We issue

  • Badges for completed missions
  • Credits for impact and headlines made
  • 3 completed Missions mean Level Up

Higher Levels come with specific challenges, as well as liberties to freestyle.

Badges are shipped as buttons and patches for season’s end Tribal Gathering celebrations. Yay!!

NEW : Badges now also for Crews & Clubs

Originally CG RISING was designed for Warriors only. 

But we know that everybody wants to be part, and not everybody can commit to 3 missions monthly. Hence, we also issue specific badges to crews, clubs and individuals. For heartcore essentials, and for badass special missions. This is cool stuff. 

We cannot offer all badges, credits and levels for everybody because we simply do not have the time and means to run an automated badges system for everybody. Our focus is action for people and planet, after all.

Still, anybody seeing a dozen major badges can tell the power level and spirit. So fret not, we’re all in this together. And honor your Warriors! They are our virtuous Knights. And they see this noble spirit in you.

Badges per Level

of action chosen from Action Guides

Of Partner Organizations

for fat impacts, like evoked by a local chapter.

for Topics

completing a bundle of actions for the cause. This is a multi-mission badge.

for Quests

specific trailblazer quests that bundle several methods; e.g. UN Peace Week across schools, town, media

Special Missions

Can you pull this off?

Badges are MIRRORS

for us to assess our own and one another’s awesomeness, pace, and talent. Most kind people do not have a strong ego, many natural born angel changemakers have zero positive feedback from their boring, and even orkish environment! They are labelled “wrong” at conscious and subconscious level. 

And when we step into action, it’s so new, there’s so much to do, so many distracting voices and feelings, that its difficult to assess whether we are really doing well.

They show us the TRUTH. 

We realize that there’s little doing, way much talking, showing off, acting like orks and deatheaters. In such setting, badges, credits and levels are like the rising sun.

They liberate us from the doubts and fails of the Unsustainable Society. Born from rocksolid integrity, they are mirror of our spirit, our heart, our values, walking our talk; they are our guides and yellow brick road to a good now, a good future, and to completing ourselves as able, active, caring citizen, co-creator and inhabitant of a good world for all. They also show us where we can still complete ourselves to achieve our grand goal.

As you look at your Badges, and everything that they represent, you will feel that they are charged with pure spirit. They turn into sacred artefacts. For real.


We see at first glance how awesome and experienced someone is.

Example: Improving big youth events

You have zero idea what people are doing, whether they’re just talkers, “conference tourists” or some ultra badass achiever and trainer, available to coach you also. The only way to know is when someone’s “on stage”. But what about all the other cool people in “the audience” and “in other sessions”?

Also for changemakers, it is suboptimal. Schedules are tight, there’s lotsa newbies, there’s fans flocking around you for selfies, everybody wants to be friends on facebook, but hardly anyone means action, will be relevant for your mission and what truly matters – which (a) drains one’s energy, (b) makes it difficult to make relevant encounters, learn from one another, build alliances.

How can we improve this, for higher efficiency, spirit and impact?


a gathering of Warriors wearing their badges, buttons, patches … or seeing their profiles in the program, on the website.

Level 3, Level 30, someone with all Water badges, another with 500,000 credits – uah! You wanna know how this legend pulls this off! Imagine a storytelling circle of Warriors Level 70 and up! 210 completed missions each. Followed by them leading a Master Magic Jam session! You wanna be there! Imagine the first of us reaching Level 100.

No such people yet walk the Earth. Truly a new character class is rising. Or rather, a new species.

Badges are stored on the Mozilla Foundation’s Open Badges platform, in your personal backpack, with info on the challenge and actions taken, with official value for CVs, usable with emails, social media, CVs etc. 

Credits tell us more about this Warrior.

  • Has s/he raised 1,000 or 25,000?
  • Local news or national newspaper frontpage?
  • Evening tv news?
  • In a big city, in a small town, in a dictatorship?

This deserves mention.

Levels tell us of profound experience, epicness, wisdom, stories galore.

Shirts are earned, also.

Honor Shirts (with a feather) are given by Spirit to those who have accomplished something grand for their people. Big stuff. View some here.