“98% say the show changed their view of children in war forever.”


Civil war in Liberia. War bands ravage the country. Kimmie and friends dreamed of raising their voices to speak out for peace. Their dream became a reality when Search for Common Ground produced Golden Kids News. Philip Hellmich remembers visiting the program: “I was immediately impressed by the image of a small child with large headphones speaking into an even larger microphone. I struggled to hold back tears as the innocence and purity of a child reaching out to other children in the face of horrible atrocities stirred my own heart: to compassion, beauty and hope, the very essence of being human, all of which will need to be cultivated if we are to move beyond war.” Golden Kids News became a listeners’ favourite. It changed their idea of youth, and inspired similar programs in nine other countries. Will you create a kids powered radio show in your community?


AGE : 12

  • DO IT 50%
  • REACH 80%
  • EFFECTS 45%
  • RISK 55%

Golden Kids Radio was a show on Talking Drum Radio, which is an initiative of Search For Common Ground, who specialize in creating peace in post-conflict regions.


This will of course be all about creating radio shows, adopted to your setting, following positive change media guidelines, going beyond(!) positive news and solutions journalism

  • with instant action calls
  • strong audience involvement

with foci on

  • youth leadership
  • local issues
  • global best practices, to implement locally

UN Action Days

  • Radio Day
  • Youth
  • Peace
  • Children
  • Press Freedom
  • Habitat
  • Teacher
  • Science for Development

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Level 2


Level 3


Level 4