“What can we as children do when our home town, rivers and beach are wasted? Well, clean it up, and ban bad plastics.”


Bali is known as the Island of Gods, and you see that it rubs off on its children as you walk on its sandy beaches and listen to two fairies telling their tale with a flowing voice golden like honey. Three years back, twelve and ten years old, they discovered that Paradise was also grossly trashed, rivers hardly visible under mountains of plastic garbage, animals suffering and dying from ingesting and suffocating on plastic – uncared for plastic bags in particular. Melati and Isabel wisely felt that success lies not in criticizing, but in awakening humans to rediscover that “hey, our world is Paradise really, under all the trash and scars. Do you also wish to revel in its beauty once again? Let’s just cleanse it, together, and live in bliss for the rest of our lives.” This message shines through all they do, their videos, their beautiful logo, 427 beach clean-ups, 588 pilot village actions, 16 government meetings, school workshops, a thriving team, offsprings in 9 countries, speeches on major event stages all over Earth, vibrant social media serving as blueprint for young changemakers how to design and document divine campaigns, straight towards a total ban. Are you listening?


AGE : 10

  • DO IT 45%
  • REACH 60%
  • EFFECTS 55%
  • RISK 30%
“We want to share the most important lesson we have learned, that young leaders don’t have to wait until they are older before they can take action. We started our campaign when we were 10 and 12. Now we are 13 and 15. Youth can make change happen. We feel that this is an important message for political leaders. Youth is not influenced by personal gain. From our pure intention can come great change in society. When they support us, we can make change happen together.”


Well – clean up your region from plastic trash and install mechanisms avoiding that it gets littered. This means laws, trashcans, recycling, and big time awareness campaigns, doing clean-ups, using arts, music, involving schools, citizens, events… it’s super fun. Oh, and there’s good chance that someone is totally into doing their (the Bali Green School’s) epic – epic epic epic musical on Plastics!!
LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE : 1 Month Without Plastic
Yes, epicness. So much to learn. So much fun. Such a way more delicious diet! This is a hot one, since it also serves to prepare the campaign and get loads of attention from family, peers, also at school, on social media, and with a little luck – on media! For instance, get some freinds involved, maybe a teacher, so it takes the shape of a project, and – document the experience on social media – all the stuff in packaging you don’t buy this month, the shift to byuing food on farmers markets, making your own sweets etc. Hey, even canging your school materials. Go 100%! This is going to create so many “wow’s” and “oups!” moments, and vivid visual impressions in photos, experiments, and even video testimonials, a diary vlog, reflections with friends lessons learned, calls for help how to best solve issues about plastic stuff one appears to need… also involve celebrity blogs, local organizations’ newsletters, prsent to schools during the challenge, sharing your experience and anecdotes, – it makes the presentation way more fun. It’s a story that also radio shows are likely interested to interview you about! And organic food and lifestyle magazines. Geez, you’ll get really well know. So make sure you’re in good form. You didn’t expect this from a “no plastics” lifestyle challenge, did you? Well, this is a school of magic, so … now wield it and show us your fireworks!

UN Action Days

  • Environment
  • Oceans
  • Wetlands
  • Wildlife
  • Habitat
  • Earth Day

Level 1

Do a considerable clean-up, document, aim at media presence

Level 2

Take the Lifestyle Challenge. Yup! Piece of pie compared to the campaign! And – this builds awareness, deep experience, gets your message out, builds community, more media presence!

Level 3

Take the campaign regional – via schools, news media, social media, street actions. You can do this BEST in combination with the Level 2 lifestyle challenge!

Level 3

Set up a plastics free mini supermarket. Yes, like a real life puppet store – like the “wrapping free” shops in Berlin and London! Focus on usually plastic wrapped products like corn, spaghetti, chocolates, even individual rolls of toilet paper! A mobile street stand? This is a major theatre piece style effort that deserves being used long term, at least a  month, but maybe longer, also for touring schools and events! A month long at the town hall, the Christmas Market? Every saturday on Farmer’s Markets, in combo with other Missions? Perfect with recycled fashion, walk acts…

Level 4

Well, now, Speedrun towards the ban. Observe BBPB’s tactics, such as involving shopkeepers, stickers on doors (set up a BBPB local chapter for using their ace, localized logo!), get the stakeholders and community involved. This may be a long haul project. That’s okay. It can be meshed with others!!