“Girls love tech and robotics, too. We need cool ways for them to develop their skills for the best of humanity.”


Parker hasn’t always been a nerd. In fact, it happened by accident, when her friend asked her to go to a week-long robotics camp with her. Parker, having no idea what a robotics camp actually entailed, agreed to go. Her best decision ever! They loved every minute of building and programming a LEGO robot, and even won the competition! Inspired, Parker joined her school’s FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team, feeling prepared to face all challenges. Well, not exactly. All her teammates were guys who had grown up building stuff and teaching themselves how to code, all confident to build a robot from scratch. Her experience? Um… a LEGO manual. That season, Parker and the girls got the job of… designing t-shirts. Ouah, the frustration! Fired up to pierce the mystery of code, she inhaled YouTube tutorials, and asked a college student for help, and “at the competitions that season, our robot was running my code, and that was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had!” Realizing that girls need a fun way to develop their tech skills for the best of humanity’s future, she recruited her little sis Greta to map out a fun six-level challenge process to fast-track their skills from novice to overlord. Every Friday night, the underground robot society meets under a disco ball to program, solder, troubleshoot, fail and bounce back – mixing in anime, gaming, totem clans, geeking out over shows and mandatory dance breaks – preparing for league battles. Join the rebellion!


AGE : 14

  • DO IT 75%
  • REACH 55%
  • EFFECTS 45%
  • RISK 45%



You get the idea!

UN Action Days

  • Youth Skills
  • Teacher
  • Girls

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Level 2


Level 3


Level 4