with a sense of magic, and epic adventure, since this is nothing less.


The Process

Until today, each of the policy elements listed above has appeared isolated, dysconnected from people, the citizenry, schools. By placing each on the map, with the common vital indispensable precious function and service of climate-change resilience, each, and each person, becomes part of an awesome, sacred organism – to sustain and restore a Life of Awesome in one’s home region.

What else matters? What could feel more awesome than that? Have you ever had something like that in town? I haven’t. Let’s do this. It’s super group work and fun. Super relieving … no more feeling of victim, isolation, catastrophe …


Card Set & Local Map

  • Take the Card Set
  • Take a Map of your City and Region
  • Place the cards on pertaining spots


  • Discuss
  • Groups* take on their District
  • plus 1+ Spaces farther away
  • Detect partners** for each element
  • Get them involved

* Groups are schools, citizen groups etc. ** Partners are local organizations, schools, forest services, volunteer banks, and also inter/national experts etc …


Grab your cardset, and a map of town and region,

then place the model solutions where they fit, whether urgently needed, or as super bonus win. In fact, water, soil, food sovereignity, awesome schools … ask us to bring abundance to every spot on the map, while giving space for wildlife as stewards of ecosystem resilience.

1. Communicate. Easy.

  • It starts by spreading the vision
  • Use the Card Set, place elements on the regional map
  • The Vision is set
  • Common sense

2. Evolves Organically

  • Simply get the vision and conversation going with public and schools.
  • Great win-win for teachers and students!
  • Document in positive news style for social, news media
  • People follow up on impulses
  • groups form, create small prototypes
  • Inspired crews take their focus to the next level, connecting with local partners

3. Partners Exist

for each in the community. Those sensing breakdown can place themselves on the map, doing what they do, now in a greater picture, with new allies and new win-wins.

4. Tangible Progress

  • are visible, motivational
  • Eco Tipping Points occur
  • Groups meet, celebrate, bonds, confidence grows
  • Spin-off activities evolve, in the greater Youth Leadership context

1. Use in Public

Fridays for Future  meetings, convened by Greta Thunberg each friday afternoon in front of local town halls and national Parliaments

  • start conversations
  • citizens place cards
  • equips them with concrete actions
  • and tools
  • and community
  • and vision

and of farmers markets and city fests

2. Use at School

Schools take on their District and 1+ farther away Spaces Perfect for treating global issues

  • tied into local focus
  • practical, emotional relevance
  • hands-on action
  • student club action
  • field trips

+ collaborating with other clubs, schools

3. Use at Workshops, Events

as easy, efficient way for communicating the new local, distributed, co-creative, people- and youth powered approach

4. Use in Media

as easy, efficient way for communicating the new local, distributed, co-creative, people- and youth powereed approach

Online Map

  • for tracking progress
  • tracking global maps

It’s easy using Open Street Map or google maps. Non-corporate option preferred, but select for good functionality.

Local Map

  • Groups have their own
  • A Public Map tracks collective progress
  • best space : a HeadQuarter of all local High Impact Student Clubs

Groups Meet

in public

  • Fridays for Future meetings
  • Farmers Markets
  • Fests

in the HeadQuarter

  • This space is an informal sustainability learning environment ISLE
  • A LearnScape for schools to visit
  • A space for workshops etc
  • A Hub, intergenerational


Following up on conversations…

  • follow the inspiration
  • take favorite actions
  • locate them on the map
  • track progress in YL, social and news media


Telling Your Stories …

These actions need to be taken anyway. They are not just linked to climate change. Therefore :

  • do not just always tell your story linked to climate crisis
  • but also tell it by itself 

as a story of watershed restoration, prisons as a space of healing etc. This makes them

  • success stories by themselves
  • relevant to news media and professionals globally

who are not focussing on climate. Also, you will feel

  • feel satisfaction, success, milestones reached

YOUTH-LEADER Magazine is your own magazine for getting your stories published and interlinked, also as a public resource pool for others. Use it.



“Limiting global warming to 1,5C is as likely as Sweden winning the World Cup in football. Both male and female. 3 tournaments in a row.” Peter Alestig

It sucks, but big societal shifts often require crisis, because societies are yet too rigid, and people too much in ego to make changes from within.

The longer you wait, the more it will hurt.

The earlier you begin, the earlier the FUN and adventure!


“Petitions for tweaks of laws do not restore our sacred bond with THE LAND. This needs to happen by the people inhabiting the land, the ecosystemt, at regional level, hands-on, hearts-on.”

Eric Schneider, YL

After all this info, sit back, breathe and feel

Tune in listening to the Lothlorien messenger.

“Dreaming of a parallel world …

… where nothing ever hurts.”

This dream seed we will now breathe into life with warmth, water, wonder.

So, re-Dreaming your Region…

Re-Dreaming Berlin, Re-Dreaming Lyon, Re-Dreaming Bristol …

begins with a different approach to the story and feeling from just accounting.

It includes the Heart. This is how Youth Leadership succeeds. This is how this succeeds. 

The Heart connects to the Land we love, to the People we love, and could both love better if they were more lovable. Well, they will be once they get to smile, thrive and florish once again. 




The solutions exist. Like puzzle pieces across the world. All we need to do is assemble them to create that big new complete picture of the sustainable local society. Above are your puzzle pieces.

We dream of it, this means that we have the passion deep inside to unleash the energy to form it, to make the effort and achieve this vision. Like we first dream up a structure of a shed, sketch it on paper and then assemble it. Above and below is your sketch.

We dream of it, this means we have vision. And it is first with vision that the future is formed. Be it a shed, your next holiday trip, a new district (how do we envison it? We is not a few elected incompetents with vested interests, but all of us as collective citizenry; shall this district be boring or awesome? And what can we, are we willing and enjoying to contribute?)

Future Sciences.

How the future is shaped is scientifically known.

1. Status quo, current trends

2. Accidents

3. Vision – this is the powerful, decisive trim tab

4. Intention, new trends

Repeat : Vision is the most powerful element.

Many people falsely call vision “utopian”, for lack of education or with intent. Both sabotage positive change. So know your words.

Utopian does not mean “impossible”. By definition, the meaning of the word “utopian” is “a vision for a social model that is yet not realized”, just like freedom from religion, democracy, fixed working hours, healthcare were or are in some regions; also airplanes and phones were called utopian.



So, lay the vision Dream Seed for the world of awesome.

No compromise.

Priority number one. Your heart’s yearning, humanity’s dream. The society where nothing ever hurts. Universal Peace and Prosperity, Harmony. It’s sacred, like Harry meeting his Patronus at the lake, like the soils of Lothlorien.

The solutions exist:

  • for inner and outer peace
  • inner and outer bliss (that’s more than joy)
  • inner and outer abundance

for all. Learn them!

1. Know the Scientists = the big picture.
This is awareness. In the dreamfield. Attention: move away from fear to joyful positive vision #FromSacredToSacred

2. Know the Changemakers = the solutions; so you can do what needs doing, locally. This is Manifestation. Change.

This is the real thing.

Second, step into action.

With many people like at #FridaysForFuture

so, start mobilizing via Youth Leadership.

Feed me sunlight feed me air

Feed me truth and feed me prayer

Aurora, The Seed


The knowledge and solutions exist but there is lack of political will among adults and youth on all ends. 

is healed by activating positive joyful vision and passion from a place of love. Youth Leadership, the crown jewel of active citizenship, is the most powerful fire.

The LEVEL UP! Crash Course
ignites this flame, feeling and vision, in the individual, and in the collective, with instant action to kindle this flame, so it burns bright, strong and the awakened Inner Hero*ine rises, unfolds, and spreads the spirit to others, and feels his/her its powers as instant impacts manifest.

The sparked crew grows community and generates impact, presence in media and public, also at other schools.

The many small actions activate skills, confidence, joy, sharpen vision, make allies … and prove the young people’s abilities for greater quests … to themselves, teachers, parents, partners, media. Yo!

Within a single month.


Now is the time to introduce the climate matter. 

If you’re completely new to YL, start with this.

If you’ve already activated yourself, school and city, you’re ready to roll this out with flying banners!


They are the ones to take this on as CORE CREW, and the zillion others join in on occasion … actions, protests, photos, vigils, art etc. 

Go, legends! 

Psst! Can you imagine how people will look back at you 50 years from now?

Take a look at the stars, feel the epicness of this moment, and then get going.

LEVEL UP! Crash Course

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