How to Play

Are you ready to play the game? Here’s how.


It begins the same for everybody :

0. Sign up free online

00. Follow our unfolding adventures; on social media, newsletter, heroflix, youthleadermagazine, “live” meet-ups

In this phase you will learn and practice the essentials : youth leadership,   Phase 1 will already take you beyond 99.9% of the people in your country. 

01. Take the Crash Course; discover youth leadership, heroInes & your power tools in a multi-media immersion of videos, music, feedback forms [AVERAGE TIME : 2.5 hours w drinks & snacks]

You will learn SO MUCH !!! 

02. The Tutorial; wield your tools, spread the spirit online and give a presentation, harvest feedback, include instant action

Begin with your close relations: friends, family, maybe even a group like class, club, organization [AVERAGE TIME: 1 week]

03. Pick High Impact Starter Actions; from our handpicked selection of popular causes and actions that quickly build community and media presence

Like all Aspiring Warriors, you take 3 Missions, and flanking measures; a project, FUNdraiser, lifestyle challenge, plus a presentation to a group, and a poster exhibit, check for UN Day and fest options; rock the world, document & submit. [AVERAGE TIME: 4 weeks]


Well done. Good work! Seriously! You’ve covered ground, taken fresh looks on life and the world, inhaled grandmaster knowledge and taken new moves. Freakin awesome! Count your memories, all those moments. What a rich life!

By this time you have an idea of life as a changemaker. You may already be a local heroIne and on the news.

Love it? If you enjoyed changemaker kindergarten, you’ll love the real wild open world! Join the Adventure!

The Adventure

01. Pick your Pace of Play

Pace respects your setting. It does not define our respect for one another. We are all part of the Tribe.



(full-time athlete)


Your crew, club or clan will be your hero family. You will laugh, cry, plan, battle, win, celebrate and upgrade together, live memorable moments, make tons of friends and adult allies on the way. #TheCompanions

02. Sign up, take The Pledge; as individual or team

03. Learn Master Magic; Hero’s Trail Workshop, Media Monster, FUNdraising, Epic Events etc

04. Get stuff, shirts, flyers, merch, poster sets – print locally or order; we crowdsource finance together

05. Take Action; pick from 400+ missions, quests, flanking measures, using heroInes’ Action Guides with level 1-4 actions, simple and advanced for greater impact.

#1 You take your choice of actions, as slowly or quickly as you like

#2 We recommend to act with passion and power since flow + pace + impact = fun! 

#3 Warriors are expected to powerplay 3 missions per month (project, fundraiser, lifestyle challenge) and level up monthly. Slow months are okay, but lower pace rather means crew or club status; you’re still a heroic!

Gather Friends

and make more on the go

  • organize tons of Actions 
  • organize Flanking Measures to spread the spirit

Each HeroIne

has an Action Guide

Action Guides

with Level 1-4 actions

simple to advanced for greater impact, to support, localize, adapt or replicate the heroIne’s solution; with open and specific mission targets

Join Movements!

all’s prepared & ready to go

Upgrade Media!

design, influence, be part

Use Fests!

fam, biz, town, school

It becomes super easy as your team grows to 100s of members, friends and supporters.

Use UN Days!

on global topics, weekly

Be @ Schools!

teach 100s + spark teams

Meet Live!

with staff, heros, groups

Add long-term ventures : Quests!


team up for projects w heros

Get Outside

discover & protect the planet

Mega Quests

grand long-term stuff

+ Start own campaigns for specific local problems

As you advance, you can bring in ideas, design local campaigns, get our support, backing by the global tribe, but

  1. First lay a foundation with above mentioned actions to learn your tools, discover yourself, your talents, build presence at school, in public, in media, build community, win allies.
  2. This gives you a platform and community to launch own campaigns. It’s hard to start with nothing, and we cannot support newbies that have not mastered the essentials.

#1 Keep in mind : time is limited, rapid solutions exist. #NoNeedToReinventTheWheel

#2 Hence, discipline yourself for a couple of months. Master the Magic.

This is a time of PROVING YOURSELF to your teacher of wizardry, your weapons master, YOURSELF, to each other (in your team), to teachers, to the general public, TO OUR STAFF, and to Life on Earth.

WARRIORS can bring in own ventures from a certain level. With our full attention.

+ Build Community across town, age groups, the Planet

01. Join our “LIVE” meetups online; for Q&A, inspiration, celebration

02. Book Speakers for school and events; our staff, heroInes and global teams

03. Speak and Present at schools and events; inspire, involve, spark teams, grow your tribe

04. Organize local meetups; bond, team up, take over

05. Mobilize adults to boost! youth leadership; easy!

06. Join the end of season Global Tribal Gathering (online) with celebration, storytelling, prizes, honoring teams, warriors

07. Go Volunteer; with heroInes and mages! #CanThisBeReal

08. Join Summer Camps; meet warriors, heroInes, mages in epic nature – YAYYYY !!! #PureEpic

+ Surprise us, make heroInes’ dreams come true!