“One 3D printer + one day + $35 = one prosthetic limb, one child’s life changed forever. Kids, nerds, students, makers, start your engines!!”


As a physician’s daughter, Meghana had grown up knowing of medical technology. The idea of 3D printing prosthetic limbs intrigued her, but she didn’t see what to do with it. This changed on a special day on a family trip to India, when she found herself in a remote village. Can you imagine seeing children lacking limbs? It’s a sight difficult to behold. For these people living in poverty, prosthetic limbs were unaffordable, least of all for children, who would have to replace them every couple of years as they grow up. Meghana realized that life offered her a choice impossible to refuse. Coming from a different world, she had the power to make these people the ultimate life-changing gift, for a pinch of pocket money, $35 to be precise. That is the cost of printing a fully functional prosthetic arm on a common 3D printer. A bit of research reveals… boy, it’s simple! The 90% of printing the arm consist of adjusting file templates, checking back with the client to choose their favorite design and color and Go! Hit “print”, zip-zap, check back 12 hours later, and do the last 10% of assembling the bits using screws, nylon strings and velcro. There’s a fully functional arm! The moment of delivery, of kids saying “this will change my life forever,” is indescribable. Meghana calls schools to team up with her organization Limbs With Love to upgrade their 3D printing classes with “the only activity combining engineering, medicine and community service.” Makers, wield your magic!


AGE : 14

  • DO IT 60%
  • REACH 40%
  • EFFECTS 60%
  • RISK 40%






You get the idea!

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