“Stop feeding the Trash Monster. Be an Ocean Hero.”


Wyatt was seven years-old when he learned about the grave threats and impacts on the ocean from pollution and plastic waste. A lover of the ocean, its fascinating creatures, and the arts, Wyatt combined his passions and created a claymation movie. Eight months later, the movie premiered, starring 70 clay actors and Wyatt’s best friends. The event was a huge success! A party, a workshop, and fundraiser all in one, the day washed $2,800 into the treasure chest of Wyatt’s favourite conservation society, Oceana. The original ‘actors’ sold, Wyatt created drawings, a book, and T-shirt. His movie is a smash hit in classrooms everywhere. Make sure to watch it and take the Ocean Hero Pledge. Join Wyatt’s initiative: educate children, show the movie, create clay heroes and have lots of fun!


AGE : 7

  • DO IT 40%
  • REACH 45%
  • EFFECTS 40%
  • RISK 20%


LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE : One Month Without Plastic
No plastic bags, cutlery, wrapped candy, anything. Welcome to the adventure!

UN Action Days

  • Oceans
  • Earth Day
  • Environment
  • Water

Level 1

View the video, study the issue of Plastic in Water and Oceans, create a multimedia-collage.

Level 2

Lifestyle Challenge: One Month Without Plastic.

Level 2

Co-create a multimedia exhibit on plastics, oceans, empower the audience with alternatives. Tip: Add the No Plastics Challenge. You bet that this combo generates demand from media, schools and events!

Level 3

Organize a Philanthro-Party with focus on kid and family activities. Create clay figurine scenarios for sale, fundraising and inspiration; with film viewing cabin, loop the film, add a workshop table for kids and parents to co-create clay figurines and scenarios. Get media presence, generate funds for a goal benefitting aquatic animals or clean-ups…

Level 4

Create a claymotion movie on an environmental or social issue. This need not take 6 months! As a team, with all this inspiration, you can generate ideas, scenario, figurines – and then film it. Share with the world, combine with your Level 1-3 tools and campaigns on Saying No To Plastic.