WHETHER CALM OR WILD – you are Part of our Tribe!

You can be kind, tidy, serious – and make a lot of impact


fruit 4 the poor


big heart for kids




zero compromize

You can be wild, bold, magical – and make a lot of impact


badass unicorn


caped defender


ultra mobilizer



One can build Robots

with youth, in a sober way


create an underground society, like a Star Wars rebellion

& epic Fun!

levelling up to Overlord, scoring wins at national competitions

Which ?

makes you SMILE, gets MEDIA coverage, inspires to found a local CREW?

One can fundraise

and make great impact


scores $15,000 each month

Namaste Nepal

raise $40,000 in 48 hours

LemonAID Warriors

put the FUN into FUNdraising

They make Social Good

part of Daily Life, also at school, at lunch breaks, fests, projects

and the ultimate Lifestyle!

Which ?

makes you SMILE most, gets most MEDIA coverage, inspires to found a local CREW?


#BeMore Awesome

bec all else is not enough

Priority #1

Peace, Bliss & Abundance

for People and Planet

at Record Speed

because each day matters for those being hurt and extinct

It needs true HERO Spirit

like in our fav’ adventure tales. This is true Griffindore stuff

We live it for REAL

like sacred warriors, noble knights, wielding today’s magic

We act like Athletes

high impact, high intensity

we can do it ... normal

but how sustain momentum, motivation and benefits?

That's why

we FLAIR it as ADVENTURE REALITY GAME with monthly missions, credits, badges, levels


with lifestyle initiations that upgrade the INNER WARRIOR


It gives you an entertaining boost of spirit, and we want to encourage you to explore and play with your own awesomeness, if you feel like it, since adding a fun sense of epic and adventure definitely helps grow your crew, motivate people to get involved, creative, smile, laugh, interact with the public, crowds, schools, media, … 

Growing Up doesn’t mean to be BORING.



teaches girls defend vs orks


Cheese Hat – a legend for kids


is a joker and magical being


simply IS a true mermaid

We are straight from a Harry Potter novel

and from many others. That does not mean that YOU have to be like that.

You can also act stealth, well camouflaged – like these superheroInes:


using ace topics in class


inspiring with genuine passion


backing her superhero kid


giving young people a voice

Hence, Be YourSelf

with liberty to play the MAGIC FOOL when you like. How many organizations tell you that

All Different. All Awesome. All Part of One Tribe. 

To us, different styles are like different Skins in LoL, WoW, OW or Fortnite.


Eric and Chrissie switch Character Classes

 mage, warrior, healer, teacher, rockstar, brother, sister, papa, mama …

With us, you too can put on “different hats”.

Our Flair matches our Purpose

We could do it tiny, DILUTED "for kids" ...

We do it Hero Style

because creating a good world by implementing solutions, changing lives, laws and industries is purely focused on the positive, but still requires unfolding one’s  fortitude, temperance, prudence, hope, love, justice, faith – the Hero Virtues – and you do not find that in common “education, empowerment, and activism” programs.

This is not “gamification”. Our gameful approach has impact on one’s life, skills, effect on people and planet.

We could do it OCCASIONAL, "take it easy"...

Year-Round Season

We are losing 150 species every single day!

We are not waiting for adult organizations to call for flyer distribution, online clicks, a Christmas cookie sale. BS!

Saving the planet, upgrading our entire young generation to able, active, caring citizens, and creating a new civiliza-tion in our lifetime is a full-time, life-long Lord Of The Rings campaign with myriads of quests and Boss Battles.

We need self-paced year-round action, and the best way to organize it is how do it with our fav’ games and sports.

We binge play. Switch between actions. #SpeedRunStyle

This way, everybody can act anytime by their means.

We could deny INCENTIVES, goals, but ...

We do it Gaming Style

classifying actions as missions; simple to hard

  1. Fundraiser
  2. Project
  3. Lifestyle Challenge
  4. Freestyle Action
  • adding target orientation, goals, success, celebration, documentation, feedback, self-awareness

evolving a CV of Awesome with

  • credits, badges, levels, warrior profiles & social media

with recurring media presence, meeting high level professionals and more – to open one’s path in society

It’s Impact that Matters. Not the “game”.

No one is obliged to use all options of the Warrior Profiles, send in report cards, claim badges and credits.

However, we are super excited to see the missions, badges, credits matrix run hot – showing at one glance what’s going on, warriors level up, records tumble. Levels also speak a million stories, when Warriors meet face2face.

We could be stiff and BORING, but why shd we?

We do it Fun Style


  • it adds vitality, reach and impact
  • it nurtures our rockstar members
  • it serves our media work
  • we guess YOU like it better. Huh?

Plus, it makes it more fun for our digital online volunteer workforce. Oh, and for Eric.

We could be MODEST, keep the ball low

We do it Epic Style

’cause #HumanAsUsual is not enough. Our true EPIC

  • that has power
  • that is true
  • it opens our eyes and hearts to what we are part of

… by simply being born on Planet Earth at this time:

Protecting Life on Earth from extinction in our lifetime

And this is not a PR slogan.

Got it? Be yourself. Be inspired.

Learn from the magical beings among you.



Boys & Men

You’ve trained with video games.

Excellent! We now need you 4 REAL, to join the Grrrlz.

They’re so much hoping on you, for ultra special missions.

Frankly, without you, we cannot fully achieve.

It’s serious. Can we count on you?


You may be surprised by

Your Own Transformation

as you run with the Tribe


Now off to work, Beautiful Beast.



and WE haven’t come here to fail.