What is CG Rising?

Welcome to CG Rising, aspiring hero. Here you’ll find all the basic information you need to get set up for living a life of adventure, and hi5’ing┬áliving legends on the trail for liberating Paradise.

New Player Guide

The new player guide will introduce you to the basic core of Change Generation Rising action and our strategic vision for creating a good civilization on Earth. It will also walk you through in-action tutorials and your first missions with real life impact. From study of the cutting edge innovation for for positive change to your first head-to-challenge experience, the guide will help you acquire the essential views and skills you need as a champion changemaker. Fast.

Read the new player guide here.

Become a Warrior

Here you can learn more about the different aspects of Walking the Path of the Warrior, including the tools, tricks and strategies you can use to customize your activities for causes you are passionate about and a world in great need. These powerful tools allow you to tailor year-round action to your individual lifestyle, home, school and regional setting, with simple strategies and tactics for evoking grand impact like our hero/ines. Here, you also find out how your commitment brings rich benefits to your personal, idealist and professional life.

Learn more about the Path of the Warrior here

Interact with the Tribe

You act locally with your crew, but are connected, uplifted and backed by a global tribe. Through social media, video meetings, presentations and face2face events, you’ll have access to a number of social features that help you invite your friends to join, find teammates across age groups, schools and districts, mobilize media and citizens, communicate with other warriors worldaround and even meet hero/ines live in the field and at summer camps. Here you’ll learn about:

  • Adding friends
  • Playing with friends
  • Building a Clan
  • The Warrior’s Code
  • Interpersonal / interspecies relations
  • Reporting negative play

Learn more about interacting with the tribe here

The Camp

Here you’ll meet fellow Warriors, Hero/ines and Lorepeople sharing anecdotes, stories, cutting edge knowledge, wisdom, secrets and sacred teachings on the Living Universe, the grand turmoils and awakenings of our era. This is also the place of music, party and dreaming.

Visit the camp here