Our Mission

We’re here to raise a generation of teenage changemakers, to equip them with the mind-, feel- and skillset needed to restore a world of harmony, of peace, bliss and abundance for all. It’s like Hogwarts and Lothlorien for real, in the shape of this world’s scenario.


#1 : The solutions exist, everything has been solved by someone somewhere. All that’s needed is the heart, vision and will to take it to replicate it locally and take it to scale.

#2 : Youth leadership @ and beyond school is celebrated across generations and cultures, embraced by teachers, journalists and donors, and key to achieve the purpose of schooling. Teens today are changing lives, laws and industries at record pace and scale. Teens also excel at replicating adult changemaker solutions. Youth teams have made creating a good world for all integral part of learning culture at more than 12,000 schools. What teens can do in one place, teens everywhere can do.

#3 : The internet facilitates real-time learning and collaboration between today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Griffindors with our entire global generation at school, and adult allies. This is historic, and solves everything.

#4 : Youth-led and youth-powered implementation of humanity’s finest people-driven solution for inner and outer peace, inner and outer joy, inner and outer abundance generates instant practical effect healing, transforming our societies, and for their ten forming years at school nurtures the next level able, active, caring citizen able to run the empathic, dynamic, collaborative, organically evolving Operating System required for of the new “distributed model” democracy.

#5 : Youth leaders embody our cultures’ finest virtues, are celebrated as heroInes, showered with our highest awards, recognized as ultimate role models, in high demand as speakers, trainers and mentors at schools.

#6 : All youth have the right to grow up like them, to achieve to create and live as citizens, stewards and parents of a global, peaceful, sustainable, thriving civilization.

#7 : All adults have the right that youth grow up like this, so they learn to fix the escalating mess that adult generations (due to mass trauma inherited from earlier failing societal models, incompetence, and lack of time) are unable to solve and heal, so that their children and grand children grow up in a good world, and today’s adults get a chance to still lead a dignified life in their senior years.

#8 : CG RISING enables adults to find tangible hope for their lives and children, add bliss, purpose, meaning and vocation to their daily lives and workplace, and upgrade their profession. By empowering the Change Generation adults can also find redemption for the ocean of abominations that they have co-created and continue to sustain. They become able to live their role das adults, as a guardian of this magnificient world, and protecting the vulnerable ones from abuse and poisoning of their bodies, minds and hearts #ReDefineAdult

#9 : Our stories tell in real-time the NEW Story of Humanity – the unfolding story of the rise of the Change Generation – humanity successfully overcoming 21st Century challenges – erasing the bugged, broken, virus ridden mindsets, worldview and value systems inherited from totalitarian monarchy, religion and fascism – and as model of POSITIVE NEWS MEDIA CULTURE as stakeholder in uplifting and empowering our populations to overcome crisis and unfold their inborn virtuous, visionary skills of a creator.

#10 : Young people walking The Path of the Warrior unfold incredible skills, integrity, vocation, purpose, true friendships, love, interact at eye-level with adult stakeholders across society, and build a CV of Awesome, paving their path into society, and opening up a rich life.

#11 : Our spirit and deeds are aligned with the core values of the UNITED NATIONS and the world’s sacred cultures, all of which have at their centre, the epitome of the human being, the hero, pure, serving, a GIVER, sovereign, child of the divine walking in harmony in the Queendom of Nature. #WalkYourTalk

#12 : We live our Hero Dreams – and this is more significant than people think. Our young generations have grown up with the spirit of virtuous HeroInes in tales and gaming, of taking back the planet from ego-infested creatures displaying orkish, vampiristic, demonic behavior, torturing, and feeding on others, twisting creation and dissolving the web of life. Their love for these tales has a reason. CHANGE GENERATION RISING gives every caring, daring human ample opportunity to open their eyes, hearts and hands to the pains and virtues of the tangible world around them, and living their Inner HeroInes for real, full-time in the scenario of this world, wielding the magic of this time, equipped with solutions, tools, and support by a global tribe of today’s Gandalfs, Galadriels and Griffindors.

#13 : 99% of the world’s 3,000 cultures know that reincarnation is reality. You will be reborn in 10 to 100 years after leaving your body – since (a) you won’t find enlightenment in this lifetime, dear, or (b) as enlightened being you will voluntarily reincarnate as Bodhisattva to help your fellow spirit brothers and sisters to overcome the challenges. This means that EVERY SINGLE day of your life – taking action for or against the web of life – will directly define the well-being of your next lives, in a million aspects. #GetReal #WakeUp #LiveYourTruth

#14 : You cannot not like it. We all seek to live our truth, our values, our convictions, to respect ourselves, to love ourselves – and what is true on the inside is true on the outside – we love our parents, and everybody else, we wish to have value for our family and community, for the animals and plants, dream, act and celebrate with like-hearted friends, live our creative drives for the upliftment of everyone, to feel as One and at peace #AvatarTheMovie in a friendly community and city. CG RISING is your path to unfold all of it, and fixing this broken reality, for you, for countless others, for real. Just spend a little time exploring, and your Inner HeroIne will get moving and find favorite causes and activities that your spirit is made for. Living that is the ultimate fulfilling lifestyle. CG RISING is your ticket to living that dream life for your time on Earth. #SurpriseGift #EpicWin


CG RISING unites today’s greatest changemakers, complete newbies and active citizens on one platform, under the banner of the Lord of Light to implement humanity’s proven solutions for peace, bliss and abundance at record pace and scale. In the language of gaming: taking on today’s boss battles, farming like a chanp, scoring epic wins, without distraction and delay – a SPEEDRUN to a Bright New World! #BeMoreAwesome

Warriors, Weirdos, Wonders, Angels, Hobbits and Beautiful Beasts, hear the call, and RISE for the LIBERATION OF PARADISE!



CG RISING is part of YOUTH-LEADER, a charitable social business based in Berlin, Germany, home of the Love Parade, city of play, and magical people. Its chief creator, Eric Mani2 Schneider, is an unfolded Planetary Guardian from the future, designing from the solution sphere and perspective of the next level Good Civilization. CG RISING has evolved through various stages. Its roots reach deep into the years 1997, 92, 82, even millenia, and is officially emerging in this form in 2018.


  • Status as Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNESCO)
  • Pacemaker Status, Ashoka’s re:imagine learning Challenge with the LEGO Foundation
  • UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteering Awards for two teams
  • Images and Voices of Hope IVOH Award
  • Member of UNESCO’s Round Table For The Implementation of the UN DESD

and friends with tons of awesome changemakers.