Message To Parents

What is CG RISING?

Alright, millennials and beyond. Let’s break this down for you real simple.

CG RISING is on a mission to initiate youth into the epic and slightly magical world of changemaking, following the footsteps of today’s teenage heroInes. You wouldn’t mind if our generation had their skills and wits on grand scale, do you?

Our goal is to take kids age 8-18 with no changemaker experience and equip them with the skills they need to participate in creating a good world of peace, bliss and abundance for all, sustainability included – at home, school and beyond. We build on 20 years of experience in developing our own program to help young people reach mastery in creating vibrant community, raising funds, evolving campaigns, implementing projects, generating media presence, teaming up with peers, teachers, parents and you, re-animating public space, generating media presence, cultivating student-led, project-oriented learning culture … the stuff teen heroInes do in your best “liked” tear-jerking video clips. If those teens can, teens everywhere can.

For the credibility, here’s a few cornerstone references:

ADD HERE : TESTIMONIAL MODULE Eric with Award, UNESCO flagS (take photo with Edouard), UNESCO status, stamp, memberships, quotes on YL, UNOV, re:imagine learning

We designed it to be more like a game than a class, like “learning a new sport or music”, where youth choose their activity level (from “amateur” to “athlete”), learn basic rules, choose their favorite equipment (or songs), perform, make impact, team up, freestyle and share with the world. As they proceed and “level up” their skills, they will meet and perform with no less than the famous people in the field. Yes, it’s like Harry Potter’s Hogwartz School of Magic for real, wielding the magic of this world. No slashing orks. No politics, religion or conflict. We focus on PROVEN SOLUTIONS that create, peace, bliss and abundance for all, by teens and adults recognized for their work, backed by science and good governance.

Our HeroInes and Players bring light into the world with a big heart and radiant smile, living their YES!, and when needed their NO! (think of bullying, eradication of species…) protecting the vulnerable (and themselves) from abuse, with fierce love and fortitude. A peaceful mind and meditation practices are part of our lifestyle challenges.

Here are the nuts and bolts of the program:

  • There are basic missions serving as tutorials, practice and developing presence and interaction with family, friends, at school, at parents’ workplaces (yeeeeiih), in public and media. These are basic, common sense, tested things. Stuff people love, journalists write about, that makes teachers invite them to speak at school, that our societies honor with awards … An overview of Awards is here.
  • Once fully in the game, Players join a stream of actions aligned with current UNITED NATIONS Days (forests, families, biodiversity, water etc) with a choice of 400+ Missions designed on the model solutions pioneered by the 100+ HeroInes in our core line-up.
  • Players choose actions following their interest and passion, and systematically work their way through increasingly different levels using our HeroInes’ common sense Action Guides, with Missions such as fundraisers, lifestyle challenges, projects and campaigns of all sorts – from creating handcrafted postcards for hospitalized kids, or videos on yukky ingredients in popular foods, to creating urban gardens at kindergartens, restoring rivers, inspiring their peers through music, demanding an end to the ivory trade, making water a human right, bee and pollinator weeks in town, raising ten thousands books for aboriginal communities … An overview of our HeroInes is here.
  • We’re creating all of our own resources and YouTube tutorials using teen and adult heroInes’ authentic images and initiatives, to bring together the steps and wisdom aspects of the projects. An overview of our Resources is here.
  • Every project naturally comes with its own aspects of challenge, preparation, steps, completion, achievement, impact, and profound experiences – encounters, conversations, creations, teamwork, learning, making intangible and tangible impact that is well received and celebrated by the community and media – so there’s an exciting goal to work towards, and one’s impact is felt. Big time!
  • Documentation is integral part of the program – think of meaningful use of phones and action selfies, as well as social media – to track progress, inspire their peers, supporters, incl. teachers, feed journalists … thereby grow their impact, support, demand as speakers etc., and get a feel of their own agency, powers, values. Examples of teen-powered documentation are here, here, here, and here.
  • Public speaking and mentoring peers are natural parts of the process. The teamwork, guides and gameful aspect are priceless to evolve these precious skills and confidence.
  • Every kid and teen acts at their own pace, with access to our full scope of resources, can select their favorite causes, and will experience all imaginable forms of action … working by themselves, joining others, calling for support, supporting others.
  • Support is available as Players move up through the levels and onto greater challenges, through interaction with our team, with HeroInes, with local Adult Allies (caring citizens like teachers, activists, organizations, YL Volunteers …) that pop up along the path. We have Speakers, online meetups, summer camps and more.

Why create a World of Awesome?

Well, our societies need healing, there’s enormous global issues that usually make us feel powerless. Put those aside for a minute, or for a year – since they usually divert our attention from thousands of other important, quick and feasible things – and when we work on them we indirectly move levers that also solve the greater issues.

Making real, tangible changes worthy of news coverage and awards is at the heart of our program. It is uniquely rewarding, uplifting, fun, completely accessible, and the skills that you develop by working on it are amazing. Not just the obvious skills like public speaking, learning how to develop campaigns, doing media work etc. We’re talking about the less obvious (and incredibly exciting) skills like learning how to teach yourself, how to troubleshoot, how to innovate, how to conquer school, public space, the media, how to win allies, collaborate with teachers – and make daily life at school awesome – and journalists, parents, connecting with their workplace, how to work on a team, inspire and coach younger peers, and how to fail and then bounce back. Huge. Super super huge!

Our Starter Actions stair-step your child through a series of simple, and increasingly complex actions for building presence and community, with considerable impact. The rewarding experience of personal agency, and positive feedback from many sides, guide your child to confidently following their passion, conviction and ideas for taking on next causes, develop greater ventures, and aim for higher goals. Those walking this path build not only skills but global like-hearted community united by positive aims, free from polarization, to co-create the sane world they wish to see. And what else could be more beautiful, and precious for oneself, and one’s loved ones in this special century?

Harmonizing local life and “global life online”

Today’s youth teach themselves using youtube tutorials, are comfortable with sharing their own creations, photos and goofy moments, recognize online personalities as 100% real, and binge watch gaming streams in real-time, and even as recording (yawn). Replace that with “live” real-time contents of today’s finest genius changemakers and you have the recipe for learning superhero skills, LIVING connected with huggable SuperHeroInes, a 100% real global, extended family, perfectly meshed with one’s local like-hearted crowd. 

We strengthen our “distant” relations by using regular face2face meetings on video, at school, at conferences, workshops, summer camps and volunteer trips. This is our experience with our global crowd of now 1,000s of online volunteers and changemaker friends. For examples of big, dynamic online based youth-powered organizations view #earthguardians#marchforourlives

Hence, we are convinced that even though we cannot personally coach all youth onsite, we are able to provide the necessary presence, guidance, and resources for your child to feel safe, part, supported, respected, seen and heard in their care, passion, goals and endeavours. From the beginning it is about becoming a sovereign, self-organized learner. Our core staff’s personal presence is not required. There are plenty of resources, co-help and co-learning from “the Tribe”. As we walk this path with our kind of tools and activities, fellow warriors and Adult Allies appear all around us. The options are endless and we’ll take them as far as they want to go.

If you feel that you would like to accompany your child – with attention and interest, with “support on demand”, and even “teaming up for projects” you can. We love you for that! The Missions offer plenty of opportunities!! Check out the roles of Adult Allies for ideas. Also, we will involve HeroInes’s parents’ testimonials and interviews for guidance.

Changemaking is the new sport.

If you’ve never been around teenage changemakers in real life, you are missing out. They are crazy beautiful awesome inspirational. Love and vitality embodied! You only get 10% in the videos. We’ll just leave it at that.

As the youth gain experience, we’ll use a spirit of #BeMoreAwesome and gameful competitive missions as an organizing principle. The steps are simple. Impact grows BY daring to affirm one’s feelings, to be outgoing, creative and alive, letting one’s love and passion show. It’s a wonderful experience of aligning authenticity and positive response from people, and thus success! Youth leadership truly has little in common with 20th Century adult organizations.

We are currently launching our first ever semi-open CG RISING season which launches this fall! Semi-open means that it is an “experimental season” : we collaborate with participating youth teams and adults, with a lot of feedback and support, seeing how it works for people in different settings; and we share selected picks with the global public. And ultimately, we’ll launch a CG RISING season open for the world to see “LIVE” what’s going on 24/7. It’s going to be amazing.

Careers in Doing Eco-Social Good.

In terms of career choice, it’s hard to beat “wide spectrum competence in intersectorial and intergenerational project development and communications” for compatibility, competences and making a living … whether in the most trendy bar, summer camps, work exchange on organic farms, touring the country with a revolutionary show, living with a tribe, marrying into an eco-village, working in a social business, launching one’s own, or a crowdfunded campaign. And if you’re a TEEN or STUDENT or GIRL coming up with ideas, backed such skills and media coverage? You’re everybody’s darling. The world is wide open.

One advantage of CG RISING is that athletic / high impact Youth Leadership with strong elements of fun, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, social business, campaigning and media work is a pipeline to funding, scholarship opportunities and careers in the fields of social entrepreneurship, civil society, education, journalism, health, culture and public service. In fact, the demand for experienced and trustworthy changemakers is dramatically growing in our populations – also in terms of “politics” – decision-making for the common greater good. You can tell from our stories of teens turning twens, and your own experience 🙂

There’s a study somewhere (name, source … ?) telling of rapidly rising demand for people with rock-solid priority in serving people and planet – aka with personal integrity, psychomentally healthy(!), honorable, collaborative, intersectorial thinking  – to actually meet the demands of a collapsing societies with emerging new structures and functions – but no honorable, bright people to fill them!! 

Comes CG RISING. Our “graduates” are overqualified and unfit for anything “boring, destructive, manipulative, oversimplistic” out there today. Trust, that your intuitive priority of DOING GOOD is perfectly sound, and in synch with society’s evolution. The messaging formulated in mainstream media by the incompetent inhabitants of the Unsustainable Society is obsolete and not representative of what’s already out there.

The world needs our youth. Fast!

But, here’s the real reason why we think youth should live their love for changemaking to the fullest.

Bright youth embodying the new mind-, feel- and do-set of able, active, caring citizens of the bright, harmonious, co-creative citizen-powered society (like the amazing members of #MarchForOurLives so playfully, cuddly collaborating without any of the insecurities and genderphobia we use/d to see among teenagers) are woefully underrepresented out there on the front lines of media, public space, civil society, decision-making (“politics”), basic needs production and trade (“business”). Although our societies agree on the need and wish for change in these spheres of influence, our adult populations are still coined and caught in the Labyrinth of Unsustainability they grew up in – incl. pertaining psycho-emotional trauma and sabotaging behavior.

Iceland’s youth are quoted to now be 100% free from illusions of theology violently (“satanically”) imposed on their ancestors, free from alcohol and drug abuse, violent and financial crime (banksters safely behind bars). Spain has 50% youth unemployment, 60% of British teens want to become a celebrity, Eastern European youth are pissed, Hong Kong youth are super pissed by the perspective of being teleported back into Mao’s 1950s, Arab youth are speechless in face of adult generations’ choice of dictatorship, war, and totalitarian religion, many non-industrial countries have a population of 50+% under age 20. What mindset will they grow up with, shaping their – our next – 70 years on Earth?

Gayle Kimball has collected a mountain of evidence, thousands of first-hand voices from kids and teens across cultures and regions of the planet showing that they have vastly positive attitudes, priorities for themselves, their families, societies, the animal and planet realms – and utterly disagree with adult generations’ hurtful mindset of choosing cheap plastic gadgets over the living planet and well-being of people. Youth are ready to lead a pertaining lifestyle, they know what is wrong, but lack knowledge of workable solutions, feel empty-handed, seek guidance on what to do. Contrary to many adults, they can still FEEL, and many empathic and conscious ones are gravely suffering and in despair!

Our Crash Course shows : The solutions exist. The support networks exist. 

Girls are already growing up with a re-defined sense of being heart-centered, conscious, positive goal-oriented and awesome. Many however are misled to become power egos just like the awful males. Boys are still unaware, insecure about how to handle having balls, way too many still grossly conditioned to brutish behavior, their wings crashed, their empathic antenna clipped, their hearts and brains polluted. Falter not, the positive masculine is beginning to return and rise at last. To boost the positive process for both, ROLE MODELS that embody kindness, self-love, confidence, trust, and investing one’s creative force for the good of people and planet, and obviously in return experiencing rich inner and outer lives, friendship, security, bliss and true love – are priceless. Regard them as today’s messiahs and make them omni-present. We offer you the best and only the best!

As we enter this complicated digital age that is now being referred to as the 4th industrial revolution, an age of AI (artificial Intelligence) and VR (virtual reality) – already being ab-used by criminal, totalitarian adults running on outdated Operating Systems infusing addiction and violence, copy-pasting their mad memes and views on the young, infusing addiction and violence, remote-controlling the young generation to keep them from outgrowing old, hurtful habits – we need all of our best HUMANS, dreamers, coaches, initiators and innovators in our homes (think of bedtime stories), schools and communities to help us figure out how to navigate this age carefully and responsibly.

Additionally, we have major global issues to resolve and, without a doubt, these solutions will come from those who have grown up with HOLISTIC CHANGEMAKING and know how to harness it.

Our youth need to have a voice. The world needs our kids and youth to grow up with the spirit and habits of engaged participants, innovators, global problem solvers, leaders, thinkers, movers and shakers from the cradle.

Want to help? It’s crazy simple and effective. Here’s how.

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If the bad news in this video is too much to bear, scroll through to minute 35.
You’ll see the lengths that people now realize we have to go to, if there is a chance to forestall the unthinkable.
It sinks in very slowly, when we’re in real trouble – we don’t want to know.
But this really feels like the greatest Oh Shit moment in history.
Time to step outside the usual, and the ordinary. If we live on as normal, we will not live on.
Donald Marmara Hi Robin Grille have you read 14 year old student’s letter on JuliRedhead’s page?
Robin Grille Donald Marmara no, but I’m pretty heart broken right now, as well as enraged about our culture of vacuous denial. I think if I read the girl’s letter I’ll break. I’ll bookmark it…
Donald Marmara Robin Grille Read the letter. I found it so encouraging that High School students are willing to strike and organise a gathering in front of the NSW Parliament to protest the government’s inaction re climate change. I’m feeling discouraged and somewhat depleted too Robin, but this letter gave me some hope that if the adults won’t do it, perhaps the children will! When I was 7 years old I decided that I couldn’t trust adults – my only true friends and allies were children. I worked through that in my therapy but lately I’m very close to coming to the same conclusion again. Reich said it, as you know. We need to support children to lead us out of this mess.
Robin Grille Donald Marmara maybe you’re right. But you don’t have to trust the adult, just the Inner Child. One tells the truth, the other lies. Guess which is which.
Robin Grille I am wowed by these formidable child-protestors, I love them. But if we leave it up to this generation, we are scum. The elders all contributed to this super-ecocide. We have to stand with them. Like we say to them: ‘you made the mess, you clean it’
Donald Marmara So lets support these children in their attempts to get the adults on board. Lets join them on nov 30.
Robin Grille and all the many other ways to support their – and our- cause.

Patricia Törngren Thank you for all the wonderful stuff you keep posting Robin, I am putting some of it on my climate change group. But we have less than 300 members when we need 3 million or more. Any ideas about how to catch people’s attention?


Robin Grille Patricia Törngren I wish I had more ideas!
Eric Mani-Two Schneider All u folks will then love what i hv to show u in my book — 55 teen heroines with tangible instant impact solutions PLUS ways how to start that as student clubs at schools and beyond PLUS tons of ways for ADULTS to play SUPPORTIVE roles through donations, spread at workplace, support local youth teams, give presentations at schools, make poster exhibits on YOUTH LEADERSHIP etc 🙂