“It is estimated that 140 million children are orphaned or abandoned. It is important that we help them acquire full lives, and it is highly rewarding!”


Like many of us, Neha spends summers at her grandparents’ house, and follows good family traditions. For her, it includes volunteering at an orphanage. This time of joy was mixed with sadness, as she realized that these 200 children had no parent to guide them, protect them, or love them. Also, they could not gain even a basic education. Instead of internalizing these feelings, she decided to help by raising money. Nine years old, she sold wine charms at events, went door to door, and talked to sponsors. Her funds provide food, toys, school supplies, eye and dental care, water purifiers, sewing machines, libraries, computers, bikes… already worth more than $1 million! To extend help to more abandoned children in the world, Neha now enables all of us to raise funds via her charity’s website. Just register your cause, and start!


AGE : 9

  • DO IT 45%
  • REACH 55%
  • EFFECTS 75%
  • RISK 30%


Organize a book drive!

Whenever Julia and Emma speak at a school, or students start a book drive on their behalf, they average at least one book per person. So can you! Aim for 1 good book per student – it will make 500 to 1,000 per school. That’s huge value!

Use Lulu’s magic for boosting fun and impact.

Take good photos, share with local media.

View MASTER MAGIC how their story unfolded. It’s a fantastic lesson for all of us!

UN Action Days

  • Innocent Children
  • Children
  • Families
  • Youth
  • Youth Skills
  • Peace

Level 1

Study the issue. Research and create a multi-media art exhibit from many angles.

Level 2

Organize a fundraiser. Set a financial goal. Organize a Philanthro-Party involving a lot of people.

Level 3

Focus on one orphanage and boost it with all sorts of things, financial and in-kind, get media coverage.

Level 4

Visit your partner orphanage, organize activities, document, present at home, get media coverage and scale the campaign!