is a changemaking / educational / youth leadership training program

connecting you in real-time for action with

  • today’s teen and adult heroInes all over the planet
  • 100s of youth- and people-powered high impact solutions for peace, bliss and abundance for all
  • simple, proven, top quality resources, toolkits, guides for sparking and evolving youth leadership all around you
  • instant impact, experience of agency, uplifting feedback, media presence and community 
  • special focus on home, school, workplace, public space and media = omni-presence & for everybody
  • a year-round stream of action aligned with UN Theme Days for greater reach and impact
  • fresh win-win benefits for youth, citizens and professionals

and many ways of financial and in-kind support.

It’s a Speedrun to a Bright and Beautiful Future. That’s historic. Be part.

You never change things by criticizing existing reality. To change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

R. Buckminster Fuller

Many quote Bucky. We live it. Basically, we copy-paste model solutions for peace, bliss and abundance. By doing so, we create the new human model, the able, active, caring citizen. 

Eric, YL Captain

FUTURES are like islands in the ocean ahead of you. Paddle accordingly.

A Scorched Planet

This is the current trend of humanity.

Population drop to 3 billion by 2070, extinction of 80 of species. Few functional regions remain, inhabited by brutalized, traumatized citizens, still running on obsolete ideologies of the past that no one really wants. Abominable atrocities everywhere.

To get there,

you need not do anything.

Corporate Dictatorship, Robot Cities

Shift to pseudo-sustainability.

Population drop to 5 billion. Re-Centralized corporate dictatorship at mega city level. Citizens are brainpolluted, remote-controlled by media, incompetent, serve economic purposes, as human resources, fed on artificial mush, their emotions manipulated. Child sexual abuse, rape, cancer, allergies, birth defects of epidemic proportion. Your car has no access to districts inhabited by the rich. Warfare sustains access to rural resource regions. Populations live Mad Max. Your digital lifestyle avoids seeing the suffering. Life is limited to staring a pixels. People live a lie.

To get there,

follow industry trends on media = dishonest rich egos.

A World of Awesome for All

aka a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization.

Implementation of humanity’s available solutions for everything.

Distributed, peaceful, collaborative societies, co-created by able, active, caring citizens enjoying “inner and outer peace, bliss and abundance” aka Paradise, living in healthy communities, sovereign in their lifestyle, walking as guardians in the Queendom of Nature, plant and animal realms, in harmony with the living universe.

We choose this one.

It takes effort.