GUIDE : The Path of the Warrior

In CG RISING, you unlock your tools and missions step by step.

Gain knowledge, apply it, win, hooray. Next level. Start small, evolve to bigger, more complex actions as your community and confidence grow. 

Youth Crews, Student Clubs and Warrior Clans walk this path

Adult Volunteer “Messengers” walk through Spheres 1 to 3

Adult Allies are part via the Boost! Club and YOUTH-LEADER

The Path takes you through different Spheres of Experience.

It’s like in sports and music. Know your tools, practice the basics, then freestyle, compose your own, jam together, team up, rock.

The “unlocking” approach makes sure that only practitioners have access, and can experience a self-paced tutorial with real world action, reflection, milestones and feedback. Submission and unlocking are automatic, but we see what you’re doing and your contributions will show up in our social media. If time allows, we’ll say Hi, and invite you to join tribe meet-ups also as a newbie. 

SPHERE I. LEARN about the most exciting phenomenon on the Planet

Tutorial – YL Crash Course

Discover Youth Leadership, HeroInes, music, @School, tools, tricks, tactics; multimedia immersion w feedback [2 hours]

Congratulations! You have discovered the most important phenomenon and true innovation for humanity. Everybody loves it. If this is at every school, the future will be fine. That’s what we’re up to. Now turn your new found knowledge, blissful vision and powers into action.


(1) Share the News Online

Share inspiring videos, stories, links on social media, add your personal testimonial. How do people respond?

(2) Presentation Pack

give a presentation to caring friends / family, harvest feedback

Congratulations again. You have facilitated an interactive “tutorial” experience. You’re not the only one inspired by youth leadership. People have different favorite causes, are touched by different stories, have different talents. CG RISING empowers, unites them all. This session has given you an experience of what can happen when this message reaches people, many people. including new allies, support and opportunity. Now, with this trove of experience, let’s take it out there.

SPHERE III. SPREAD THE SPIRIT 2 – To the Public (Exciting!)

Mission Bundle #1 – “Flanking Measures”

(1) Presentation

Give a presentation to a group, preferably a school class, or more

Tip: check for occasions and settings for these 3 activities, such as school and town fests, conferences, UN Days

(2) Poster Set Exhibit

Organize a Pop-Up Exhibit, at school, a public library, museum, farmer’s market or other; add interactions, document

(3) Distribute Flyers

Print or order some flyers, with focus on education, donations, positive news, and distribute them in frequented spaces (view tips in the pack); observe reactions and discover different spaces

Congratulations! You have tested your act with “real” people, have experienced positive results as well as temporary limits and challenges, that are normal in a non-hero society. You did well. It is highly likely that you have sparked demand for more (sessions with that group), one or more youth teams, won adult allies and supporters, and generated presence on YL, social an news media. 

This gives you a flying start for the next level – aiming at making serious impact.

By now, you have an idea whether you like this. From now on start the real fireworks.

SPHERE IV. 1st ACTIONS – Make an Impact

Mission Bundle #2 – “High Impact Starter Actions”

(1) High Impact Starter Actions

Make instant impact on lives with actions on popular causes, our focus is on FUNdraising, charity, petitions.

(2) UN Days Action Calendar

Align one or more actions with current UN Day/s, to connect with teachers, media, organizations, for greater reach and impact.

(3) FUNdraising Magic (mini)

Study FUNdraising legend Lulu’s Philanthro-Party approach; you can wield this magic with presentations and exhibits [Excerpts]

(4) Media Monster (mini)

Document in vivid positive news media style for YL, social and news media; simple, casual, phone, like our HeroInes do [Excerpts]

Wow, congratulations! By now you have an almost complete experience of life as a changemaker.

You have gained an incredible insight in youth power, solutions, tools, activities, tactics, personal experience and anecdotes to share … beyond most people on the planet. In a short time.

What if you make this your lifestyle and unfold your skills? How far you can expand your reach and impact within a year? How many new friends will you have won? How many warriors will you have inspired? What kind of person will you be by the time you graduate? What if millions of youth did this?

You got your tools, allies, know how people respond. From now on, it’s all about refinement, spreading your wings, going for goals and making miracles happen left and right.

SPHERE V. ACCESS to all Missions, Warrior Profiles & Resources

Hero Profiles

with story, videos, music, interviews, weblinks, progress, latest news

Action Guides

for each HeroIne with Level 1-4 Actions, at home and abroad, easy and advanced for greater impact


YL staff, warriors, heroInes, mages

** This is your time to earn your 1st Shirt and gain Warrior Status **

Complete your experience of Life as a Warrior by selecting 3 Missions

  • 1 Project + $100 Fundraiser + 1 Lifestyle Challenge from any of the 50+ HeroProfiles
  • Document your Adventures

Submit your complete report and earn access to an official YL Warrior Shirt.

Crews and Clubs : For official status with us, it is required that also you complete
the activities required for basic Warrior status (Rank 0), so that you understand
how Warriors live. It makes you more complete, it’s good for people and planet,
you earn a Shirt, and get access to our other stuff. You want that!


Bonus Bundle “Master Magic”

Workshop Pack “Hero’s Path”

Go Pro with a group, your team and newbies, follow the footsteps of HeroInes’ wildly successful campaigns, see 108 Magic Tricks at work, draft your own campaign Roadmaps for favorite causes. Document the experience, harvest feedback for us, social, news media.

FUNdraising Magic Mega Pack

Study FUNdraising legend Lulu’s Philanthro-Party approach; you can wield this magic with presentations and exhibits

Media Monster

Document in vivid positive news media style for YL, social and news media; simple, casual, phone, like our HeroInes do

Take an action that combines wisdom from the 3 Master Magic packs & submit your documentation. 

Warrior Aspirants : Take 3 missions (1+1+1) to gain official Warrior status Rank 1 and get welcomed! 


To us, this Workshop Pack is a blessing. It bridges the gap from “inspired” Newbie (but clueless about starting an initiative, developing project, a campaign) to a Newbie with “can-do feeling, concrete vision, confidence and passion” ready and equipped to take concrete steps with guaranteed good results and a pleasant experience. In fact, this entire Bundle is a blessing.

To you, this means – from now on life is a firework of action. No more idling, now it’s Speedrun. Yearrrh!

SPHERE VII. ACCESS to all Services


YL staff, warriors, heroInes, mages

Field Project Partners

View some on the Boost! Club website


for developing schools, campaigns partnerships etc


Warrior Profile

Your own public profile on social media, posting progress, actions, media links, to inspire, involve and grow community, and evolve a CV of Awesome. 

Badges, Credits, Levels

for accomplished missions, impact and headlines made. Real-life value.

Buttons, Patches

Badges are shipped as buttons and patches at end of season celebrations, the Tribal Gathering.

 Welcome to the 

Grand Quest of our Era.

Eric Mani2 YL Captain