PLAY CG RISING AT 100%, FULL-TIME making it their sport and lifestyle. They literally grow up with the grand heroes of our time, implementing humanity’s leading solutions for a sustainable civilization. They challenge themselves to constantly upgrade their powers for creating a world of peace and abundance, inside and outside and reap beautiful gifts in return.  


WITH CONSIDERABLE IMPACT naturally making headlines, generating demand as speakers at other schools and events and inspiring ever bigger involvement and impact in their regional communities.  


YOUTH LEADERS, EXPERTS, SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS AND VISIONARY CREATIVES They actually play a major role in taking their sensational solutions to planetary scale.


FOR IMPACT AND HEADLINES MADE just like their famous peers – levels that will serve them well in their future.


WITH THEIR WARRIOR / CLAN CHRONICLES through rich, visual documentation of actions, authentic media articles, encounters with changemakers, authorities and celebrities.


ONLINE, AT EVENTS, IN THE FIELD AND IN TRAININGS for learning, exchange, planning and celebration.


CONTRIBUTING KNOWLEDGE, TIME AND SUPPORT by sharing their knowledge, organizing activities, raising funds, doing media work, training their peers and giving their most precious – their lifetime.


IN UNITS, CLASS, THEIR SCHOOLS, COMMUNITIES AND THE MEDIA evoking a worldview change of Youth We Can and The Solutions Exist in the young generation, civil society and society as a whole, thereby mobilizing people to learn and amplify local and global positive changes.


SIMPLY BY BEING THEMSELVES like our societies’ most celebrated changemakers… an embodiment of our most noble values, radiating what it feels, looks and acts like to be a co-creator, inhabitant and steward of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization.


OF LIKE-HEARTED YOUTH AND ADULTS building precious friendships and alliances opening paths to rich personal, idealist and professional futures.


WARRIORS play CG RISING to 100%! They commit to 3 Monthly Missions, found a CLAN of 3 or more Warriors, and use our full range of methods for spreading youth leadership in their part of the world.
Knowing of big solutions, we don’t sit idle, wait, try to re-invent the wheel or experiment on small stuff. Well equipped, we focus on scaling and replicating WHAT WORKs – together with the wildly successful changemakers of our generation.
Aware that in this defining time of Humanity every hour, week, month and year makes a difference to the survival of magnificient species, bringing peace to the people and ensuring a prosperous future for our beloved generations to come, we challenge ourselves to 3 transformational missions per month, with set goals, keeping track of our progress, sharing achievements and celebrating with our global Tribe; a Tribe of Awesome!
As we step into our power as planetary guardians, we grow into creators and stewards of a sustainable civilization, bringing inner and outer peace and abundance for all; as we have done in many ancient lives before.
And Victory is upon us, as the dawn of the new day has arrived! Angels, Elves, Wizards and Beautiful Beasts – arise, unite and act in sacred celebration – for the Liberation of Paradise!
A Warrior’s life is incredible rich: We meet hero/ines at eye level, make killer connections at regional level and build a lush CV of awesome – opening rich opportunities for our personal, idealist and professional futures. The Path of the Warrior has every bit of a true adventure: heroism, liberty, living dreams, magical surprises and, one day – true love! Through our actions for people and planet, we follow our heart, make great friends and lifelong memories, but we also learn awesome stuff, develop useful skills like team play, public speaking, project development, media work and group process facilitation – things of great value for “right now”, but for our entire life. Imagine yourself graduating from school as a Warrior Level 50 or 100, and stand in awe of yourself. No such people have walked the planet yet, and their future can only be rich with bliss. This Path requires us to re-become our most awesome selves; and what else can we wish for? It’s worth every bit of it. We are to be the Hero/ines of this era. So grow strong, stay pure, be soft, and rock hard!

 are based on Hero/ines’ Action Packs.

For each Hero/ine, we have optional missions Level 1-4, from easy to challenging, short to long-term, at home and abroad


Missions are aligned with current United Nations Theme Days*,

for smart reasons like connecting with teachers, units, local organizations organizing their year’s main event, and media reporting on the topic – all of them in need of feasible solutions, heroines and good news – in one word: you!

* Exceptions: Warriors can attune Missions to current local occasions to seize opportunities.

aim at $100* benefitting selected Hero/ines’ initiatives. This means you directly interact with these amazing changemakers and receive visual feedback on your contributions’ impact! Can it get more awesome?! * for lower income regions, this benchmark is reduced
… like “2-4 Weeks of Peacemaking”, “of Sharing”, “of Vegan Living”, “without Supermarkets”… They involve sharing a daily post about breakthroughs and breakdowns on social media. This is a hilarious and empowering experience. 2 Weeks are minimum. 4 Weeks earn you more credits. Many adventurers stick to the newly achieved lifestyle upgrade. Can you imagine warriors after one year, several years? Wow!
Our Hero/ines have pioneered groundbreaking MODEL SOLUTIONS. If they can achieve as teens, teens everywhere can! Mission #3 serves their support, scaling and replication in a million places. Level 1-4 Actions vary from research to fundraising, advocacy and full on replication.

are gained for three completed missions.

Levels carry different titles, and some come with special challenges. Level 2 “Local Hero” requires achieving media presence. Level 3 “Clan Founder” requires mobilizing two other Warriors; 3 Warriors make a Clan. As a Clan, things really start taking off!

are gained for impact and headlines made.

They may even turn into tangible prizes.

are missions based on our Magician’s Action Packs.

That’s big, fat stuff, shaping history!

Quests earns extra credits.


are sudden calls to action for current occasions.

They earn extra credits.

are exciting pioneering ventures on new projects and campaigns. They earn extra credits.
Right from the start, Warriors

  • experience memorable moments
  • experience fun and thrills
  • experience learning curves
  • discover new dimensions to life
  • learn about what (doesn’t) work in society
  • make an impact
  • inspire others

This truly is the end of boring!

Within the first 2 or 3 months, Warriors quickly

  • gain experience
  • meet Hero/ines “live”
  • make friends
  • win allies

are invited to speak

  • at other schools
  • at events
  • in the media


  • their reach
  • their impact
  • the size of their team
  • the number of inspired people

and enjoy more

  • fun
  • vision
  • meaning
  • self-confidence

in life.

Loving it, but there is no way you can run 3 Missions per Month + Documentation? No worries, you can still participate! Register as a Friend, a YL Team (a Student Club affiliated with our program) – and take action on what works for you. You won’t get the official Warrior Chronicles, but can still wield our tools and methods, participate in online meetings, post your achievements online, see them shared in our media + build your own club’s chronicles serving as fabulous CV. Just follow our model. This means, you’ll be going through similar stages of self-organized leadership training, much like the Warriors. It’s what you make of it : what matters are action, impact and experience. So, rejoice & Join The Tribe!


CG RISING is played by seasons, loosely aligned with our school years, which vary across time zones and hemispheres. This gives us opportunity to focus, celebrate, go on holidays and arrange field visits to Hero/ines and join leadership camps.
Some levels come with special Honours, as you Earn your Shirt at Level #1 as Clan Founder at Level #3 … They come with neat surprises.
We offer special honours for extraordinary achievements for people and planet. These come as surprise.  
We honor outstanding warriors and clans at the end of seasons.
WARRIORS are also

  • pacemakers in their student clubs and school communities
  • well-known to local civil organizations
  • present in media
  • quickly evolving into respected role models in their region

– exactly like our Hero/ines, since walking the Path of the Warrior means doing what they are doing. Yay!


are formed by 3 or more Warriors

As a team, they naturally evolve greater impact by sharing tasks, roles, activities, taking responsibility for their favorite causes and activities – like research, fundraising, public speaking, media work, arts, project development, mentoring and more.

have access to our full range of offers,

including online meetings with hero/ines, training, personal support, official pages for their Warrior / Clan Chronicles and more.

on social media are a powerful tool

  • for outreach and mobilization
  • as an inspirational example to others
  • and evolve into an epic story, and into a CV of awesome.
Warrior Clans play our media, methods and “live” services to the fullest. They

  • give presentations
  • found student club
  • manage exhibits
  • share their actions on social and news media
  • connect with local organizations
  • organize film sessions and events
  • mentor younger peers
  • interact live with our champions across timezones
  • invite speakers
  • organize Live On Skype sessions
  • organize Youth Action Days

Our bottom line strategy is to

Make Youth Leadership omni-present at Schools


Warriors combine the best media and methods known around the globe. They are simple and create win-win benefits for activists, students and educators; as has been proven in 10,000 schools.

YL-Learning-BabarAliWarriors manage a Mini-Exhibit in class, featuring “Hero/ines of the Month”, aligned with UN Days. This alternating exhibit keeps things interesting, ever-changing, sustains year-round inspiration, curiosity and influences all students and teachers, daily, no matter how attracted they feel to positive change. It gives opportunity to students and teachers to

  • learn on the go
  • follow their curiosity, discuss favorites
  • share ideas and decide on actions
  • offer presentations on occasion of UN Days
  • include our stories and media in units

NOTE that the poster shows a strong visual, flashlight story and QR Codes for instant viewing of videos on smartphones and visiting the multimedia online profile. Each month, we use 10-20 posters. This makes a powerful exhibit, with many action opportunities. It can be used in many settings; at schools, office corridors, in public space and at events. Play these potentials to the fullest.

Warriors and YL Teams manage a bigger “Hero/ines of the Month” Exhibit in a well visible, pleasant public space in school, with

  • large posters, preferably in color
  • petitions and campaigns
  • on-going lifestyle challenges and social experiments
  • interviews and questionnaires
  • action opportunities
  • + laptops for viewing videos
  • + internet for instant contribution to online campaigns
  • and for “live” conversations with changemakers

Compare this with a student club’s conventional table stand or being hidden away in Room 2.36 on a wednesday afternoon! It’s epic! It is so empowering for student club members! Does it take a lot of resources? No! See how Eric sat one up using simple black and white carbon copies taped to a wall. Eric-YL-PopUp-Exhibit-4-FFCH-Festival-Berlin-May2015-Photo-GraceMegumiOkamoto You can do that! You can easily do better than that! You work is pedagogically valuable, posters ave long-term value… there is no doubt that you can get free copies printed at your school or a few funds to get pretty ones printed at a printer shop. And there’s always the option of ordering professionally printed Poster Sets from us. A Warrior’s basic early step is to connect with us for mobilizing resources for such a Poster Set and Starter Sets for classes. It’s usually quite easy to find a local donor or sponsor. Get connected! This Space is

  • ever-changing, alternating
  • colorful and multi-faceted
  • vibrant and inspirational

which makes it

  • attractive
  • eye-catching

for the entire school community, including teachers. It is a powerful asset for amplifying a student club’s presence for

  • involving students
  • starting conversations
  • uniting changemakers across topics, classes and grades

This vibrant space is also a great add-on to events, farmers markets (use ropes and laundry pins for the display); the EXHIBIT is lightyears better than any stand. THIS is the best example how the exhibti serves to create a “STAGE” that magnetically attracts attention of several user and partner groups.

  1. Parents will love exploring the colourful inspirational role model posters with their kids
  2. Teens will enjoy watching the coolest videos
  3. Informed citizens will enjoy to browse your quality information
  4. Activists will honor your commitment
  5. Journalists will get curious
  6. Include cookies, tea and homemade lemonaid, fundraisers, create a pleasant ambience.
  7. Include local petitions.
  8. Invite local activists, have a Q&A conversation on their causes and how you can best help them
  9. Record the encounter on film – for social and news media.
  10. Distribute flyers to conscientious citizens and youth.

WEEKLY PRESENCE can build a tremendous impact. Once again: the Exhibit, radiating inspirational energy and countless action opportunities are a magical asset!

ERIC with USHA VISHWAKARMA of Red Brigade Lucknow at YL POSTER WALL2Make “your space” your Clan’s Headquarter! Add good treats, good vibes, uplifting music! This Space is to become the favorite hangout of all young people with a hang for doing good, nature, kindness, changemaking and a sense for adventure. There you are : living your passion for a better world, sharing inspirational news, sharing action stories, dreaming up campaigns and designing projects has never been more fun and powerful. And it is a huge upgrade for the entire school, isn’t it?!
exhibit-library-300 The vibrant Space managed by YL Teams or Warrior Clans is a space of learning, interaction and project development. This is why – in the language of teachers – we call it an ISLE, an “Informal Sustainability Learning Environment”. It is a gem

  • for student clubs
  • for EDUCATION in general!

This revelation is important, because it builds common ground and understanding with teachers and school boards for not only permitting and tolerating your activities as a YL Warrior Clan, but actively supporting your work with space, time, resources, and active collaboration for implementing the non-formal YL Curriculum across all subjects and grades – powered by students. YES, YOU ARE going to change the world. More than u ever could imagine! Here’s Hermione’s favorite bunch of magic spells – study them, and wield them well! ## LINK TO YL EDUCATION

Our STRATEGY section tells you more about our magic tricks.

Walking the Path of the Warrior – of a HERO/INE – will by definition pose constant challenges and learning curves asking you to ever more connect, tap into and unfold your most noble self. That’s what Heroism is about, right? And the world never needed this more than now. Warriors start out with a way bigger resource and support network than our Hero/ines ever had! But there is no question, that just like them, you will face the same challenges posed by the Dark Age of Unsustainability. And just like them, you will overcome them. Because you have been prepared, even before you were born. 10547754_10152240313957547_5890771355428742188_o A Bright New World Is Happening in many places, already, created by like-hearted pioneers in an ocean of ignorance, apathy and violence. No matter in which fragment of this broken world you reside, by walking the Path of the Warrior, you are entering this Bright New World, and its blessings become part of your world, your life. Congratulations! CG RISING helps you with equipment, vision, community, to gain recognition, find allies, stay safe, act on the full spectrum of causes, develop yourself in ways you cannot even yet imagine. Surprise, surprise! CG RISING also helps you combine your love, passion, time and action for a good world for all with your school and professional career and futures. After all, you don’t think that our Hero/ines are worrying about “getting a job”, do you? No way will they look for a boss to kiss up to. They will shape their own lives and ways of making a living in meaningful ways. And their skills and acclaim will open doors and recognition on all sides. That’s what your Warrior Chronicles are for. They evolve into a visually illustrated CV opening many doors for internships, studies, employment and partnerships. See, of course, we want the finest to cruise through life, set an example, enjoy the blissful positive repercussions of their commitment and take positions of influence. That’s all part of the game plan. Since this is for life. We are looking forward to exciting seventy years with you! 10984027_10152859066917547_3934741714829264098_n
Your Inner Roadmap
“You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.  And there are things to be considered . . . Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Are you in right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden. It is time to speak your Truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader.” Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, “This could be a good time!” “There is a river flowing now very fast.  It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.  They will try to hold on to the shore.   They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly. “Know the river has its destination.  The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water.   And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.  At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves.  For the moment that we do,  our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt. “The time for the lone wolf is over.  Gather yourselves!  Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary.  All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” — attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder. Hopi Nation. Oraibi, Arizona 10604481_10152363588127547_382353861130674186_o