„People are ready to make the world A Great Place to BEE again, but they need a sting in the butt, and your guidance for direction!“


20 sec’ challenge! Draw a bee, add the wings, color her stripes – can you feel that smile on your heart? It’s sweet, isn’t it? There’s something about bees that makes our hearts melt like honey, like our cells remember that from the dawn of humankind, bees have been our best friends, granting us natural candy and filling the Earth’s trees and fields with close to everything we eat. It is these buzzing beauties that turn a world of shrubs into a veritable cornucopia. Watch them dive into ponds of pollen, born of a ball of fire in a gigantic sky. They feed babies liquid sunlight, and give every moment of their life to serve creation. If anyone comes close to living like angels, it is them. Bees! Spend a little time to ponder this, to be with them, befriend them; because they need your help now. In recent years, bee numbers have sharply dropped, due to eradication of their food sources, and poisons used in farming. To fix it, learn from Elizabeth, who achieved that „NY is a Great Place to Bee!“ once again. With a dozen Worker Bee Volunteers, using an online petition, phone calls, stands and meetings, she informed 14,000 people on bees’ plight, how to install native bee houses and plant native, bee-friendly flora, plus got local and New York State legislators to write, promote and pass bee-friendly legislation, unlock funding for bee research, and establish Pollinator Awareness Week in towns and villages across the region. Way to fly, young angels!


AGE : 15

  • DO IT 60%
  • REACH 55%
  • EFFECTS 85%
  • RISK 30%



Be grateful.

Honor their efforts.

Buy organic. Use consciously. Think of bees and what this honey has seen – from flower to hive to your spoon.

Set up bee-hives in and around town, also as a school project.

Do not steal all their honey*. Leave them at least a third for their babies.

Find conscious bee-keepers who observe this. They are few, but they become more. You will be one of them.

* They do not exactly … make food for people.



You get the idea!

BONUS : How about sweetening the campaign with homemade honey lemonade, honey cookies and candy? We’ll add some links to recipes here. If you see this message, it means we’re lagging behind. So much to do! Can you buzzzz around for a few minutes to pick some pleasant recipe links and send them to us? If you try them out at home, let us know what’s best, take some photos and send them, too!

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