“Every child should have opportunity to formulate their voice, as well as their dreams into stories.”


We all love stories, and many of us had magical moments of dreaming up bits. But could we weave them into short stories, into real books? That’s precisely what Katie learned 3 years ago in a writing class. Inspired, it occurred to her that many kids have few opportunities to write creatively, and promptly decided to find a way for more kids to find their voice through writing. Her friends thought Katie was kidding, others assumed she was just trying to score her way into college. Undeterred, Katie pursued her idea, designed a curriculum for kids age 8-12, and that summer taught a workshop at a school and youth center! She helped 18 children brainstorm ideas for short stories, write rough drafts, and then edit their stories. At the end, she gathered the stories, published them as an anthology on Amazon and presented each student with a paper copy. What a moment! And so Kids Tales was born. Since then, 97 enthusiastic teens have joined the organization as trainers, conducted workshops for nearly 1,000 kids, published 22 anthologies, and experienced the most touching moments : seeing a student go from hating writing to loving it, a 13–year–old boy in juvenile detention center thanking them because no one had ever asked him how he ended up where he ended up, receiving readers’ emails saying that the story from a 9 year old from Afghanistan completely changed their view of refugee kids. Go read some. Your soul will be smiling. And … write.


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