“Read food labels, to avoid really yukky, bad and unhealthy ingredients.”


Coral is an 8-year-old unschooler, a longtime vegetarian, and a one-of-a-kind gal who is intensely passionate about health and nutrition. Feeling that school was boring and having ‘quit’ after first grade, Coral studies the world from home, and oftentimes yells at misleading food commercials on TV. It’s time you view Coralganics videos – teaching children about ingredients in common foods and helping them live healthier. Chick-fil-A’s looking fresh after 6 months? That’s disgusting, as are the ingredients! Watch her tell pediatricians off for recommending Flintstones vitamins and question Time Magazine and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s nonsensical claims that processed, canned foods were no different from fresh, organic foods! A healthy life is yours! Read food labels, question false ads, share knowledge, and, first of all – subscribe to Coralganics!


AGE : 7

  • DO IT 40%
  • REACH 45%
  • EFFECTS 60%
  • RISK 30%

When we asked Coral for help with a special project, she responded in her epic way :


This will be all about research, creating videos and lifestyle challenges, too.

UN Action Days

  • Day of Food
  • Media Freedom
  • Orang Utans
  • Health

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4