“Sea turtles have been on my beach 65 million years before me. I decided to pay attention and SHARE it with them.”


Zander was fooling around on the beach shooting fireworks, as a voice boomed through the dark ‘Stop it! Don’t you know it disturbs baby turtles trying to find their path to the water?’ An ‘old lady’ appeared, her authority so strong that the party was over. The next morning, as Zander walked into his kitchen and saw the same lady having coffee with his Mom, shock turned to amazement as he listened to Linda Soderquist, the State Permit Holder for Florida beach turtles, explaining the turtles’ paramount need for safe hatching grounds. From this day, Zander’s world has revolved around sea turtles and protection initiatives. At age 11, he created Turtle Talks, an educational Activity Book. 250,000 free copies have been distributed to schools worldaround! Find out how to create Good Turtle Beaches, and join in. It’s amazing!


AGE : 12

  • DO IT 50%
  • REACH 65%
  • EFFECTS 75%
  • RISK 40%


We’ll do some cool stuff! Exhibits, baby turtle flash mobs streaming through town, Philanthro-Parties for turtle beaches and more. We’ll have tons of fun!

UN Action Days

  • Oceans Day
  • Biodiversity
  • Environment
  • Earth Day

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Level 4