We all care for people and planet, but we also have different passions, talents, interests, and lead different lives in different settings. Most organizations offer only one cause few ways to get involved and attract a specific, tiny group of people. We unite all caring people in our tribe, offer favorite causes and activities for everybody, for near unlimited creative collaboration and nonstop, year-round action, with a sense of fun, epic and adventure. 

The only difference between Players is how active they are, a little bit, occasionally, or full-time, like a pro.

Friends Crew

casual, occasional

Team up with friends, take action on your favorite causes. We suggest to  involve parents, and extend your activities to schools and grow your community.

Gain official YOUTH-LEADER team status. Some badges available.

Student Club

regular, year-round

Make positive change part of daily life at school, use our full range of tools and services, reach and mobilize your entire generation.

Gain official YOUTH-LEADER team status. Some badges available.

Warrior Clan


Make changemaking your sport and lifestyle, collaborate closely with changemakers, drive campaigns, connected in real-time with today’s Gandalfs an Griffindors. 

Gain official YL Warrior status with badges, credits, patches, levels, profile and CV of awesome.

Why do we offer more benefits and cool stuff to Warriors?

We’re working very hard for people and planet, and we have a lot to give, but – just like in sports or music, there’s amateur, pro, and world cup levels of skill, experience, and – what’s most important – commitment. Think of a volunteer coach in a sports club. S/he gives her most precious, her lifetime, heart and spirit (for free) and is prefectly fulfilled by seeing her warriors succeed, burst in joy, level up in life 🙂 But when they don’t show up for trainings, fool around, come late for matches … spirit crumbles and it all sucks. Yes, at amateur level, hanging out having fun, throwing some balls is ok for the social aspect; it’s not entirely useless, but we at CG RISING have a different priority. We don’t live positive change lukewarm as a FAN or BYSTANDER or WANNABE. There’s plenty of organizations and web communities for that, and it’s horribly frustrating for real changemakers. Hence we gear up for an entirely different level. We unite those who really care, full on, the natural born Gandhis and Galadriels to unfold their skills with the finest magic masters of their age!  We live positive change like ATHLETES train for national league, worldcups and epic wins that humanity hasn’t even seen yet! Originally, we ONLY offered full-time WARRIOR status, but since many of us DO CARE but lack time, and OCCASIONAL ACTS have tremendous impact, also for inspiring others to join, we also offer STUDENT CLUB and FRIENDS CREW status – each will access to all our resources and services. The only difference is how much personal time and attention we can offer our Players. Our staff’s time is limited, and “as National Team” coaches we are made and meant to spend our time with ATHLETES. Also NEWBIES can be ATHLETES! It depends on commitment and walking their talk through action. As newbies take action and submit their reports, we see them living it. then we know that we love the same music, the same sport, we’re the same species. By “showing up” players actually show up and we gain their attention and so begins a conversation. Our core purpose is to provide HUMANITY’S FINEST SUPPORT to our arising full-time changemakers. That’s why we provide badges, credits, levels – for the world to easily see their qualities, hence serving them as CV of Awesome to unlock their path to positions of influence, trusted by the people, for the good of people and planet.

YET – since badges are such fun and super useful to use in projects at school … and also those who are part as crews and clubs are beautiful souls, fully, loved, recognized and needed part of our family and tribe, we want to offer as many as possible to Players that cannot participate full-on like Warriors. Celebrate, smile and have a little patience with us. We’re all doing as good as we can with our limited TIME.

Now, focus on what matters, peops – and that’s POSITIVE ACTION FOR PEOPLE & PLANET! Let’s go!