“A homemade greeting card can brighten a child’s time in hospital.”


Jen Rubino’s childhood career as a gymnast came to an abrupt halt at age eleven, when the pain in her wrist was diagnosed as a connective tissue and bone disease. In the years that followed, Jen underwent 20 major surgeries in hospital! Can you imagine the mix of physical pain, feelings of isolation, worry and boredom? In these times, a simple thing made Jen’s day: a handmade Greeting Card! This experience made her decide to pass on the same joy to other children in hospital. She started out creating cards herself, involved her friends, student clubs, celebrities – and soon her idea went viral through various media! Soon, volunteers around the globe sent in handmade cards! Jen distributes them to more than 150 hospitals across the country! 100,000 to date! Will you start this in your country?


AGE : 11

  • DO IT 40%
  • REACH 80%
  • EFFECTS 60%
  • RISK 10%


Join in, create cards, set goals and establish it in your state and country.

UN Action Days

  • Children
  • Health
  • Families
  • Friendship
  • Innocent Children

Level 1

Create a bunch of awesome cards, send to Jen, share photos with us

Level 2

Organize a Card Creation Philanthro-Party

Level 3

Connect with a dozen hospitals in your region, submit cards, score a news article

Level 4

Go big with a campaign involving schools, citizens, celebrities and hospitals across your state and country