“Limiting global warming to 1,5C is as likely as Sweden winning the World Cup in football. Both male and female. 3 tournaments in a row.” Peter Alestig

“You never change things by fighting existing reality.
To change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” R. Buckminster Fuller

Often quoted, never lived. We DO it. with model solutions AND the new human model.

This mega quest evolves both at massive scale.

We are now entering a rapid time of transformation – collapse and rebuilding the next level peaceful, sustainable civilization. 

The degree of suffering is determined by our in/actions. It’s y/our choice.

Here is the approach we take on climate in CG RISING. We shift from waiting for someone to adjust another crooked lie on CO2 bubbles. That’s the old centralized model of incompetent minions waiting for the Dark King of Mordor to tweak things. #Fail #NeverHappens

The new distributed model is able, active, caring citizens co-creating thriving communities and societies, following good practice common sense examples.

Right now, with instant tangible and many rich inangible results, also. In fact, it heals our communities, makes life at school and in the city awesome, decreases distraction, addiction to comfort and consumption, and thereby also reduces destruction, emissions, but also violence, depression etc.

It also develops the yet evolving new forms of decision-making / governance.

This means – for those taking these steps now, it means CRISIS as CHANCE for making an unexpected multiple EPIC WIN!

Take the 1910’s as an example. Monarchy f#kked up, dysqualified; the people said no more, started the new – but you have to do it right so it doesn’t get twisted into the shadow part (back then fascism, today : cyborg dictatorship) 

You can look at the comment toggles later, and start with the CARDS below.


“To overcome an obstacle, sometimes you have to go around it.” – Ganesha

Why this Approach?

We need a way for people to really get active on climate.

Instead of waiting for regulations from far-away government and business, sabotaged and constrained by trillionaire investors who don’t give a damn … getting frustrated, people sitting idle …

  1. keep doing inter/national advocacy (it only takes minutes and hours), live planet-friendly,
  2. but also make your region resilient against climate crisis, instead of gliding into catastrophe.

NOW THAT CRISIS IS COMING, how dare anyone deny you the RIGHT to take the life- and peace-saving steps that make your region climate crisis resilient?

Take a stunning set of strong common sense actions that

  • get lots of people involved who denied innovation, but get involved for “protecting what is”
  • makes life in the city exciting, safe, enjoyable
  • gets schools involved with actions; awesome
  • does a million things for regional nature, wildlife and foods
  • gets you involved with tons of partners from farmers to public servants
  • gives media an ongoing story

All this with YOUTH LEADERSHIP at the centre.

It comes with a surprise EPIC WIN

  1. achieving major things that were blocked for half a century
  2. actually curbing emissions beyond what’s been achieved to-date
  3. and dissolving the dirty industries and governance that caused the mess

It begins by TAKING the SET OF ACTIONS and PLACING them on your REGIONAL MAP. It’s an evident thing to do IN CLASS, at Fridays for Future #climatestrike sit-ins, among NGOs, and CITY COUNCILS. Then, follow your intuition.

Shift to Local Actions Galore

Words and Demands are fine, but waiting and sitting idle is frustrating. Here’s a few major limitations on action that our populations face in terms of climate change. People feel disempowered. Current climate stuff is abstract, about regulations made behind closed doors, and in the end they are cheating. That’s super boring and frustrating. Ask young people. Also, many conservative people who are not talented “visionaries” are sceptical of new stuff for the sake of idealism. but they like to protect their stuff. Asking for closing down dirty industries is not exactly resonating well with

  • large parts of the population; in denial about climate change, uncaring about people, lacking vision of alternative solutions
  • politicians, industry, unions, advertizers, trillion dollar stock holders; many with monarchist, racist mindset

Further, what can you do at school? Solar panels, okay. Done. Vegan canteen. Done, or impossible. Next? If you scroll down this page, you will find 60 major actions. Shifting focus to creating local resilience

  • makes a lot of things concrete, tangible
  • take on the shape of exciting projects
  • awesome for schools, families, organizations
  • benefitting families, local innovation
  • an active citizenry, less crime
  • generating super dynamic images for media. Yay!
  • and lots more.

Making our regions climate-change resilient unites us 

  • the critical visionaries and dreamers
  • those content with the status quo, protecting what they have
  • public servants in need to keep things going, incl peace
  • schools, in need to do relevant things and respond to kids’ fears

to protect, restore and create what we love, to achieve our common goal. If done in a holistic way, this process is hugely fun. Life in the community becomes way more vibrant that it is today.

Ripple effects: And as we get together to protect our lands from poison, desertification, strengthen our forests and rivers, we also do away with fracking. As we shift to regional sovereign agriculture, we do away with poisons and GMOs belonging to a corporation somewhere far away. As our youth at school shift to growing their own foods and conscious diet, they shift to playful yummy vegan diets.

Surprise, all this reduces CO2 emissions. But by taking a different angle on the matter. We had to do all those things anyway. And now we have to, because, dear, climate change has begun, and it will hurt. Our task is to keep it as small as possible, keep as many species as possible, and rise to #BeMoreAwesome

From Epic Fail to Epic Win

The fact that climate change is unstoppable is some big shitter. But if we use our judo champ skills, we can use the momentum to create something super positive. In fact, it dissolves the unpleasant entities that brought about climate change, and gets humans back on good focus, good track and makes the upgrade to planetary guardians. We were too lazy to do so, so here is the master of karma leaving us no option. Keeping the pain in mind and belly, now stand up and act, badass style. Here’s how to win this Boss Battle. 

Dirty Industry Politics have Lost.

Whereas some may deny the human influence on global warming,

  • no one denies the rise of extreme weather
  • even corporate and authoritarian rulers confirm that climate change has begun and is unstoppable

Now you just have to be smart and do the right thing. Keep

  • pressure on ending dirty fuels
  • creating the new model (renewables) making the old model obsolete

AND add a new angle.

Accept that climate change happens, with catastrophic consequences, and prepare your region and population to withstand the crisis. If the crisis doesn’t come too hard, because we can curb emissions, all the better. All the changes for resilience are required ANYWAY to have a really good life, and heal the brokenness of today’s societies


See, for dirty politicians to deny changes to far-away dirty industries is one thing, but denying a region’s 1,000,000 inhabitants / citizens the right to protect themselves against catastrophe is another thing. That would mean failing their purpose, and mean revolt and revolution. Legally, it would mean genocide and ecocide by grave neglect and conscious purpose. A no-go.

[rad-hl] Politicians cannot deny you – the local, regional population – the right to upgrade / transform your region to become climate change resilient,[/rad-hl] which means collaborative, self-sustainable, “seed sovereign” and independent from far-away resource providers (be it energy, food, water or seeds) because those resources and supply chains will break under the multiple strains of catastrophe. Especially food production in distant lands are beyond the government’s control, hence cannot be claimed to be guaranteable or affordable.

  • National governments and corporations have for thirty years proven that they make zero relevant progress. They have lost credibility and entitlement to demand trust in them to achieve miracles now.
  • Regional government has shown robust positive steps for people and planet. This is the success model, interwoven with the citizenry.

So, move ahead, and act, empowered to co-create the region you love. Common-sense, for people and planet. What makes a region resilient is pretty clear, common sense, and people-powered.


As you scroll the page, take notice that

  • all these things have been demanded by positive visionaries for 70 years
  • but have been sabotaged by unsustainable industries and politics
  • these are the things that restore Lothlorien

Now, with Climate Change happening, there is no more ignoring or denying them.

Get going, turn your DREAMS of a great world for all into REALITY.

You have a lifetime in front of you, and more to follow. Most people take reincarnation as a fact, so … that’s motivation, baby.

P.S. For Advanced Students of Magic

Contextual Understanding. We are in a Historic Shift to a New Model of Society.

For 30 years, government and industry have proven that they are not able to (and not made for) achieving such a holistic transition. There are too many vested interests, and politicians themselves call politics a “dirty business”.

For a day, Jaclyn thought about going into politics; but no – too dirty.

This means that politicians can no longer expect, demand that the people (=the sovereign) TRUSTS in them and their ways of figuring things out in terms of energy, food, health, peace was a viable option. There is no trusting in those who have failed for 30 years to even take sugar out of foods.

But, let’s even leave individual intentions out of the picture, and understand that today’s governing mechanism stems from a time where life was simple, from the 1920. The major need was to create compromise between heavily opposed fractions threatening civil war (monarchists, communists, the rich, starving workers etc). Complex environmental issues did not exist.

These mechanisms no longer fit our needs. Divestment superheroine Chloe Maxmin explains the incapacity of current institutions in her article NO MORE HUMAN AS USUAL, and this is one of the most important articles on climate matters you’ll ever read. Go.



“Bear with me for a second, little ones. I need to explain the historic societal shift we are going through. It matters! In the 1920, we shifted from centralized monarchy to de-centralized democracy. With it came rapid growth of knowledge and prosperity and development. Because a king alone cannot invent all this. One needs to trust and empower the citizenry to co-create. In de-centralized democracy, this was yet controlled, quality checked etc by educated institutions. Now, after a century of education for all, we are moving to “distributed” democracy. This distributed model is the principle behind open source, global collaboration, the blockchain – of all cells of the societal organism being actively involved in co-creating common good. And tuned to the planetary living organism that we are cells of. Yep. And so we return to the worldview and harmony of tribal cultures, the movie Avatar and Lothlorien. In Star Trek style.


This is called a paradigm shift – and only models of governance fitting the paradigm can bring about required solutions. Waiting for a dozen dudes grown up and stuck in the old industrial paradigm cannot function. But shifting to all regional citizens become actively involved – that functions.


Right now, you already see the global cells being connected via the internet. You also see how sorcerers manipulate and mad cells freak out and spill their hatred online and onto the streets. So, you see, there is no more ignoring sad, hurting cells now. We have to heal everybody, or the organism will collapse. The new society’s citizens need to be able, active, caring, mentally healthy and happy. We always wanted that, but we didn’t fully live it. We couldn’t. Now we can.


It requires a citizen UPGRADE. That’s why the approach on this page is full of ACTIVE CITIZENRY and MAKING SCHOOL AWESOME and NEW GOVERNANCE. It’s not complicated. Democracy is not complicated; only for dumb monarchists. Don’t be dumb. Now go learn your magic spells. This is some splendid white magic.”


Major Crisis Issues

MAJOR ISSUES when crisis hits: Don’t worry about the ocean engulfing your city. That’s later, and, once again, it’s not something you and your neighbors can address. I don’t see you building a 250 mile wall, right now. We might be able to avoid the mega collapse and sea level rise, but there are some things we can no longer avoid. Here are things that climate change brings:

  • EXTREME WEATHER patterns, droughts, floods, pests

  • EPIDEMICS affecting plants, animals, humans – aggravated by loss of antibiotics caused by factory farming, and people’s weakened immune systems

  • BREAKDOWN OF SUPPLY CHAINS – of food, energy, resources – produced on the other side of the planet, due to droughts, extreme weather, water shortage, civil wars, terrorism, hacking, “bursting of financial bubbles”, collapse of companies …

We’re already experiencing it, and global experts say it is not about “if” but “when” it will happen, and it will be “soon”. These things are closely related with multiple crisis results ON OUR LOCAL CITZENRY:

  • erosion of quality media (producers are uneducated about solutions, driven by fears, greed, stuck in outdated ideologies, and dependent on dirty industry ads, or directly belong to them)
  • erosion of prosperity (crooks in government, banking, stock market manipulation, economic crisis)
  • less mobility (less fun and generation by far-away holidays; hence : create rich uplifting environments at home!)
  • breakdown of education and public services; for lack of tax money, people in distress staying at home
  • mad civil unrest, stimulated by criminal interest groups (incl. corporations, foreign governments, secret services, terror groups, plain dumb trolls …)
  • random violence and abuse (by individuals traumatized by emotionally dysfunctional families, brutish tradition, religion etc; resulting in bullying, harassment, rape, violence, mobbing)
  • crime (petty, robbery, violent, clans, mafia, organized, industries – these already exist today, tend to grow, fight to survive), incl slavery, sex slavery, organ trade (view Libya)
  • totalitarian dictators (the remaining hurtful “spirit” from earlier societies is rising with brute force. To “cure violence”, gang, religious or fascist, it is necessary to heal people’s mind-, feel and do-set (traumatized during childhood), and replace it with the good, positive alternative that creates the world and lives they truly wish for)

This means that our holistic approach of making our region – plants, animals, people – resilient, must address more than electric windmills.

We must nurture a healthy, vibrant, co-creative citizenry … not mad individuals, but people know, trust, appreciate one another, and are able to fluidly collaborate in group processes, and make agreements on local regulations, investments, actions (governance) 

The solutions exist. When we put them all together, we see a beautiful mosaique, a tapestry of well-known, proven, documented, people-powered solutions that we are very well able to implemented as a down-to-earth practical, sane-minded citizenry. And in the bigger picture of climate change, they start making super sense, and it feels very liberating, appeasing and empowering to HAVE this resource of knowledge, skills and human power to make it happen.

And – as everything we promote with YOUTH-LEADER it generates welcome win-win benefits for everybody involved, and many members of our society that so far have felt a void in their lives and professions. Check this out.

Your Local Partners Getting Ready

Local partners exist … “public servants, teachers etc” … those seeing “breakdown”, as crisis begins to hit. As societies begin to feel extreme weathers, erosion of food, supply chains, resources, wars abroad, local civil unrest etc., those already experiencing “breakdown” of peace, economy, future etc …

  • cities
  • public servants
  • professionals
  • farmers
  • teachers
  • parents
  • senior citizens
  • caring citizens
  • youth

find new win-win benefit solutions and partnerships by making their region climate change resilient. This encompassing vision and framework provides everybody with shared agreement and understanding of one grand unifying goal. A beautiful goal and priority in life, shared by each of us, the community, as a society. Fed up with mismanagement, now we do it. It’s all ready.



As you browse the actions, think of them as cards to lay out on your city & regional map.

This gives you a mental model and plan for action, for allies etc.

The cardset is available

  • for download for no-budget printing
  • for order for proper color, feel and sturdy usability



Without land – forests, rivers, animals, insects, soils – you are nothing. You will get sad and perish.

Restore diverse, thick Forests

resilient against heat, and temperature and humidity dependent pests; providing food, forage, shelter, bliss

Restore natural, winding Rivers

with green benches, protective, slowing, breeding and feeding grounds

Rich in animals, bees, insects, birds

keeping wetlands, boosting with proper plants along forests, fields, home gardens, no poison

Protect and restore Wetlands

as water sponge, storage, cleanser, feeding and breeding ground for local and migrating species


is a guiding principle for strengthening the land. The breakdown of parts of 20th Century farming, giving up family farms etc. is not just horrible; let the land go, let it re-wild, install solar, windfarms etc


Dependance on far-away lands, unstable governments, shaky corporations is super dumb. Super dumb.

Apache vision : “As food supply breaks down, humans will prey on others, and eat humans. Feel the cities into the mountains”
This zombie film scenario is realistic, and can happen within months.
Act now to AVOID it through regional food sovereignity and a super vivid, healthy, caring citizenry; view 4-8

Regional diverse Agriculture

for feeding the local population, year-round; agroforestry, agro-ecology, no poisons, vertical, urban, permaculture …

Healthy Soil Region

restoring and protecting soils from outdated industrial agricultural “mining” which depletes soil minerals, and causes soil loss through water and wind

Seed Sovereignity

with collaborative citizen-powered seed banks, open source, shared across regions, home gardeners, schools, senior citizens

Variety Diversity

Diversity means bio-security. Monocultures perish by a single fungus. Re-animate, replicate and evolve the 100s of tomato, potato, maize, apple etc varieties, powered by farmers and organizations

SRI Technology

is a people-powered approach to farming that gently generates 2- to 10-times higher yields for various vital foods


meshes food production with the living environment, trees, water, birds in simple genius ways, enhancing biodiversity, beauty, reducing poisons etc


creates high, multiple yields also on small plots, pro-pollinators, no-poison. It is perfectly suited for people-powered regional, fresh food economies

Vertical Farming

like generates enormous yields per acre, while reducing use of water, poison, energy to 10% and less, year-round

Experimental Spaces for Best Practices

like Zero Water Farming, No Tilling, Gigantic Veggies … managed by schools, citizen gardens, seniors … for local farmers to learn without taking effort or risk

Edible Landscapes

in and around town, parks, roofs, alleys, country roads, hiking trails, for citizens, families, schools, seniors, as stewards and LearnScapes

Incredible Edible

Urban, collective public and private foodlots

Great Place to BEE

bee-friendly legislation, Pollinator Awareness Week, investment in bee supportive vegetation etc

Vibrant Community Gardens

like NY City lots, bringing presence, peace, learning, intergenerational, food, mental health; reference : Eco Tipping Points

Bees in the city

natural bee-keeping, their own honey, keeping their immune system strong; rotten tree trunks with bee-antibiotic fungi


Fit of the 22nd Century Sustainable Civilization. Many already exist.

"Climate Emergency Declaration"

like Oakland and others have passed, as a framework and benchmark for all city policies to meet

Blue Community

and Blue Schools, making water public, a human right, banning bottled water

Regional Energy Mix

solar, water, thermal, wind, wood chip, hydrothermal carbonization using green waste, vertical lentil basins

Divest from Fossil Fuels


No Fracking Zone

as towns and regions

No Pipeline Zone

as coastal towns in the U.S.

GMO-free Zone

because better alternatives in every respect exist

Plastic Free Town

yep, the first ones exist

Ad-free Public

uplifting feeling, sense of belonging, beauty, architecture, history; ad-income is irrelevant for city

Zero Waste

in terms of production, packaging, recycling, cradle-to-cradle

Attractive, safe Public Transports

bike to bus etc, with wifi and nice music, uplifting videos, co-created with changemakers

Renewable Energy Spacing

High speed train lines are on flat land, distant from settlement. Such spaces fit wind-mills, it’s undisturbing. Can suffice to power a state.

Local Currency

bonds local stakeholders, resists currency devaluation caused by speculation and manipulation by organized crime networks, funds and banks.

The Commons

are rising as a new focus in governance, yet to unfold


is an emerging model of co-creative collaborative decision-making, tuned to various settings.

Nature Rights

from mining industry etc. Let no one crush the “far away” indigenous territories. They are our last sacred sanctuaries with precious things to not abuse and shred. The humble “savages” are the perfect low lifestyle guardians to manage them.

Persecute and harshly criminalize state, corporate, criminal invasion like terrorism, state treason and Crime Against Peace (it is!).

Regenerative Principle

No longer “sustainable” which is misunderstood, hacked, abused. Regenerative restores measurable impact on growing abundance of lifeforms, diversity, bliss etc

Red Tape

Loads of it. No touching on our regional resources by outside invaders, and greedy special interest groups. Modelled on India’s Red Tape Initiative.

Protect "Savage" Lands

from mining industry etc. Harshly criminalize state, corporate, criminal invasion. Let no one crush the “far away” indigenous territories. they are our last sacred sanctuaries with precious things to not abuse and shred. The humble “savages” are the perfect low lifestyle guardians to manage them

Universal Declaration of Human Duties

complementing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Ecocide a Crime

(harming ecosystems, and their inhabitants) protecting the Global and Local Commons

Local Commons Accountability

Mayors, councils, criminals, business are measured, held accountable for loss of local peace, well-being etc


so that when “crisis” happens, people don’t turn into orks, prey and feed on another (that has begun!)


We are society. We are the sovereign. We are the state. It is our city. We have a Dream for Living. Together, we create it.

Public Process Facilitation

constantly collecting citizen’s views, ideas, contributions on weekly farmers markets – in Art of Hosting style, like in Saillans, France

Participatory Citizen Budgeting

citizens allocate a good %age of the city budget to priority causes

Public Space Co-monitoring

by citizens, like NYC App on broken street lamps, paths etc

Volunteer Fairs

modeled on Volunteen Nation and adult volunteer banks

Year-round UN Day Action

55 UN Days with weekly focus on high end solutions for each, involving schools, local media, citizenry

Philanthro-Party Culture

Doing social good as part of daily life, raising funds for favorite caues and charities, and putting the FUN into fundraising

Public Citizen Hubs

connecting the local citizenry with one another and humanity’s finest solutions Hubs : co-working spaces for people with good ideas

Youth Leadership in Orphanages

in collaboration with local High Impact Student Clubs

Child-friendly City

as principle for urban development, Reference: YES Magazine article

Re-Animate Public Spaces

like Project for Public Spaces but with more bottom-up strategies like Art of Hosting

Senior Super Skills

harnessing senior citizen skills, know-how, facilitating volunteer involvement … like

5. VIBRANT COMMUNITY – Rich, fun City-life!

We’re not here to have a bad time. It’s our HOME. We want to love, enjoy, co-create, shape, evolve it, in liberty. It’s all our home! That’s why we have to experience our common presence as pleasant, uplifting, peaceful. For this we need a frame, from home to school to public life and media.

Vibrant Community

so that people get to know, like, appreciate each other

Intergenerational Playgrounds

flowing, with nature elements, tree trunks, sand, rocks; as informal learning environments, fit for generations at different times also babies, kids, teens, twens, adults, seniors, from play to hanging out and reading

Rich Festival Calendar

boosting vibrant citizenry, co-creation by youth, schools, organizations, citizens, nurturing peace in public space Note: combined with zero tolerance for crime, it shows great results in cities

Celebrating Local Public Services

and servants … medics, firepeople, bus drivers, construction …We are all in this together, we keep the boat running

Positive News Media Culture

weaving the new story of the people-powered next level civilization, to inform, inspire, feature the active citizenry taking transformative action

Street Arts & Music

like Barcelona’s Ramblas, Edinborough, french festivals … animating our public space for everybody Attention: manage magically, not mechanistic or lousy

Protect and Re-animate Cultural Heritage

Historic awareness of all sorts, from a youthful perspective, as educational projects in collaboration with museums, media, city, festivals

Re-animate Natural Heritage

hiking regional trails and sights from a youthful perspective, as educational projects in collaboration with museums, media, city, festivals

Self-responsible Holistic Healthy Lifestyle

self-responsible, sovereign lifestyle in diet, sensuality, health, expression, yoga, self-defense etc

Peaceful Diet

peaceful to ourselves (what we love, not inferior food copies), to animals and planet

Animal Alliance

with citizen rights, learning to respect, appreciate, collaborate for the common purpose of sustaining and evolving life and abundance on Earth and the Universe
All this boosts resilience against epidemics, and currently spreading moronic diseases linked to weakened immune systems and weakened microbiomes (gut bacteria)


Do you want to be hurt? Hurt others? Orkish behavior is not acceptable. Time for containment, psychotherapy, healing.

Stop Street Harassment

making our streets and public spaces safe and welcoming for girls and women once again

Community Police

tested, affirmed, monitored by the regional citizenry to ensure proper character; impeachment options; their role is to enfore OUR laws for OUR well-beingr

Cure Violence

use a public health approach to curb gun, gang, domestic etc. violence

Zero Crime Tolerance

from bullying to fights, corruption, organized crime

Prisons as a Space of Healing

public, well paid wardens, holistic, no bullshit; yoga, gardening, open


against sexual assault, street crime, violence by organized criminal and political groups; focus on survival, hit & run; cf. Dr. Ruthless, Red Brigade Lucknow


We know what makes happy, healthy, creative, intelligent human beings. No more compromise with hurtful habits and trauma inherited from earlier hurtful societies coined by totalitarian religion, monarchy and fascism.

Parenting for a Peaceful World

from pregancy to schooling

Start Empathy

traning for babies, children and youth

Positive Youth Image in Public

through youth ledership in public, media and schools

3- & 4-Generation Playmaps

for playful public spaces. Interview adult generations on where, how they played, map how spaces vanished, why, re-create together

Natural Birth

granting harmony from pregnancy. Birth as a blissful moment. Note : The mother copy-pastes her immune system on the new born during their birthing process as s/he passes the birth canal !!!

Paid Parental Leave

for the first two years, benefitting all of us with healthy new citizens


as the most blissfull, connective and immune boosting thing in the Universe

Initiations into Teen- and Wo/Manhood

modeled on best practices in Australia, adapting indigenous into the modern education context


with student-powered Youth Leadership in real-time collaboration with the Gandhis and Einsteins of our time

High Impact Student Clubs

and the YL Curriculum in every class and year

Green Bronx Machine

for food, diet, health, citizen education

Democratic Schools

students co-create rules, sanctions, learning and school culture

WE School Project Partnerships

for holistic sustainable development at home and abroad

Finnish Policies for Teacher Studies

  • entry test, only 10% pass
  • 80% pedagogy, 20% subject, only what’s used at school
  • teachers and students are friends
  • student council veto right on education laws
  • students can propose subject upgrades, gain support to implement it at their school

You don’t hear this when it’s about “climate Change”.

You only hear bull about abstract far away CO2 bubble politics.

IT CHANGES EVERYTHING for involving people. Do you understand why?

“Despite the fact that we are such an empathetic, altruistic species, we allow psychopaths to govern us. We have to govern ourselves and do it from the bottom up.” – last night in Bristol, on how a groundswell of grassroots action can transform the political gloom.

Creating Climate Change Resilient Regions enables people of all generations, walks of life to get involved, and also gets “conservatives”, afraid of losing what they have, on board. Over the past forty years, only few people have understood the visionary speaking of “innovation to create an awesome new society” … because many others lack imagination, are afraid of change, the unknown … but now, seeing their world melt, burn and break away, the message and proposal of solutions for “protecting what we love – what they love”, this shift of perspective on “protecting” the “local”, the “available”, is a perspective that another great part of society, comprehends. They see the point, the concrete steps, and agree on doing what visionaries have been calling for for 40 years. Great! The intellectual visionaries failed to communicate Eagle Wisdom to the down-to-Earth folks among us.

It’s funny and sad at the same time. And VASTLY ENCOURAGING, isn’t it? Yay!

Well, so, let’s just do this. And the future will be awesome. Much better than today. Get to work.


It’s not even the focus we aim at, but it does it, actually, and in ways current approaches fail to achieve

– forests as carbon sinks

– low carbon agriculture

– renewable energy mix

– regional hands-on foods, identification with high quality food culture, vertical aquaponics, vegan bliss lifestyle challenges at schools, empathy, animal communication etc nurture peaceful, vegan living = reducing destructive impacts on species, biodiversity, climate by 50%

– dynamic, beautiful, vibrant region = less longing for far-away places for holidays and regeneration = less travel emissions

– rich lifestyles = less consumption of plastic bullshit distractions and compensations = less production and trashing

– collaborative citizenry leads to distributive democracy = dissolves dirty power groups in governance

= less emissions, less wars


Card Set & Local Map

  • Take the Card Set
  • Take a Map of your City and Region
  • Place the cards on pertaining spots


  • Discuss
  • Groups* take on their District
  • plus 1+ Spaces farther away
  • Detect partners** for each element
  • Get them involved

* Groups are schools, citizen groups etc. ** Partners are local organizations, schools, forest services, volunteer banks, and also inter/national experts etc …

The Process. Easy.

Until today, each such element appeared isolated, dysconnected from people, the citizenry, schools. By placing each on the map, with the common vital indispensable precious function and service of climate-change resilience, each, and each person, becomes part of an awesome, sacred organism – to sustain and restore a Life of Awesome in one’s home region. What else matters? What could feel more awesome than that? Have you ever had something like that in town? I haven’t. Let’s do this. It’s super group work and fun. Super relieving … no more feeling of victim, isolation, catastrophe …


1. Communicate. Easy.

  • It starts by spreading the vision
  • Use the Card Set, place elements on the regional map
  • The Vision is set
  • Common sense

2. Evolves Organically

  • Simply get the vision and conversation going with public and schools.
  • Great win-win for teachers and students!
  • Document in positive news style for social, news media
  • People follow up on impulses
  • groups form, create small prototypes
  • Inspired crews take their focus to the next level, connecting with local partners

3. Partners Exist

for each in the community. Those sensing breakdown can place themselves on the map, doing what they do, now in a greater picture, with new allies and new win-wins.

4. Tangible Progress

  • are visible, motivational
  • Eco Tipping Points occur
  • Groups meet, celebrate, bonds, confidence grows
  • Spin-off activities evolve, in the greater Youth Leadership context

1. Use in Public

Fridays for Future  meetings, convened by Greta Thunberg each friday afternoon in front of local town halls and national Parliaments

  • start conversations
  • citizens place cards
  • equips them with concrete actions
  • and tools
  • and community
  • and vision

and of farmers markets and city fests

2. Use at School

Schools take on their District and 1+ farther away Spaces Perfect for treating global issues

  • tied into local focus
  • practical, emotional relevance
  • hands-on action
  • student club action
  • field trips

+ collaborating with other clubs, schools

3. Use at Workshops, Events

as easy, efficient way for communicating the new local, distributed, co-creative, people- and youth powered approach

4. Use in Media

as easy, efficient way for communicating the new local, distributed, co-creative, people- and youth powereed approach

Online Map

  • tracking progress
  • tracking global maps

Local Map

  • Groups have their own
  • A Public Map tracks collective progress
  • best space : a HeadQuarter of all local High Impact Student Clubs

Groups Meet

in public

  • Fridays for Future meetings
  • Farmers Markets
  • Fests

in the HeadQuarter

  • This space is an informal sustainability learning environment ISLE
  • A LearnScape for schools to visit
  • A space for workshops etc
  • A Hub, intergenerational


1. Reminder

This takes place in a greater setting of youth leadership actions of all sorts, from charity to social business, with strong presence at schools. All that boosts the CCRR project.

Prepare the field. Upgrade Spirit. Unleash Passion. Cultivate high end Youth Leadership.

2. Recommended. don’t begin with CCRR

Do NOT begin with the CCRR vision as the first step of activating your group, school or city.


  • People have other focus causes than climate, and other badass action skills. Let them unfold those first. All these people matter, and will later fit in the CCRR vision once you’re on a roll together. 
  • The vision is way to big for newbies to grasp and feel that they can move that forward. 
  • The group has not yet unfolded a variety of badass magic skills; from music to fundraising, public speaking and supportive community

Can-do feeling grows quickly with YL High Impact Starter Actions, and as the group grows, visions will grow.

    3. Begin with Youth Leadership at School

    All those actions have to be done anyway. Hence,

    start with AWESOME SCHOOL actions, which instantly shape MEDIA and ACTIVE CITIZENRY.

    They build a group, allies, partners. People will respect you, trust you to actually achieve stuff. You have proven yourself.

    Then, roll out the bigger vision

    • as service to teachers, organizations and public working on CLIMATE CHANGE matters

    4. Exception : You are already active on Climate

    This toolkit has been inspired by

    “Greta is on her #climatestrike #klimastrijk, and people pass by, sit down, share their feelings. What could she do to empower them for people- and youth-powered action, also at schools?” 

    So, a regional map, a cardset, a YL book on teen hero/ines, a flyer on youth leadership at school … that’s something precious to focus people’s knowledge and concern onto something tangible, with tools to spread the spirit of youth leadership (everybody loves that), and address climate if they wish.

    In these cases, it makes sense to ADD something TANGIBLE to the common limited climate talk. 

    To-Do : Kickstarting Youth Leadership in your Region

    These are our basics. Take the Crash Course tutorial, view Resources and YL@School. It’s super fun! 

    Spread Youth Leadership Spirit

    using teenage hero/ine stories etc using our

    • Resources at home, school, work, public space, media


    on Youth Leadership to nurture

    • youth power
    • people-power
    • tangible hope
    • understanding that a new era has begun


    for long-term presence, and

    • as space in which to PLACE the FIRST MAP!
    • start local conversations
    • instant local vision
    • get people involved

    Workshop Pack

    with Road Maps.

    • Not in the old common way, like citizen, adult groups would do, but
    • multi-faceted
    • magical
    • as our hero/ines do


    Following up on conversations…

    • follow the inspiration
    • take favorite actions
    • locate them on the map
    • track progress in YL, social and news media


    Telling Your Stories …

    These actions need to be taken anyway. They are not just linked to climate change. Therefore :

    • do not just always tell your story linked to climate crisis
    • but also tell it by itself 

    as a story of watershed restoration, prisons as a space of healing etc. This makes them

    • success stories by themselves
    • relevant to news media and professionals globally

    who are not focussing on climate. Also, you will feel 

    • feel satisfaction, success, milestones reached