“OK, you all know the lyrics, everybody join in!“ – dap dap dadap dapdap – tiger striped girl moves to the beat, mic in hand, high up on the speakers tower, fist up, hair in the wind, her face like sunshine. It’s a new morning at the Bentley Blockade, and flags flutter as
Holley’s song greets thousands of beautiful souls holding out at Camp Bentley to protect these beautiful lands from destruction by cunning invadors. „Hang on there, we smell a rat,“ Holley recounts the tale of a fracking company sneaking into town, eroding peace, aided by corrupt politicians. A tale of watchful protectors knocking on every door, calling unsuspecting neighbors to unite their voices and protect their land and loved ones – chorus – “and ninety-eight point six percent said CSG No Way!” the crowd chants in celebration!

It’s the anthem of the movement! Whenever 9 year old Holley walks on stage, speaks of love, and roars like Aretha Franklin, the crowd explodes in positivity and confidence. ”My message is one of love and hope,” says Holley, showing us the new, successful way of protecting our commons, people and planet. Stand strong and united across generations! Here is no place for angry grown-up’s frustrations, or for split tongues labelling innocent people as “eco-terrorists”. Be gone, Deatheaters! Here, the children speak, from the heart, on what matters. And yes, the Battle of Bentley was won! Hip hip hooray!! Knowing the Shire safe, Holley speaks and sings out for others in need, like Orang Utans. Join her rad campaign to protect their rainforest home from the horrid palm oil industry.


AGE : 12

  • DO IT 50%
  • REACH 65%
  • EFFECTS 75%
  • RISK 40%


Hum hm… let’s see what we can do about this…

UN Action Days

  • Day of Youth
  • Environment
  • Peace

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