“We have so much to give, in so many fun ways. Let’s become a Generation of Generosity.”


Lulu Cerone – a girl like in an adventure novel! When this heroine hears of starving communities, she makes sure to bring help for clean water. What differs her from you and me is that she called for a ‘water war’ between girls and boys, to see who could raise more money through Lemonaid Stands. The battle spread like wildfire – throughout her community to 400 stands from coast to coast! You can feel the fun factor, right?! Thus were born the Lemonaid Warriors – always up for Parties with a Purpose, rocking their ‘hood with water bucket marches, backyard carnivals, music festivals. Of course, our heroine also has a rock band. Have you met Boo-Lu in ‘Monster High’? It’s her! This ghoul, erh, girl is unstoppable. ‘Beautiful Beasts – may the PhilanthroParties begin!’



AGE : 9

  • DO IT 45%
  • REACH 75%
  • EFFECTS 65%
  • RISK 30%
MASTER MAGIC : Put the FUN into Fundraising



Upcoming. This is of course about extraordinary fundraising using a bunch of unusual tricks for getting tons of people involved, make fabulous impact, generate big media presence and take the message and momentum to schools and groups of all sorts. See challenge levels below!

UN Action Days

  • Girls
  • Water
  • Children
  • Rural Women
  • Human Rights
  • Habitat
  • Cities

Level 1

View Lulu’s clips, get stoopid, adventurous and feel that fun, enthusiastic ‘who cares, let’s have fun’ spirit bubble up in you! Use Lulu’s PParty tips, throw one, document and share results with us and her!

Level 2

Now, go bigger, this one should already get media coverage. Public calls, focus on skating gear etc., a nice photo can make it!

Level 3

Go bigger! Now, we want media coverage for something huge and magical in public. A mega school fest counts, too!

Level 4

Okay, same thing but huge impact, scoring a complete win for a cause partner. Compare Namaste Nepal, Emma & Julia, Neha…