“Turn idling childhood mounds of LEGO into magical treasures for kids that never saw any.”


How dull and boring would life be without books, our magical doors into other worlds? Or without balls, the ticket to limitless fun challenge and entertainment. Or LEGO! The treasure box for countless hours of what we can only describe as – magic! It doesn’t even take the fancy designs and themes, right? Can you imagine kids having zero access at all? It is the case for 2 billion kids in rural regions of ‘developing countries’. Hearing this, Alicia realized that she could make a most magical gift impacting generations by simply donating the LEGO she no longer used. How cool is that? So, she and her sister Annabelle, both seasoned Girl Scouts and campaigners, set up a stand – selling LEGO fidget spinners, LEGO christmas decor and calling for donations, also from adults – to turn those idling mounds of childhood treasures into live fireworks and happy eyes – and people just love it! A year later, the sisters and family friends made their first delivery to Uganda, with over 2,000 pounds of LEGO on board, 1,000 kilos, a full ton! Go view the photos of 1,000 kids, each taking home their own bag of LEGO, of their first creations, and shining eyes! You’ll want to get involved!


AGE : 8

  • DO IT 30%
  • REACH 30%
  • EFFECTS 40%
  • RISK 15%

Micah visits Uganda in 2016





2017 Impressions – raising funds

Delivery to Uganda!

What an experience!

A return gift beyond expectations and imagination … simply by having done good and going there…


That’s clear, right? Organize a LEGO drive!

Think of fun ways of including people, check out their facebook page for LEGO creations they made for raising donations as well as drawing attention. It makes a HUGE difference whether you just put up a box asking for money and LEGO, or actually have a lot of creative colorful things showing your love and commitment!

Contact Alicia and Annabelle and ask if you can use their photos and how you can collaborate to find a good destination partner.

Will you meet up on skype for sharing lessons learned, smart steps and anecdotes from their adventure? Tip: To make the most of such a skype session with a multiplier group that you seek to activate, such as your class, school or workplace parents.

UN Action Days

  • Youth Skills
  • Children
  • Teacher
  • Science for Peace and Development

Level 1

Organize a LEGO Drive

Level 2

Raise Funds for Shipping

Level 3

Achieve 1 ton, 2K pounds

Level 4

Visit Recipients. Document the Journey. Scale Your Reach, Community & Impact