Warriors are our powerhouses and pacemakers. 

They commit full-time to high impact service for people and planet by

#1 initializing and making youth leadership omni-present far and wide #EmpowerTheChangeGeneration

#2 boosting outstanding heroInes, mages, and implementing proven solutions locally #TheStuffThatNeedsDoingNOW

#3 making school awesome, through youth leadership in class, club and public #PurposeOfSchooling

#4 mobilizing caring adults in all sectors #ReDefineAdult

#5 boosting positive news media culture

Their busy lives are marked by the corner stones of this ELITE SPORT.

The Path of the Warrior

3 Monthly Missions

1 project

1 FUNdraiser

1 lifestyle challenge or social experiment

aligned with UN Days

forest, girls, biodiversity, shark week, families, teachers, food …

to connect with teachers, journalists, organizations, the public

for greater reach and impact

built on Action Guides

of heroInes with solutions for the UN Day’s topic

400+ actions 

plus own ideas, booster packs …

Warriors gain badges, credits, levels

for completed missions, impact and headlines made

take initiative, team up

with grand changemakers for all sorts of projects

get visible, recognition

a welcome side result, since it gains visibility, awakens adults to youth power, generates resources and support

Besides, they do all this. It comes easy. It’s routine.

Flanking Measures

Constant presence, impact and movement building through

bake- & lemonAID stands at schools, markets, fests and events

poster exhibits at libraries, in public, parks …

HQ at School, ISLE

evolving their stand into

the best hangout at school

a student-powered informal learning environment, LearnScape, serving the entire school community

Contribution in Class

bringing subjects alive

Hero of the Month Micro Exhibit

The YL Curriculum – involving all teachers, each including youth action 1+ times per semester

Present at Schools

to inspire younger peers

support inspired teams

collaborate with teachers

Local Meet-Ups

to connect and grow groups across grades, schools, districts and towns

mentor younger peers

Global Meet-Ups

online via skype, zoom etc

with warriors, groups, heroInes, mages, celebrities

oh, and with our staff 😉

Public Presence

stands, flyer distribution, flashmobs, music, marches, street theatre, surveys, free hugs …

News Media Presence

we are the stories, local heroInes, best friends of our allies in media, city, the citizenry

we produce our own stories, videos, photography to feed them the best, authentic, raw, gnarly contents, meshed with YL print and online media

Social Media Presence

evolves naturally

vibrant, live, rocking, interactive,  building movements, learning on-the-go, meshed with CG RISING and YL global media

And of course there’s more. We are so excited to unite them at summer camps, events and conferences, fueled by their local supportive environment.

Their full time presence, local connectedness, communication power, availability and unconditional SENSE OF SERVICE to the GREATER CAUSE of PEOPLE, PLANET, TEACHERS, CHANGEMAKERS and THEIR GENERATION makes Warriors our prime workforce, gaining our full attention and commitment, the ones we trust, celebrate, support and push forward upward.