“We need to let go of old myths. Sharks, lions and vultures need our help.”


It all started with a bird-watching field trip. Young Olivia was immediately hooked. At age 11, she encountered the bearded vulture—a magnificent yet rare bird, with only 200 pairs remaining in South Africa! One of the biggest threats to its existence? None other than the incorrect portrayal of vultures in popular media as ugly predators and with superstitious medicinal value. This could not be further from the truth: the beautiful vulture is harmless and can even protect us from diseases! Olivia started fundraising for a local conservation organisation to protect this misunderstood species. Through her work, she got to interact closely with some vultures, and her commitment was honoured, as a splendid young bird was named after her! However, her avian namesake was found poisoned to death. Shortly after, Olivia climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and started ‘4 Elements Conservation’ in support of more animal friends: sharks, white lions and rhinos! As Olivia would tell you, their survival is threatened by unscientific superstitions and myths. These beautiful creatures need your help NOW!


AGE : 12

  • DO IT 50%
  • REACH 65%
  • EFFECTS 75%
  • RISK 40%


This will be all about the environment, small and big … exploration, myths and truths and beauty … as well as an awareness event with fundraising and a youth camp for finding focus and mission

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  • Biodiversity
  • Environment

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