“Every child has the right to an enormous amount of books.”




Julia and Emma Mogus have 1000’s of volunteering hours between them and they love to read. When they learned that First Nation kids in remote fly-in communities of Northern Ontario have no access to any books at all, live in poverty, and that suicides rates were high, they remembered the famous quote ‘My ticket out of a life in poverty was reading’. They started Books With No Bounds to collect and buy 1,000’s of new and ‘like new’ books, meet officials, arrange airline transportation, fundraise and pack around the clock. Schools contribute with great enthusiasm. 4 years later, they have sent 300,000 books to all 49 communities, thank you letters are streaming in, the sisters receive gifts in return, visit the communities, yet say ‘We have only started! We are Teen Sisters on a Mission, and everyone can help: by donating books, postage, and doing book drives for aboriginal youth in your country!”



AGE : 12

  • DO IT 50%
  • REACH 75%
  • EFFECTS 75%
  • RISK 40%
MASTER MAGIC : Supa Vibrant Social Media Stream

Julia and Emma are not only working around the clock, 24/7, also volunteering, jumping in freezing lakes for charity, speaking training kids on all sorts of causes – but they are also the planetary champs at maintaining a vibrant facebook stream with new, vivid, uplifting photos in action, shipping loads of boxes, thank you letters, travelling, speaking and more. So awesome! Take this as an example of how to mobilize your community, media, give back to supporters, and also inspire contributors and media people at ONE glance at your site, as well as feeding them the visual impressions that they need to inspire their audience to get involved.

Below is a choice of photos from their first year and a half. Eric picked them from their facebook stream, you see how their story unfolds, and this is precisely what people have experienced through the year. NOTE the steps, from small to more, to complete and media, to more action, more media and awards, to more schools, speaking, return letters, dialogue and encounters, more media and more supporters, spiralling upwards upwards upwards. Now, it’s already more than 60,000 books sent, and so much more to tell!

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YL infographic-complete72dpi-3b


Organize a book drive!

Whenever Julia and Emma speak at a school, or students start a book drive on their behalf, they average at least one book per person. So can you! Aim for 1 good book per student – it will make 500 to 1,000 per school. That’s huge value!

Use Lulu’s magic for boosting fun and impact.

Take good photos, share with local media.

View MASTER MAGIC how their story unfolded. It’s a fantastic lesson for all of us!

UN Action Days

  • Day of Youth
  • Girls
  • Peace
  • Children
  • Teacher
  • Innocent Children
  • Indigenous People
  • Human Rights
  • Human Solidarity

Level 1

Organize a Book Drive. Aim at 1,000 Books

Level 2

Raise Funds for Shipping. Aim at $1,000€

Level 3

Set Up a BWNB Chapter. Serve Your Province or State’s Tribes

Level 4

Visit Recipients. Document the Journey. Scale Your Reach, Community & Impact