“Let go off fear. Learn the truth. Sharks are gentle, important, and need urgent protection.”


Sharks, like wolves, have long been vilified as monsters, even man-eaters. But that is false! Sharks have been here for 300 million years, longer than trees, and humans are not on their menu. The proof – they don’t eat us. Hurtful encounters are test bites in murky waters, caused by stress, or accidents. Hence, experts ask media to cease using the term “attack”. They should instead educate the public on shark finning, a cruel practice killing 70 million sharks per year, just for a tasteless bowl of soup, driving 90% of species to extinction! Worse, like wolves, sharks are apex predators, stewards of ecosystem abundance. Without sharks, smaller predators eat up all fish, creating dead zones in the ocean. We need to act on this! So here comes Taylor, out on the waves, hanging loose with friends – the ultimate certified beach bum – and she has a crush on sharks! Shocked to learn that also her own country, oh so green New Zealand, was finning its shark population to extinction – “What??!!” – Taylor jumped up, started a blog, grabbed her shark costume, spoke at schools and TEDx, teamed up with experts – and soon celebrated the finning ban! Hooray! And people voted her Kiwi of the Year. Now it’s on you: please learn the truth, and save our sharks! Speak up, evoke protection, and maybe, with ace ocean experts, swim with them…


AGE : 13

  • DO IT 50%
  • REACH 50%
  • EFFECTS 55%
  • RISK 40%





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