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We all want to save people and planet. We have different time. We operate in different environments.

Select the team status that best fits your life.









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All Youth

go through the same training and kick-off actions. 

All have access to all our actions and resources.

Crews and clubs act at their own pace.

Crews and clubs are not expected to use all our methods and inter/actions, due to constrained time or setting.


Warriors act like “professional athletes”. They are expected to take 3 Monthly Missions, run Flanking Measures, set up HQs, ISLEs at school, document and be visible – making rapid impact beyond anything the world has seen. This makes them  pacemakers of change, rich sources of knowledge, unconditional support, and best friends of local crews, clubs, units and users.

Adults have a supportive role. 

They take the Crash Course to be well informed on youth leadership and the scope of resources and support for inspired youth, teachers and citizens. Adults act as individual, join or form teams following their interest.



caring citizens, parents etc act spontaneously

follow us online, spread the spirit, donate to heroInes, gift books, seed flyers, translate etc.

They also give presentations and use the full scope of Boost! Club options to evoke greatest possible impact.



Inspire adults in workplace and beyond to support

  • global heroInes
  • local youth leadership

with donations, in-kind support, fundraising, their newsletters, social media, partnership, mentoring … with benefits for profession, trainees etc.

Groups of friends, collagues, citizens can form a Local Unit, a Base, a SalesPoint, and also act as Messengers.



have a passion for face2face interaction with youth, with priority focus on schools. They

  • give presentations
  • support inspired teams, teachers, and organize
  • poster exhibits
  • market stands
  • “live” local meet-ups; skype, speakers
  • seed flyers, media packs
  • network with NGO’s, media, workplaces, city…


[freestyle, collab]

use our resources to inspire, involve their “audiences”, like

  • teachers
  • journalists
  • public library …



use our resources, methods & services to inspire an active citizenry

  • empower members
  • inspire youth
  • connect with schools
  • nurture an active citizenry
  • cultivate positive news

and also to boost their own initiatives.

Examples: organizations, companies, cities 




co-create YOUTH-LEADER Magazine, and tell our stories across platforms, in digital and print form. They

  • research and write
  • translate and edit
  • transcribe, create videos
  • design and layout
  • manage teams
  • manage social media
  • also create local edition

in fun, creative, responsible ways



sell our (friends’) books & music/al

  • New Kids On The Planet
  • Philanthro-Party Planner
  • Pacha’s Pajamas
  • We Rise
  • Parenting For A Peaceful World
  • Power Of A Plant …

Set up a “youth leadership” section, add

  • music, musical, poster set, cardgame …
  • a guide for staff, teachers, parents …



support us financially and in-kind in fresh ways for a million things

  • staff, tech
  • app design
  • communications
  • articles, adspace
  • t-shirt, book, poster printing
  • shipping, distribution
  • media in airline magazines, video, audio programs
  • travel, hotel stays
  • spaces for workshops, summer camps …
  • prof. mentoring
  • prizes, treats, holidays
  • nature trips, adventures
  • etc + own ideas


[freestyle, collab]

unleash their public presence and access …

to spread the spirit, promote our books, donate, challenge their million followers, offer ace perks, invite us to celeb parties and the Red Carpet, join meet-ups, summer camps … and get some love from our wonderful folks. Your ideas WELCOME!